Top 6 Best Bubble Toys

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It’s quite simple, bubble toys are absolutely awesome and kids love them!

But we’ve all had the rubbish little pots that last 2 seconds and produce about 4 bubble, not in this guide though!

Here’s the 10 most awesome bubble toys ranking in order of awesomeness!

Top 6 Best bubble toys!

There’s no count, down here we start with the ultimate bubble toy:

Number 1 – The Gazillion bubble tornado – Awesomeness rating 10/10

Gazillion Bubbles Gazillion Tornado Bubble


The Gazillion bubble brand live up to their name and you will not be disspaointed with the tornado. Bubbles will be everywhere, more bubbles than the kids can ever pop and it just keeps on going and going.

Add in the Gazillion Bubbles mixture and its a match made in heaven.

This will keep the kids entertained for ages and the bubble mixture goes a long long way too.

If you want bubbles galore then this is by far the best bubble toy around and lives up to its 10/10 awesomeness rating!

Number 2 – Huge Giant Bubble wand – 9.5/1

Giant Bubble Wand


Unlike the Gazillion bubbles this isn’t about making loads of bubbles everywhere its about making just a few¬†massive bubbles.

And it certainly does that! It’s a great fun toy to have and see the kids chasing one giant bubble around the garden.

The butterfly wand has different ways of setting it to make different types and sizes of bubbles.

This is a fantastic product for kids of all ages and the bubbles are still easy to pop.

Bubbles world have made a bubble toy for everyone to enjoy. They also sell their soap mix for this toy which is the best one for the big bubbles!


No 3 – Kidz Lab Bubble Science – 9/10

4M Bubble Lab Toy


This is one for the older kids (age 5 plus) and gets them looking at the science behind the massive bubbles.

It gives you all the recipes you need for bubble fun and you van even make an unbreakable bubble – watch them try and break that! Its made by great gizmos who make lots of science kits not just this bubble toy.

It comes with everything you need to make and shape the bubbles and more. This kit does a lot more than just keep them entertained by popping bubbles – Is a great product for older children.

The 4M kidz labs have a good range of experimental type toys and games so if you’ve got a science fan then check out their other products.

No 4 – Football Bumper Bubble

Football Bumper Bubble


Okay so this isn’t your typical bubble toy but is amazing!

It’s an inflatable bubble that they can get in and run/ roll around having loads of fun.

If you’ve got a few or their friends have them you can join in a game of bumper football or last man standing.

This will provide hours and hours or endless fun – and exercise.


No 5 – Lawn Mower Bubble Machine

Lawn Bubble Mower


This is a great one as a gift for the under 3s ideally.

They can walk around the garden with it while all the little bubbles come out – these are small bubbles not ones you can really chase around the garden.

It’s not quite stable enough to be leaned on as a walker but once they are steady upright then this will be a great toy to play with!

The bottle of bubbles is screwed in on the underneath of the toy so won’t spill if they turn it around or fall over with it.

This is my best toddlers bubble toy.

Make sure you keep the bubble bottles though as they are the only ones that will fit. If they love playing with this then it’s a good idea to get some more bubble mix as it will need regularly refilling.


No 6 – Hand Bubble Blower

 Handheld Bubble Machine Blower


This is a good one for party bags to make a change from the endless pots of bubble you get!

Children do not need to use their mouths to blow, and it is safer than other similar toys.

It only needs 3 batteries to create bubbles of various shapes and sizes. Fun is guaranteed when more children play with these bubble toy.

This is a wonderful bit of kit and I recommend it wholeheartedly.


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