5 Must Have Tools When You Have a Garden

Creating a garden can be very fun; some even find the whole process therapeutic. There are so many reasons why you should have a garden in your house. For one, it adds to the beauty of the house. Instead of leaving your backyard unkempt and rough, having a garden ensures your backyard stays pretty and attractive. Gardens enhance the beauty and ambience of the house.
Having a garden in the house also creates an environment for you to relax and have some moment of peace and quiet. Sometimes, all you want to do is just find a quiet place to relax and maybe receive some inspiration. Your garden could be a perfect spot for that. A garden is always so serene and this makes it the perfect spot for relaxation in the house, away from the noise and distraction of your kids or any other things that demand your attention during the day.
You can plant some vegetables in your garden, and this is really advantaegeous in that you get instant and easy accesses to fresh food produce whenever you have need of them without going too far. This way, you can also save yourself a lot of money; you don’t have to waste money on gas to drive to the market and you also save the money that you would have otherwise spent on purchasing these produce from the market. All these and many more are reasons why you need to have a garden in your house.
Now that you are ready to start a garden, what are the tools you need? The list is endless!
However, these 5 tools are a must-have if you are creating your own garden:
Rake: one of the major tools you need to have in your gardening arsenal is the rake. It has a handle and short but sturdy prongs. It is an effective tool for loosening, lifting and turning over the soil when you are gardening. It performs almost the same functions as a spade, but it is more effective because the prongs make it easy for the rake to be pushed into the ground. The rake also takes out stones and weeds without cutting through root crops.
Hand Trowel: the hand trowel looks almost like a spade, but it is smaller and is used with one hand. Hand trowels are basically used to create small holes in the ground for your plants. It can also be used to dig up weeds and turn the soil. It also comes in handy when you are trying to transfer dirt or plants into pots.
Gloves: whether you see this as a tool or not, gloves are really an essential item in your gardening tools collection. While working in your garden, you might come in contact with thorny branches and plants that can prick you. Gloves will protect your hands from scratches and injuries while you are working. Also, wearing gloves will protect your hands from getting dirty while you are working – you will be dealing with a lot of soil while gardening, so except you don’t mind getting your hands dirty (no pun intended), wearing gloves is really important.
Hoe: if you are looking for the perfect tool for weeding, a garden hoe is the best. It easily removes unwanted growth in your garden and it can also be used to spread compost in tight places. The garden hoe comes in different sizes and the size depends largely on the kind of gardening you do. For a large garden, you might need a wider hoe and a smaller hoe will be suitable for a garden on a small scale. You can also choose to buy different sizes in case you need them for different uses.
Pruning Shears: as you garden, you will have to do a lot of trimming and cutting. This is where your pruning shears come in handy. They are used to cut stems and small branches. Your pruning shears should only be used on smaller branches and stems; you risk ruining the blades if you use them on bigger and thicker branches.
Some other important tools for gardening are: watering can/hose, wheelbarrow, spade, shovel, a pair of scissors, a shed to put your tools in, etc. Like I said earlier, the list is endless but these 5 tools ensure you have an easy and smooth gardening experience.


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