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Ever been stood with a hose pipe watering the garden and thought “There must be an easier way”? We’ll your right, there is a much easier way – I’ve personally installed this in my own garden and now I just plug the hose in and let it do its thing – Well watered plants with 0 effort on my part! Here’s our guide to the best irrigation system for residential gardens – big or small.

Best irrigation system for your garden (beds and borders)

The solution to your problem is actually really simple and its very reasonably priced too – no need for fancy systems. This simple porus pipe allows the water to slowly drip out over time hand has a hose connector at one end and a screw top at the other if you need to extend it. Lay the pipe over your beds or borders and connect it to the tap, turn the water on low and leave it to run. When its done just go back and turn the tap off. If you want to you can get the pegs to go with it and keep it in place.

Best hose irrigation for home garden

This is a great value product for 20 meters of hose an can be snaked around your plants to ensure they all get watered. There are add on products you can buy to make sure you get the whole garden watered including T sections to split the feed and extra hose to make it go further if needed.

If you want to make it really effortless you can add a timer to your tap like the one below so it will just water your plants every day for a set period of time. This is great if your busy and very handy if you’re going on holiday – you can set it and then forget about your plants whilst you’re away – a very simple solution.

Irrigation timer

Key facts

  • The easiest solution you’ll find, all you have to do is lay the hose out on the soil and turn the tap on – on complicated setup.
  • Add extra sections for a greater length, or add standard hose to go under patio stones or grass.
  • Can be laid under the soil to make it completely invisible.
  • Trim the hose down if its not fully needed and replace the end cap
  • Can be run with a low amount of water.


  • If you have, like me, very high water pressure you’ll get some leakage from the connection point (see our You Tube video below for an example)
  • If its not on a time you have to remember to turn it off! Sounds easy but I’ve left mine running overnight in error once!

Video guide of it in action

Other irrigation system options

If this does not look like the system for you (It won’t be the best irrigation solution for every garden) then these maybe an option to consider.

Garden border sprinkler

When you think of a sprinkler your mind springs to a large one for keeping lawns watered in the summer -but this one is different. It’s a small sprinkler that an be placed in your border and the spread is controlled by the tap. You can get it set to the amount you need and then leave it to do its job. You could add this to a timer but it’s a little trickier to get right.

Alternative border irrigation

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I personally have one of these in a border that get a lot of sun so use it as a top up on really warm days. Even if you just have a small border this can be easily controlled to a small reach and water your plants effortlessly. The main challenge with this compared to the the host is that if the plants grow up around it then it can be hard to get the water to spread. It works best irrigating a low level border rather than a more kitchen garden border with Lupins and Delphinium in, for example. Here it is in action

This system can be moved around your border to so that you can use the same sprinkler for different areas. Alternatively you can have multiple ones and just move the hose around to cover the different areas depending on the size of your garden.


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