Best wooden train set

Wooden train sets have been popular toys for younger children for years and years. The encourage building and imagination and I’m going to talk you through the ultimate wooden train set – one where you can start small and as they get to building and enjoying you can add to it.

So you want to know what the best train set is?

Here you go!

*Scroll down the page if you want to see the Thomas the Tank engine accessories 🙂

Best wooden trains for under 5s

I’ve selected this set for one main reason – It’s really easy to build together!

The parts go together easily and there is enough give that you can move them around a little to make the tracks. My boy has just turned 3 and has been building tracks on his own for a few months now. This track is the perfect one for little hands and comes with numerous accessories to allow the track to grow (We currently have the main track plus the pirate track and 2 add on boxes of track – these are great value)

*This set is compatible with big jigs sets and biro sets.

Here’s the best starter train set!

Top childrens wooden train set


This is a figure of 8 set by a company called big jigs who make lots of tracks and accessorises that all fit together. Their sets are good and robust enough that they can take a bit of rough play – including children throwing all the pieces back into the box! You can get this exact set on Amazon through the button below!

*There is a pink fairy version of the track too (you can see it here)

If you want to start off with something a little bigger then you have a few more options available to you. Personally we started with the figure of 8 then added expansion packs as it got played with more. If I’d known it was going to be so popular I would have started with this set – (Get it here)

Ultimate train set

This is the freight set and has an impressive 130pieces to build – this is important as it gives you options to mix it up! The figure of 8 set and the pirate set only has one option but with all these pieces then you can mix it up and build different tracks – this is what my kids love doing the most. This may not be suitable until they are 3 as it takes a little building, you can alway help them if they are younger!

This has some of the additional options that we like that really mixes up the play and what you can build, including –

  1. 3 Train garage
  2. Split level play with the viaduct
  3. 3 bridges
  4. Magnetic crane for moving the cargo from train to train
  5. 2 trains and carridges
  6. Multiple people, houses and trees.

As a full set I’d say this was the ultimate wooden toy train set and would provide hours and hours of play.

Thomas the tank engine accessories

I’d take a guess that if you child loves trains then they’ll love Thomas the tank engine too – mine certainly does. As the bigjigs sets fit perfectly with the Biro sets then there’s tons of accessories to choose from including, obviously, all the trains. The Thomas accessories are slightly pricey compared to the other sets so it maybe a good idea to just get a Thomas or a couple of others to keep the cost down. Here’s my picks of the best wooden train accessories –

1 – Thomas the tank engine (and friends)

You can see the selection of trains available here. These include – Thomas, James, Percy, Emily, Edward, Gator, Hiro and lots more. In total there’s 30 engines available to pick from so they’re sure to have your child’s favourite.

2 – Tidmouth Sheds SetUltimate wooden train accessory - Tidmouth sheds

What better Thomas accessory than to have all the trains in Tidmouth sheds. This is a classic wooden version of the shads where the trains sleep. You’ll need an expansion pack in order to get enough track going in to it (It’s not one to get if you’ve just got a figure of 8 loop).

This also has a turntable to get the trains into the different sheds and adds an extra element of play to the track. You check the price of this exact one on Amazon here.

Wooden train accessories

There are absolutely loads of additional accessories

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