Weeds in block paving

Best path weed killer

Are you stuck with endless weeds cropping up around your home and no matter how many you pull up they keep coming back? Well fear no, we have our best 3 weed killers on the market! These cover paths, patios and the dreaded weeds in block paving – If you’ve got that …

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gruffalo books for kids

Best Julia Donaldson books

Julia Donaldson has now written almost 100 books for children starting with the song bird reading scheme, to the Gruffalo, and more recently the Scarecrows wedding. But what is the best Julia Donaldson book? Read on to find our top 5! I’m not claiming to have read them all, but …

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Best feeders for small birds

Giving the smaller bird a chance to get on the feeders is an important part of feeding the birds. It helps them to feed safely without being pushed out by Starlings, magpies, pigeons and other larger birds. There are specific feeders on the market for small birds in the UK …

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best garden picnic bench

Best Garden Picnic Bench

Picture the scene. A gorgeous hot sunny day, clear blue skies and a beautiful garden. What better way to enjoy this tranquility than sitting on your very own wooden throne, in particular a comfortable and beautiful garden picnic bench. The best garden picnic bench furniture options come in all shapes …

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Gazillion Bubbles Gazillion Tornado Bubble

Top 8 Best Bubble Toys

It’s quite simple, bubble toys are absolutely awesome and kids love them! But we’ve all had the rubbish little pots that last 2 seconds and produce about 4 bubble, not in this guide though! Here’s the 10 most awesome bubble toys ranking in order of awesomeness! Top 8 Best bubble …

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Best Luxury bird table

On a sunny spring day as the trees fill with luscious green leaves and the flowers start to bloom nothing can compare to the sound of birds singing and chirping. These are all a sign that summer will arrive soon and who doesn’t love enjoying their garden alongside nature. Bird lovers will love …

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