Best arbour seats

forest garden venetian arbour

As you’ll see below a arbour is a great use of space and a nice addition to your garden.

They can be put in any corner and look good on patios too.

They can be treated or painted to your personal taste and will last years if well kept.

Its best to have them on a solid base like patio flags, block paving or a level concrete base – this will help them last longer as well as keeping them level.

Best wooden arbour seats

All the seats featured are made from FSC certified wood and are available for UK delivery

No 1 – The Dorset Arbour

zest4leisure arbour seat


A self-assembly arbour that provides a comfortable seating area for long summer evenings and even in the winter during milder weather.

It’s a perfect addition to any garden and is suitable for staying out in all weathers as its been pressure treated and made from high quality FSC wood.

It’s been treated against rot it’s guaranteed for at least 10 years. It’s both comfortable and practical, and it’s great for those long summer evenings with parties and for after dinner/barbecues to sit and chat.

There’s a roof panel to protect you, so should it start to rain lightly, you’ll have all the protection you need. No need to rush inside!

Great storage

There’s a great little storage area beneath the seating which you could use to store cushions and blankets, or perhaps garden items such as gardening implements etc. that you have nowhere else to store.

This is a great spot for cushions or maybe an ice bucket or even a cheeky bottle of gin for the long summer evenings.

Excellent storage in the dorset arbour - best garden seat

The storage is mostly water proof apart from in very heavy rain so its worth putting things in a bag to store them – With it being outside thats advisable anyway!

Easy self-assembly

It’s a self-assembly flat pack item so you’ll be putting it together yourself, but don’t expect to be putting it together for longer than a couple of hours.

It’s not an arduous piece of furniture to build and once you’ve put it up, you’ll be pleased you did, this is a really excellent little gazebo-type seating area that’s strong, sturdy and beautifully designed.

The instructions are easy to follow, our best advice is to paint it before you build it if you’re planning to. It’s very easy to work out which panel is which just from looking at them and we think a nice two tone paint works well – Nice light main colour with a contrasting or darker colour for the edges.


Natural or colourful – the choice is yours

You can have your Dorset Arbour as it comes naturally, or you can paint it yourself any colour of your choosing.

Our recommended paint is Cuprinol garden shades which are easy to get a nice even coverage and come in a wide range of colours (see below). That way it can match your surroundings perfectly and fit in with your personal taste and the garden’s landscape.

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Here’s a couple of colours we like (These are examples from the Cuprinol website and not the actual arbour we have listed here – this is a computer visualisation so this seat is not actually available)

Storage arbour painted in Cuprinol silver birch


This is a nice deep grey colour that offsets beautifully in a colourful garden. Not recommended for up against a fence or wall as it can get a little lost too the eye.

Wooden Arbour seat painted in Cuprinol pale jasmine

Pale Jasmine is a very light colour that goes well anywhere in the garden. For a slightly different look pain the front edge of the panels in a nice green seagrass.

Corner arbours

Here’s our top 3 – all available to buy in the UK!

No 1 – Balmoral corner arbour

Rowlinson Balmoral Corner Arbour


The Balmoral corner arbour is a pretty seating area which will ideally fit into a right-angled corner of the garden.

The timber has been pressure treated, offering protection for up to 10 years.

While the arbour is self-assembly, it doesn’t take long to put it together. It comes with easy to follow instructions requiring 2 people to put it together successfully.

Protection against fungi, mould and weather

Once erect it will offer years of protection against the wind and rain, offering your guests, family and friends a comfortable seating area they can use to unwind and relax.

Whether it’s a summer party, an evening event, or an afternoon barbecue, the Balmoral corner arbour offers the perfect seating for chat and relaxation.

Natural or painted, the arbour is a pleasing distraction from modern life and fits perfectly in your garden

The arbour comes in natural timber so you can leave it as it is, or you can paint over it in any colour of your choosing.

Naturally, you’ll want to find a colour and shade which fits in with the overall look of your garden, your personal style and the surrounding landscape.

What with the lattice effect, slatted roof and bench style seating, the Balmoral corner arbour really is a treat for the eyes, and a practical and comfortable seating area for those long hazy summer days to come.

Right-angle cornered and an excellent focal point

The Balmoral is designed to fit into a right-angle corner and once erect, it’s a great focal point and an attractive feature of any garden.

It’s a perfect choice for those who enjoy spending time in the garden and entertaining guests.


Balmoral corner arbour dimensions

No 2 – Rowlinson haven corner arbour

rowlinsons haven corner arbour seat


This arbour has a quite a Japanese feel about it, almost pagoda in its style. It’s perfect to fit in any corner and right angled.

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It comes with two solid sides that have been made from pressure treated timber, this makes it strong, mould and fungi proof and of course, weatherproof.

No matter what the British weather throws at this arbour, it will last a long time, with a guarantee of at least 10 years due to the pressure treatment it’s undergone.

High quality design, style and materials for easy self-assembly

Overall, this is a high-quality arbour with an impressive design that will create an attractive impression for all who visit.

It’s delivered as a self-assembly package, and once you’ve put it together you’ll have the Rowlinson haven corner arbour for life, easy to build and lots of fun times ahead to enjoy it.

The quality of both the design, style and materials exceeds all expectations and all in all, it’s a sturdy garden seating area that’s will last a long time.

Let your arbour fit in with your garden

You can paint the Rowlinson haven corner arbour or leave it natural. It’s entirely up to you what you do with it.

It’s an attractive addition to any garden and you can adapt its appearance so it fits in with your personal tastes, the style of your garden and the surrounding landscape.

The arbour does not come painted but you can choose your own colour to suit your garden. We’d always advise painting it before you build it – its a much easier job!

Best wooden corner garden arbour seats UK


Rowlinson corner haven dimensions

No 3 – Venetian corner arbour

The Venetian corner arbour is a great addition to any garden. It’s larger than most and offer seating for up to 5 people.

There’s a beautifully detailed slatted roof design which lets light in, providing a beautifully lit corner of the garden when the sun’s out, or even on a less sunny day when you need somewhere quiet to sit.

forest garden venetian arbour


Continental seating area

The Venetian design gives the arbour a lovely continental feel to the garden and gives it a dramatic focal point. It fits into right angled corner, and from there you can watch your guests, friends, family and see them enjoy their time in the garden.

Pressure treated for rot, so your arbour lasts longer.

Because it’s been pressure treated, the Venetian corner arbour will give you at least a decade’s worth of pleasure.

The pressure treatment offers good protection from the weather, fungi and mould, or any other garden pest which might otherwise potentially ruin your arbour.

Corner design for easy fit and easy living

The corner design is a perfect shape to fit in most gardens, so you’ll find it fits in with most styles and garden size. You can leave it natural or you can paint it any colour you wish. That way the arbour will fit in with your personal style, your garden and the surrounding landscape.

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Sophisticate, relaxing and unique

A perfectly sophisticated addition to any garden, the Venetian corner arbour is a great way to entertain, relax and unwind, and a good way to enjoy the delights of a garden. No matter the time of year, an arbour gives you great potential to enjoy your garden in a unique and brilliant way.


Dimensions of the venetian arbour seat

Pergola style seats

Simply stunning is how we’d choose to describe this arbour seat in two words.

Its perfect for enhancing the corner of your garden or patio and with plants frown up it will become an enchanting place to sit and read, had a drink or just enjoy the surroundings.

It would look great with a nice clematis up the side or with some time entwined with wisteria.

Corner trellis arbour review

A perfect pergola style arbour that will comfortably seat four or up to six people for a relaxing summer evening.

There’s a corner table at the centre, between the two seating areas where you can rest your drinks and any food you have.

The lattice walls behind each seating area and table is beautifully and intricately designed, and the roof itself slatted to allow light and sun through the top.

Churnet valley corner pergola seat


Why this is our choice?

Pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood – built to last

It’s made from Scandinavian Redwood which has been pressure treated giving it a 15 to 20-year lifespan.

That offers you plenty of time in which to enjoy the arbour and your garden. It’s beautifully designed, stylish and made from high quality timber.

Self-assembly sections and natural timber – you can paint it if you want

It comes in sections for easy self-assembly, so you won’t have to spend too much time on it. Once it’s up you can enjoy it.

It comes naturally, without paint. However, if you’d like to add a bit of colour, perhaps to fit in with your garden design, other furniture, or the surrounding landscape, then you can paint and finish it yourself.

Here the manufacturers installation video

Right corner angle – a great focal point for the garden

It’s been designed to fit a right corner angle and it’s the perfect focal point of any garden.

If you have large family gatherings and you enjoy spending time in your garden, then this is the perfect addition.

A practical as well stylish piece of garden furniture you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Arbour seat spec sheet


Seat lengths 105 cm 95 mm x 48 mm

Floor space required 210 cm x 219 cm


As you can see above this is a simply beautiful piece of furniture for your garden and with the right positioning and some planting will be a real statement piece in the garden.

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