Best Hand Saw For Cutting Plywood Sheets – from beginner to expert

Crown 195 12” 305mm Tenon Saw Brass Back

There are different ways and tools to make a perfect cut on a plywood sheet.

But dividing the plywood board without a good hand saw can turn to frustration and waste of materials.

Many people prefer to avoid physical exertion that comes with using a hand saw and just go with a circular or table saw.

If you don’t have access to those, you can still make a good ripsaw cut on your plywood sheet.

Just check out the following reviews of the best hand saw for plywood.

Any of these selections can do your job. But you still need to consider the perfect tool based on need, price, and other factors.

Here we go…

TOP OF THE LIST- Crown 195 12” 305mm Tenon Saw Brass Back

Crown 195 12” 305mm Tenon Saw Brass Back

Topping the list is one of the finest heavy-duty saws made in Sheffield, England. Crown 195 is an exceptional quality hand sawing tool featuring a resharpenable high carbon steel blade of 12” size.

The blade is rated at 13TPI (teeth per inch) and screw-secured unto the Fagus Sylvatica Germany handle at an angle slightly above 180 for your convenience.

Though quite lightweight for easy operation, the blade-design is stiffened with a brass back, resulting in a practical tool that cuts like no ma’s business without wobbling or slipping out of position when in action.

One thing to note is the protective coating on the blade. Though decidedly meant to be temporary protection for the gear through the shipping process, it may inhibit performance at first.

To get ahead of this, remove the coating with acetone proceeded by a quick sharpening and a setting-in-tone and there you have your all-time-ready premium plywood sheets slicer ready for heavy-duty operations.


A DYNAMIC GEAR; Spear & Jackson 5410Y Tenon Saw

Spear & Jackson 5410Y Tenon Saw

Next up is the all-purpose dynamic tenon saw from yours truly, Spear & Jackson.

Emphasizing their priority for quality and standard, the over 200-years-old gears maker sets a new standard with an 0.55lbs lightweight precision-oriented tenon saw for both joint sawing and the more sophisticated process of sawing small pieces of wood.

Coming in vintage brown or silver color, this blade with its precision cross ground teeth is the real thing for cutting both across and along wood grains.

The solid brass back at the blind edge of the blade establishes maximum rigidity to make the gear more directional.

Finally, the entire pieces are fastened tightly unto a comfortable wooden handle via solid brass screws, resulting in one solid piece. Note: this gear’s 10” blade is rated at 13TPI (consider that when shopping for replacement blades in the future).

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HAUTMEC 14 Inch. Pro Hardpoint Handsaw

From Hautmec, this straight-cut hardpoint saw is the real thing for shredding medium-thick materials like fiberwood, plywood, chipboard, plastic, and ordinary wood.

The straight angle on the one-piece two-component ergonomic handle enables a handy, stress-free way to mark up to 90-45degree angles on your workpiece like a pro.

Once in action, the low-friction coating on the blade together with its triple-ground teeth rated at 11TPI (teeth per inch) sums up to a concentrated full-power sawing gear that won’t require much effort from your end.

Other than serving its purpose perfectly on your plywood, the extensive 14 inches length and the hardness characteristic of the razor-sharp heat induction hardened blade makes this model a perfect solution for a tree trimmer or a tree cutter who’s looking to bring a 12” to 14” thick tree to its knees.

And did I mention the elastic teethe protection applied to the teeth for longevity?


DOUBLE EDGE FOR DIYers; Gyokucho Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw, Long 250mm

Gyokucho Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw, Long 250mm

This right here is a dual-cutting gear designed from handle to blade by yours truly, Gyochuko for both crosscutting and ripping.

Boasting a durable longlasting impulse-hardened blade molded with Japanese authentic steel for long life and extreme sharpness, this double-edged model 650 offers an adequate cross-cutting solution when flipped on its 14TPR-rated edge.

Then it becomes a ripping handsaw for an effortless shredding of harder woods immediately when turned on its 7TPI-rated edge. While the 9.5” long blade gives you an unfair advantage of slicing through larger materials at a pass, reaching into tight places/odd positions can turn out to be difficult with an extensive saw.

Right? That’s most likely why Gyokucho integrates an adjustable pivot point between the blade and handle, enabling either to be rotated to an angle of your choice and then fastened back in place for action.

Finally, the all-new TPE grip adopted establishes a slip-free operation on plywood, timber, and plastic.



HAUTMEK 6Inch Jab Saw HT00228-SA

If you’re just about pulling off one of those cool DIY projects where you get to make a plywood doghouse or kids’ storage bench or something similar out of a single sheet of plywood or more, this jab saw is one for the road.

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HAUTMEK HT00228-SA is a double-edged sawing and trimming tool suitable for the fast cut of cement board, plywood, drywall, PVC, thin paneling, and wallboard.

It makes an easy-smooth entry into your toughest plywood with its rather rare oblique-angled sharpened teeth and quickly puts its double-edged teeth to work for an effortless, fast, clean cutting result.

During operation, you have perfect control over the large footprint handle of the gear. You can instantly feel the comfort that it is built for and how smartly it resists slipping off your hand once held and engaged in action.

All in all, this is a dream-come-true addition to your DIY toolkit considering its low price and the fact that you can prune with it on the side or even garden with it.


A SET OF TWO FOR DIYers; Gunpla 6” Pro Jab Saw

A SET OF TWO FOR DIYers; Gunpla 6” Pro Jab Saw

For your 13bucks budget, this set of two jab saws may turn out to be the best hand saw for cutting plywood sheets for the money.

Designed to fulfill the duty of trimming, sawing, and pruning, this premium quality gear from Gunpla performs all its duty expertly with a heavy-duty, rugged blade molded from 65 manganese steel for high resistance and stress reduction.

Each of the saw is ultra-lightweight to fit right in the bag like nothing but two high-performance wallboard/plywood saws, each with precision ground teeth for both push and pull operation.

Other than possessing the capacity to perform all-day continuously as � 95% efficient jab saw, each member of the set is also perfect for cutting holes in drywall as the ergonomic, lightweight handle makes you love what you do.


EXTREMELY THIN; Vaughan BS150D Bear Saw Mini 5.5

EXTREMELY THIN; Vaughan BS150D Bear Saw Mini 5.5

Maneuverability, versatility, smart ease of use, handling accuracy, and budget-wise. Those are the words to describe the uniqueness of this extremely thin-blade saw from Vaughan.

BS150D is a super sharp classic Japanese-style saw for pulling cut strokes. With a double-edged 5.5 inches blade, this model produces precise sharp cuts on plywoods and boards whilst lessening the inevitable fatigue in ripping mildly thick materials accurately.

Though it takes some getting used to like every other thin-blade model, this here slims down your toolkit with one less tool to carry as it provides both cross-cutting and ripping solutions in a rugged but comfortable mini-handle that doesn’t curse you with hand strains.

Though a 10 inches blade, the narrow kerf can, however, be a limitation when you need to rip out wider lines in thick woods.

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Better than a traditional saw, this here makes it possible for cutting actions to take place at any angle of your choice/needs.

All in all, this is one of the most flexible hand saws made in the USA that will get you sold on the idea of pull saws once you get a hang of adapting with its flexibility.


DIY EXPERTS CHOICE; Fiskars Crafts DIY Precision Handsaw, White/Gray

DIY EXPERTS CHOICE; Fiskars Crafts DIY Precision Handsaw, White/Gray

Call it the thin but powerful DIY tool designed for handmade results. This power-oriented saw glides through dowels, cardboards, plywood, and other milf materials via a replaceable triple-ground blade.

Made for the more complex DIY projects, this sleek white/grey instrument keeps the balance between precision, power, and size.

On the side, there is a rigid protective sheat included in the package that has metric measurement calibration on it, coming in handy for marking out!

At the bottom line, if you’re shopping for a powerful but flexible hand saw that cuts through leather, cardboard, and woods precisely and neatly, this one will save you a lot of money.



CRAFTSMAN Saw, 20-inches

Yes, you read that right—20 inches. This CRAFTSMAN design is inspired to be a perfect heavy-duty solution to all Craftsmen out there who do more cross-cutting than anything.

It has induction hardened set of teeth that is long-lasting in sharpness and the exclusive teeth geometry throughout the edge if the 20 inches blade delivers high-quality finishes on plywood, hardwood, plastic, and bone.

The ergonomically-designed handle molded with bi-material provides a square/mitre feature with both 90 degrees and 45 degrees for dynamics.


MOST PORTABLE HAND SAW; Dewalt DWHT20541 Flush Cut Saw

Dewalt DWHT20541 Flush Cut Saw

The last on the list is Dewalt’s double-edged flexible, portable flush cut saw for pull operation.

With 23-point tooth geometry running along both edges of the 5 inches blade, the model DWHT20541 establishes an easy inside cutting of material from left to right.

Whether trimming through lap joints or tenon or cutting through dowels or plugs flush, the comfortable contoured handle of this gear gives you maximum control over the workpiece.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to replace the blade more frequently if you really want to get the most out of your investment from time to time. Other than this, this is a good hand saw for the money.


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