Best 10 Folding Hand Saws for your Backyard and Garden Needs

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Folding saws are excellent utility tools if you have a garden or lawn to maintain. They are perfect for a host of outdoor works.

Many camping aficionados cannot do without tools like these. A folding saw allows a camper to pack light since it can do the work of other tools like a machete or cutting ax.

And its folding feature allows you to store it where you can’t keep other cutting tools for safety reasons.

Folding saws come in a wild range of sizes and designs.

Choosing the perfect one for your task can sometimes be difficult since there are so many good models out there.

But picking a tool like this will solely depend on your needs and the kind of yard work you do.

We have surveyed the market and here is our top ten list for the best folding saw in the market:

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw

This folding pruning saw is one of the most comfortable hand saw to use for your gardens. It is lightweight and quite easy to handle.

The tool is designed in such a way that your hand easily grips it without you feeling any discomfort.

The saw has a three-sided razor teeth and its blade is ten inches which is pretty ideal for small to medium branches.

The folding blade is made of steel and chrome-plated; this reduces friction, if not curbs it completely and also improves efficiency.

The blades are replaceable and it has a locking mechanism for when the blades are either opened or closed which seems safe.

Being that the saw is curved and the handle is not curved enough to fully envelop it, so the teeth are not completely hidden when folded.

Its teeth are sharp and durable enough for it to be used continually; season after season while ensuring smooth and quick cuttings.

Folding Multipurpose Hand Saw

As the name implies, this saw is versatile and can be used for different purposes including backpacking, camping, hunting, cutting branches and trimming trees.

The blade is made of carbon-steel therefore ensures high performance. In addition, the blade is solid enough to cut smoothly through wood, bone and fairly thick plastics.

The saw has a secure locking mechanism that does not snap or break unexpectedly, rather it keeps the blade firmly in place.

The handle conforms fully to the blade so there are no exposed teeth when the blade is folded which is pretty safe. You are sure to have a good grip on the handle as it is made of strong high-quality thermoplastic rubber which prevents slipping.

The saw is very easy to use plus it’s quite lightweight and suitably-sized for easy carrying. Note that even though the blade is made of carbon steel, it has to be properly cared for to ensure its durability.

Bacho 369-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

The Laplander folding saw is a general-purpose hand saw for campers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Its handle is made of plastic and has a leather strap for a comfortable grip.

The curved blades are extremely sharp to cut through grass, wood, plastic, bone, etc. but not sharp enough for thick logs.

The blades are also specially coated in order to prevent rusting and friction and they are adjustable. The saw has a safety lock to keep the blades in place, either when folded or unfolded.

Though it is compact and lightweight, it is not really ideal for backpacking as it is a bit long but it is perfect for your backyard.

Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw

The Silky BIGBOY hand saw is an expertly designed Japanese portable hand saw that is superiorly efficient. This saw is perfect for all outdoor projects including your backyard jobs as well as maintaining your lawn or garden.

With its solid rubber handle, your grip is sure, of ease and comfortable.

The curved blade provides an extended working reach and it is made of hardened high-quality materials to ensure a smooth and quick-cut no matter how large or thick the surface to be cut is.

The saw is not heavy at all and it is quite portable as well as easy to store. It is also easy to use as the teeth go through smoothly both in an upward direction as well as downwards.

The locking mechanism featured in this tool is a spring load thumb lever lock which seems quite safe. All in all, Silky BIGBOY is the perfect tool for larger and thicker surfaces as it works as a manual chainsaw.

Fiskars 7-inch Folding Saw

Fiskars Folding Saw is solidly made to cut smoothly through thick branches. Its reinforced taper-ground blade is sharp enough to withstand any use and it folds into the handle for easy carrying and storage.

In addition, the blades can be locked securely when not in use and the lock also holds the blade in position when unfolded.

Its teeth are specifically designed in a wide rough crosscut manner which is not quite ideal for cutting smoothly through the thick wood. This wide arrangement prevents efficiency in cuttings but it is suitable for light pruning, camping, or clearing sight lines for hunting.

The saw’s handle is designed to avoid slipping and to ensure outstanding comfortability. It is advisable to use this saw for tasks that match its size and make sure to use the proper techniques.

Coghan’s Folding Saw

Coghan’s Folding Saw is necessary for your backyard needs as it is quite affordable for such high-quality, plus it is sturdy and easy to use.

The saw can cleanly cut through wood, metal and even meat; without any form of difficulty.

The tool is shaped like a metal ax but with a rubber handle. It is great for small clean up tasks but can also handle much larger cutting tasks.

The saw can serve different purposes including as a machete for clearing bushes and shrubs, also as a shovel for clearing small areas.

The blade features a frame that holds extra blades for switching, despite that it is not heavy and it is quite portable.

All the parts of the saw are characteristically connected together so it is highly unlikely for you to lose any piece.

The saw is foldable and it has a secure locking mechanism but its only downside is it can expose you to harmful chemicals so you would have to research more on the chemical components of this particular hand saw.

Sven Folding Saw

The Sven Saw is a triangular-shaped folding saw that is pretty flexible, durable, and sharp plus it comes well packaged in a box for easy storing.

The saw has no plastic parts which is a good feature, especially during winter when plastics break easily.

It is quite easy to both assemble and disassemble but disassembling requires the total removal of the wingnut which holds the saw in place; in the process, the nut can be lost so it is advisable to carry extras.

The saw is very rigid and made of high-quality materials that ensure the tool’s durability. The blades are so sharp that it makes cutting tasks easier than they are.

Sven’s is the real deal for all yard works and wilderness activities.

Silky Professional Folding Saw Series

The Silky Pocketboy Folding Saw Series is a Japanese manufactured hand saw that cuts only on the pull stroke.

The series features four hand saws of which their handles have different colors to match the teeth pattern; red handles signify large teeth, black handles signify medium teeth, yellow handles signify fine teeth and purple handles signify extra fine teeth.

The large teeth are suitable for pruning and for wet wood, the medium teeth are suitable for softwood, the fine teeth are suitable for hardwood and the extra-fine teeth are suitable for dry hardwood.

The blades of all the saws are rust-resistant, hard and sharp enough to last for a long while but they can’t be re-sharpened. The blades also lock securely when folded and unfolded.

The handles of the saws are quite easy to grip and stable enough.

This series comes with a smooth, close-fitting, clear plastic case for easy storage and to prevent tearing of the other items stored with the saws. The saws are all very well built as well as effective.

FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw

The FLORA GUARD Hand Saw is a great tool for gardening and also suitable for cutting through medium-sized branches. It is portable, easy to carry around your yard and perfect for clearing debris.

The blade is solidly designed with extremely sharp with hardened teeth for maintaining its durability and ensuring its smooth cuttings.

Though the blade is tough and water-resistant which prevents rust and friction, it is also quite light in weight.

Its handle is user-friendly; made of plastic and rubber to ensures an easy and comfortable grip. The handle completely encloses the blade when folded and the locking mechanism keeps the blade securely in place when both folded and unfolded.

In addition to gardening, the saw is also ideal for dry wood as well as softwood. It is best to use this hand saw for its specified purpose as improper use of this tool may lead to its blade bending.

Primos Folding Saw

This pocket-sized hand saw is quite safe and simple to use. It features a push-button on its handle that locks the saw in position when folded or unfolded.

The handle is coated with rubber to aid in gripping while the blade is neither too flexible nor too rigid.

Furthermore, the blades are sharp enough to cut smoothly and quickly through smaller wood pieces as well as thicker wood.

The tool as a whole is fairly solid and lightweight and it comes with a portable nylon case that has a belt loop and a Velcro flap closure which is perfect for storage.

The Primos Folding Hand Saw is fair in quality and it is quite affordable. Note that it is advisable to avoid using this tool under high temperatures.


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