5 Play Kitchens That Are Perfect For Boys

Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

Contrary to popular misconception, boys do enjoy play kitchens. Kitchens require creativity and pretend play and these two things appeal to kids despite their ages. If you’re wondering about a pretend play kitchen to purchase for your little, boy, this article will answer that question.

The major thing we’ve realized about play kitchens is that boys tend to appreciate the ones that come in colors that they like even more. Here are some of the best play kitchens that are available for boys.

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen


The play kitchen you choose for your son should have lots of things to keep him interested. Step2 Fun kitchen has all that and more. This brown themed kitchen comes with 45 pieces of items that are put together to make the perfect play kitchen.

This kitchen comes with cups, spoons, plates, cooking utensils, and bowls. You also have salt and pepper shakers. In addition, there’s mustard, ketchup, and several other bottles of sauce available. You also have a spatula, coffee cup, and coffee pods.

There’s an oven on one side. It opens as a normal oven does. On the other side, you have a microwave and a refrigerator. You can cook food on the two stovetops as well. On the other side, there’s a sink and a faucet.

It comes with a play tablet with a stand so that they can look at the recipes while they cook. In addition, there’s a sieve, a frying pan, and a pot. Lastly, there are two plastic containers that are rectangular which you can keep toy food in.

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Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant-Red

Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant-Red


Little Tikes takes the play kitchen idea a step further. It is more than just a kitchen. It is actually designed to be a restaurant where your kid can cook and serve. This is more than just one pretend-play tool. Apart from acting as a chef, your child can act as a restaurant owner too.

This kitchen is an L shape. One side houses the kitchen and the other houses the counter where people can order food.

The kitchen features a burner with realistic knobs and an oven. There’s also a microwave that opens realistically.

It comes with a pot, a frying pan, a coffee jug, ketchup, salt and pepper shakers, plates, cooking utensils, cups, cutleries, a POS machine so that your child can collect payment for their services, toy food, and even a note to write orders down. It’s a full package.

This kitchen comes with a Panini grill that makes actual sizzle sounds when used. It’s a great choice.


Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset


This is one of the best budget options available. It costs less than a hundred dollars and still has enough to keep your children occupied.

This play kitchen has realistic lights that can be turned on and off. It also comes with two burners that make realistic cooking sounds. It comes with a frying pan and a saucepan that can be used to cook on the burners.

On one side is an oven with a realistic knob. There is also a coffee maker. Of course, you have a sink with a faucet where your son can clean up.

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Step 2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset comes with cooking utensils as well as cutleries for eating. There is also a recycle in as well as two coffee cups included. In addition, you can have salt and pepper shakers for seasoning up food. That’s not all for seasonings; your kid will also have mustard and ketchup for better meals.

At the bottom and in the middle, there is a nice cupboard space. The kitchen set is a mixture of brown and teal green.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen


This Melissa and Doug Play kitchen is very popular among young boys for many reasons.  It has a pretty cool theme with lots of cool colors that your son would love.

At the top, there is a realistic microwave that opens like a real one. On the other side, there is both a refrigerator and a freezer. There is even an ice dispenser to make it more realistic and interesting for your son.

This cooking set has burners that your child can cook on. Beneath is an oven that is very easy to use. It opens more like a door but that is a forgivable offense. There is also a faucet and a sink for clean up time.

This model comes with a saucepan and a frying pan. It also comes with some cooking utensils such as a spatula and a cooking spoon. There are plates and cutleries included as well.  Don’t forget the salt and pepper shakers and even the hangers for your little chef’s napkin.

Hape Kids All-in-1 Wooden Play Kitchen with Accessories

Hape Kids All-in-1 Wooden Play Kitchen with Accessories


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This kitchen set has literally everything. It has a microwave with a timer and a coffee maker on one side. The microwave actually makes a ‘ding’ sound when the food is heated through. Your child can get more into his pretend-play with the aid of the realistic sounds.

It is very large and so you have enough space to store a lot of things. There is also a smoke detector, a recycling area, and an actual light bulb. It even features two stovetops. Your son can cook multiple meals at a time.

It has a very beautiful theme with a mature ring to it. There is a sink with a faucet on another side. This is perfect for clean up after a busy day of cooking.

There is also an oven with realistic knobs and a see-through door. It also has a dishwasher and cooking utensils.

It comes with various accessories to make the experience a really realistic one for your child. Due to the space, your son can run a restaurant or a café with this play kitchen.

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