17 Best contemporary clocks

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A clock can be more than just something you put on the wall to tell the time – It can be a thing of beauty, a statement piece on your wall. If you want a modern contemporary look to your home then you need a clock that matches and not just a standard clock. Get the right clock and it can be a talking piece of the room. We’ve scoured around to find the best clocks for contemporary homes (These can be used all around the home including the kitchen, living room and bedrooms). We’ve got 17 in our list so far and we’ll be adding more as we find them. Got one you think should be on our list? Then get in touch through Pinterest and we’ll look at adding it :).

17 best modern clocks

The top 17 contemporary clocks

#1 – Koziol silk

contemporary wall clock for living room

This comes in a choice of 4 colours and other options. We personally think the silver looks best but can see that a red one in the right themed modern kitchen would look fantastic too. Get it here

#2 – Slim wall clock

Contemporary slim red wall clock - perfect for kitchens

This is a clean and simple wall clock, which would be great if you have a small space for the clock, it comes in a range of colours and is an affordable modern clock. Get it here

Here’s the full range of colours

Various colours to suit your room

#3 – Karlsson little clock

minimalist wall clock

This is the most minimalist clock on the list and we absolutely love it. It’s also the cheapest clock on the list ;). This can go any where and we think it would perfectly suit a clean white kitchen or room. You can get it in Sliver, Black or copper to suit what colour the background wall is. Get it here

#4 – Large 3D wall clock

Large sticker modern wall clock

Got a big space for a clock? Then this is the must have clock. Here at best 3 of everything we love love love this clock! It looks really expensive but its actually not – It’s done with 3D stickers and just a standard clock in the middle. This may soon be put up in my living room – I’ll post a photo when its up. [easyazon_link identifier=”B016CUGLTU” locale=”UK” tag=”best3oe-21″]Get it here[/easyazon_link] (also available in black)

#5 – Large roman numerals clock

large roman numerals wall clock

This comes from the same company as the one above but is slightly more classic in look. The sheer size and lack of frame give it a nice contemporary feel and you can also get it in sliver – which would look super cool on a black or dark coloured wall.[easyazon_link identifier=”B016CUGLTU” locale=”UK” tag=”best3oe-21″]Get it here (click to change design once in)[/easyazon_link]

#6 – Colourful modern clock

Colourful modern wall clock

This is a simply stunning contemporary wall clock, if you’re looking for some colour to brighten up a room then this could be the clock you are looking for. Unfortunately we can’t find where you can buy these currently but we’ll update as soon as we do.

#7 – Colourful numbers modern clock

Colourful numbers wall clock

Keeping with the colour theme this is a great wall clock to add a splash of colour to your home. [easyazon_link identifier=”B0136WH9NO” locale=”UK” tag=”best3oe-21″]Get it here[/easyazon_link]

#8 – Ultra contemporary wall clock

Ultra funky wall clock

Wow – what a clock! This oozes a designer feel and would be a real talking point in any home. Again we’re still searching for where you can buy this from and will update accordingly.

#9 – Designer clock with pendulum

Designer wall clock with pendulum

This is a contemporary twist on a classic pendulum wall clock of old. This would really suit an older style, maybe victorian, house to give it a more modern twist whist still keeping traditional vibe. This is a really beautifil clock and a piece of furniture that would last years. [easyazon_link identifier=”B006H3ZCJ8″ locale=”UK” tag=”best3oe-21″]Get it here[/easyazon_link]

#10 – Stainless steel twist

stainless steel wall clock

Truly stunning is the only way to describe this designer clock. Its made by designers Hermle and really looks the part as a designer modern clock. There’s a couple of Hermle clocks in our top 17 and they really make stunning clocks. [easyazon_link identifier=”B017P4KEPE” locale=”UK” tag=”best3oe-21″]Get it here[/easyazon_link]

#11 – Colourful geometric clock

Stunning geometric modern clock

What an amazing geometric clock, if you’re looking for a splash of colour then this is the statement clock for your room. I’m still searching for where you can buy this and I’ll update this post as soon as I do. If you know where you can get it please drop us a tweet to @homengardenUK

#12 – Small circle clock

We love the minimalist feel to this wall clock, its a really strong contemporary look.

Product dimensions are H48 x W28 x D19cm – Buy it from FIF here

#13 – Stainless steel

Made by designers Howard, Miller, Hudson this clock has a real sense of drama about it. Whilst its a very modern clock it has a nice classic touch with the pendulum. It’s available in the USA here – theclockdepot.com. I can’t see it for sale anywhere outside the US, I will update the page if I find it anywhere.

#14 Outdoor wall clock

Outdoor contemporary clock

This is a nice one for outside with its rings and brush brass effect. It’s a very good value clock thats available on E-Bay here.


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