Best Juicer for Celery

best juicer for greens

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re fully aware of the immense health benefits of drinking freshly brewed celery juice. For those who are aware of the Global Celery Juice Movement, I believe you know about the various healing benefits of celery and how it’s able to cure various conditions such as heart problems, low blood pressure, acute and chronic illnesses.

So, to enjoy the entire nutritional content of celery juice, you, of course, need to find the best juicer for celery. With so many options available in the market, finding the perfect match might seem to be a bit of a challenge. So, to help you find the best juicer, this article has done the research for you and has prepared a perfect juicer that will match your celery juicing demands.

What is celery juice?

best juicer for greens

For those folks who are less acquitted with celery juice, this is simply juice extracted from stalks and leaves of celery plant. Since it’s impossible to consume celery in its raw foam, taking it in juice foam is much easier as you can add other sweet fruits on board such as oranges and apples to blend the taste and make it more nutritious. In its raw foam, celery is loaded with tons of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals making it an important vegetable with lots of health benefits.

How to choose the best celery juicer

Now that you know what celery really is, one question that will pop into your mind the moment you reach the stores is how to choose the right juicer that will suit your juicing demands. While there are so many brands and models to choose from, here are a few tips that will help you get through this dilemma.

Centrifugal or masticating juicer?

Well, this is a critical question you must ask yourself before parting with your money. Centrifugal juicers on their side are fast and very noisy as they use a speeding blade to slice and crush pieces of fruits and vegetables to extract juice. Due to their speeding characteristic, the juice yielded has high oxidation and less nutritional value.

On the other hand, masticating juicers use a rotating low RPM auger to squeeze pieces of produce to extract high yield juice. Unlike centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers are slow and perfect for juicing leafy greens such as celery as they don’t degrade nor compromise with the nutritional value of your juice.

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Vertical or horizontal?

To most people, choosing between a vertical and a horizontal juicer usually relates to space. But, what you really don’t know is that there are lots of merits and demerits that come with each of these juicers. If you’re juicing celery, the best juicer to consider is the vertical style juicer. Apart from its space saving advantage, this juicer has a wider chute and high RPM meaning juicing is much faster and much easier as compared to horizontal juicers.

Twin auger or single auger?

This is another factor you need to be really keen on. On one side, twin augers perform really well especially when the design of the machine is sound. Otherwise if its not, the two augers can easily rub against each other dropping metal or plastic shavings on your juice. Twin auger juicers usually yield more juice with higher nutritional value as compared to single auger juicers.

On the other hand, single auger juicers use a single auger to crush and squeeze produce to extract juice and still separate it from the pulp. These juicers are less efficient as compared to their twin auger counterparts but they’re relatively easier to clean and maintain.

Warranty information

Finally, there’s the issue of warranty. As you already know by now, masticating and centrifugal juicers are very expensive as compared to ordinary juicers. Therefore, these machines should have a decent warranty period that protects them against defect. When looking at the warranty, always pay maximum attention to three of the following factors;

  • Warranty period: how long is the warranty? The more the warranty the better it is for you.
  • Terms of warranty: what does the warranty really cover? Does it protect the machine against basic defects such as workmanship, parts, motor problems or regular wear and tear?
  • Warranty procurement: how hard or hard simple is the process of claiming for warranty?
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So, since we’ve told you everything you need to know about the best juicers for celery, this article will now move on to review one of the best juicers that you can consider if you really wish to enjoy a refreshing glass of nutrient rich celery juice.

Best Juicers for Celery in our opinion

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

omega best centrifugal juicer

If you’re looking for the best juicer for celery, then the Omega NC900HDC is the perfect option for you. As Omega’s 6th generation juicer, this machine boasts of having a host of innovative features most of which are improvements from its predecessors.

To start off, this juicer is horizontal meaning it rests steadily on the counter without wobbling. It also boasts of a chrome finish that allows it to blend well with other kitchen appliances.

When it comes to the performance, this juicer is powered by a high torque 2 HP 150 watts motor that rotates the auger at a slow speed of just 80 RPM. At such a speed, this juicer is able to grind, crush and squeeze pieces of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens to extract high quality juice with reduced oxidation. This helps to preserve antioxidants and phytonutrients from being compromised with.

Finally about the design, the Omega NC900HDC is designed with a large, oval-shaped feeding chute measuring 2-inches in diameter. Since the popular Omega J8006 had a smaller chute, the Omega NC900HDC was introduced as an improvement to at least help shut the critics.


  • High speed and power: if you’re searching for a juicer that will effectively juice leafy greens such as celery, then the Omega NC900HDC will not disappoint you. First, this juicer runs at a low speed of just 80 RPM giving the auger enough time to eat through produce to extract high quality juice without destroying the nutrients. Secondly, this juicer has 5 adjustable settings that can be changed at will. This allows the auger to exert extra pressure on various fruits, veggies and leafy greens to extract maximum juice yield.
  • Wide feeder chute: if you’re a frequent juicer or maybe you’re making juice for a large family, the Omega NC900HDC will really prove useful. That’s because this juicer has a wide chute that saves you a lot of time that could otherwise have been lost when precutting the pieces into smaller bits.
  • Easy cleanup: although the Omega NC900HDC is a slow juicer, cleaning the parts is very easy and fast. Just like any other juicer, it’s highly recommended that you clean the parts as soon as you’re done juicing. When cleaning, simply dismantle the parts then clean them on running water before putting them on the dishwasher. Those parts that are not water friendly only need to be wiped gently.
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• This juicer has a very wide feeding chute as compared to most other juicers. • It comes with 5 additional settings for precise juice extraction. • It’s versatile enough to juice a wide range of produce. • All parts in contact with your juice are BPA free. • With additional attachments, this juicer can function as a food processor, a noddle maker and a grinder. • It has a less noisy motor.


• Since it’s a horizontal juicer, it will eat away much of your counter space. • It’s quite slow as compared to centrifugal juicers.

Final verdict

If you’re passionate about juicing, the Omega NC900HDC is certainly worth the price. It’s jam-packed with premium features that make it a better, smarter and more efficient option as compared to most of its predecessors.

This juicer is powerful and very versatile thanks to the wide range of settings. It’s also compatible with most attachments making it an even smarter juicer that’s capable of performing a wide range of kitchen tasks. So, the next time you go out shopping for a juicer, don’t forget to add the Omega NC900HDC in your wish list.  



So, in case you’ve been struggling to find the best juicer for celery, then I believe this article has served as an eye opener. As you all know, celery juice has immense health benefits to the body. A glass a day will definitely keep illness away. To enjoy that rich glass, you’ll need a perfect juicer such as the Omega NC900HDC Juice Extractor. So, if you’re a beginner in the world of juicing, I believe you now have first hand information on which juicer to choose.

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