7 Best Tile Saw for Glass Tile

It’s hard not to love glass tiles as decorative accents in the home whenever you come across them.

Whether they are used as backsplashes in the kitchen or as bathroom demarcations, the benefits they bring to the table are making more and more homeowners go with them.

Glass partitions and walls are easy to clean. They allow for good view and reflect light.

But cutting up glass sheets can turn to a daunting task if you’re not careful. Glass shatters easily. What you need is a special saw to get the desired shape from glass.

Here are the best saw for glass tiles in 2020:

Premium Choice for Repairs: MK-370EXP 1-¼ HP 7-Inch Wet Cutting Tile Saw

Professional tiles installation service providers? Get in here.

The MK-370EXP is one of MK Diamond’s finest inventions to make cutting processes easy for tiles repair.

This baby here doesn’t take up much space at the back of the truck, it is lightweight at 33pounds, and is easy to get along with even by your newest boys who are just learning the ropes.

With a chrome-plated linear guide bar measuring up to 5/8inches in diameter, this corded electrically powered tile cutting machine offers straight rigid support to your tiles for smooth cutting precision.

As a wet tile cutting saw, MK-370EXP comes with a basic water pump, a rip guide, and a powerful 7-inches wet cutting diamond blade for professional results.

The water pump can be upgraded and you have the option to opt for a 5gallon bucket of clean water instead, for more serious operations.

Other than being a regular wet tile cutting saw, this design from MK Diamond packs a great deal of plunge capability, it has a built-in 45degree miter for angle cutting, can make a diagonal clean cut of 13-inches, and 18-inches long straight cut.

One thing though. Make sure to keep the saw clean and lubricated using high-quality lubrication after every use to avoid slide-sticking as complained by a group of users.

The Exacting Craftsmen’s Choice: Delta 96-107 7” Cruzer Wet Tile Saw

For all ye serious tile installation companies out there on the lookout for a heavy-duty tiles-slicing monster that truly pays for itself, you can get this guy here at a steal price of 568bucks.

Delta 96-107 7” wet tile saw from yours truly Cruzer is the holy grail. Though almost twice the weight of the previously-reviewed model above at 63pounds, the Delta 96-107 has the power capacity of a 10-inches saw even when it is just 7-inches.

This dawg here slices through a 2-⅜” stone like a walk in the park, boasts a diagonal cutting capacity of 24-inches, and has a rip capacity of the same 24-inches.

And about longevity, Delta 96-107 is built to last with a rugged powerful 13amps motor controlling a grade1 diamond blade to slice through glass tiles, porcelain, granite, concrete, and other hard stones.

About accuracy and support, the 12 bearings sliding rail system embedded in this heavy-operation saw is designed for adequate support for less rework time, reduced frustration, and prevents wastage of materials.

Note that this doesn’t come with a scissor stand and the assembly instruction in the manual won’t really help much so you must already know how to assemble a standard wet tile saw before purchase.

The Budget-Conscious’ Heavy-duty Pick: Porter-Cable PCE980 Wet Tile Saw

As I will always say in every last one of my list of reviewed products and whenever I am giving recommendations out about what model of the product to buy, having a low budget does not essentially have to translate to claiming all the low-quality things that life has got to offer.

A proof of this is the PCE980 designed by the house of Porter-Cable. Though performing just like a standard professional heavy-duty saw, this 32pounds lightweight machine goes for 194bucks.

It features a large stainless steel tabletop to hold a large sheet of glass tile with a case metal sliding tray that has a water channel.

The design is improved with a dedicated drain plug to help you drain water quickly into a drainage bucket.

To establish easy repeated operations, an onboard miter square is built into the gear and a splash guard is also designed into it to prevent water from splashing out unwantedly to make your working environment messy.

Other than being a lightweight design, PCE980 from Porter-Cable has a roll-cage to protect your investment and a carry handle for easy transportation by a single person.

The DIYer’s Choice: SKIL 3540-02 7-inch Wet Tile Saw

DIYers in the house! Finally. This hobbyist portable gear for the weekend DIYer and the handymen is the next big thing.

First off, it offers everything one would expect of a 7-inches saw. Secondly, it costs just the fraction of what you would get any of the previously reviewed models above for at just 89bucks. Yes, I mean 8 and 9.

But here are some amazing facts about this tile saw that will knock your sucks off.

SKIL 3549-02 comes with a stainless steel top that has been seriously treated to be non-corrosive which makes it adaptable to unfair weather conditions.

Note that this stainless steel top can hold up to a 12 ✕ 12 glass sheet. On the side, you have a blade cooling reservoir within reach to cool the blades all the time and prevent the accumulation of debris.

It cuts more than just tile glasses. Once set up against the thickness of your material, this baby here has all the cutting capacity to slice through even masonry and stone without hiccups.

With a diagonal cut capacity of 7.25-inches and a cross-cut capacity of 7.75-inches, this machine also does bevel cutting from 0-45degrees angle. That’s pretty much it.

The Traveling Handyman’s choice: QEP 22400Q ⅗ HP Torque Master Tile Saw

Coming last on the list is the insanely lightweight model from the house of QEP.

QEP 22400Q is a light-duty tiles slicing unit that has almost all of its component made with plastic.

The plastic material choice makes this 4-inches blade saw featherweight at 8pounds.

Also, as plastics are not susceptible to corrosion upon contact with water, washing and maintaining your investment after use doesn’t come with headaches.

Though the dimension of the rugged plastic cutting table included wasn’t stated anywhere, the table has a clip-on mechanism that holds your tile like glue for high-precision in your cutting.

The angle-based adjustable cutting table that is adjustable between 22.5 and 45degree angles also has an angle guide and a rip guide to keep your energy focused on the work.


Makita CC02R1 12V MAX CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless


The Makita 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion 3-3/8 inch (CC02R1) Cordless Tile / Glass Saw Kit delivers a smooth, robust cut, with a compact design built for ease of use and maneuverability. Kit includes two 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion batteries for improved balance and ergonomics on case style batteries. For added convenience, batteries include an LE on board. charge level indicator. The CC02R1 is the compact and weighs only 4.0 pounds. (With max 12V CXT 2.0Ah battery). With 1600 rpm, a 1 inch cutting capacity, and a large 16.9 oz water supply tank for wet cutting applications, it is a compact and efficient cutting solution for tile and glass.

For longer runtime, all 12V max CXT cordless tools are also compatible with a 12V max CXT 4.0Ah Li-ion battery (BL1041B, sold separately). 12V Max Lithium Ion CXT batteries are designed with a battery protection circuit that protects against overloading, overdischarging and overheating. It is part of 12V max CXT extended series, which combines superior performance and ergonomics in a compact size.


Flex CS40 Wet Tile Saw

The Flex CS40 Wet Tile Saw features a durable stainless steel rod system fully integrated into the saw’s frame, ensuring precise cuts every time. The CS40 is ideal for renovating bathrooms, trimming porcelain and stone, or tiling a kitchen back or floor. When the job is done, the removable cutting cart gives you better access to the tile saw so you can clean quickly and easily.

No load speed – 12000 rpm. Blade size – 5″ x 7/8″ with 20mm adapter ring. Tilt range – 0-45° Maximum cutting thickness – 41mm (90°) Minimum cutting thickness – 26mm (90°)


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