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Are you stuck with endless weeds cropping up around your home and no matter how many you pull up they keep coming back? Well fear no, we have our best 3 weed killers on the market! These cover paths, patios and the dreaded weeds in block paving – If you’ve got that you’ll realise why it’s so dreaded..

Best garden weed killer – Paths, patios and block paving

When it comes to hard surface in the garden you have 2 key parts – Kill the weeds that are there and then stop them coming back. Killing the weeds with a proper weed killer will make the path nice and clear but they’ll be back in no time. Follow our tried and tested plan to get rid of them and then keep them away for the next 6 months – hassle free!

Step 1 – Kill the weeds

Don’t just pull them out – Dandelions especially have long roots so if you keep pulling them out they’ll just come back. They’re regarded as weeds for a reason. You need to make sure they’re dead right to the root. There are a number of sprays on the market that can do this for you but we’ve found the most effective to be the roundup gel. This is simple to use as you just have to dab some of the gel on the leaf of the plant, give it a few days and it will be gone.

Round up best gel weed killer for paths and drives

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This is the specific product designed for killing weeds on hard surfaces, there are other but they’re more for killing weeds in borders and beds. One pot will kill up to 1,000 weeds right down to the roots. Application is easy, just dab it on one leaf of every weed and takes care of all weeds. Some people’s reviews show it can be used to get rid of ivy and even bamboo (cut the bamboo down and add the gel to the holes).

Round up gel
  • Ease of use
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • Speed of work

Tips on applying it

  • Do it on a dry day so its doesn’t run off
  • Keep children and pets away from the treaded area – it may be worth fencing off the area until the weeks have dried up to be on the safe side.
  • Let the weeds completely dry out before removing them so you don’t leave the last live bit of root in the ground.

Garden week killer day by day

We’ve tested our recommended product on various weeds including dandelions and here’s how they got on. It’s not the quickest to work initially but does completely remove the weed in time. This is a rough week by week guide to what you can expect from this product. Whilst the time it takes seem long its much better than not getting them out properly and having them keep coming back.

Day 1 – Application

The instructions are simple, get some gel out and smear it on the leaves of the weeds you want to get rid of. These need to be weeds that are growing rather than ones that are dying out. I’ve got this area of my drive that has a weed problem which I’m going to use to test our our best weed killer recommendation on.

Area of driveway with weed problem

Here’s how you put it on the leaves –

Applying the weed killer

Day 3 – No major changes

By day 3 there’s no major changes to the weeds. You can see where the killer has been applied on the dandelion leaf though.

Weed killer applied to Dandelions

Week 1 – Plants start to die (Finally)

Seems to take a while for the weed killer to take hold but after 1 week its noticeable that the leaves where it was applied are dying. As mentioned above its the best weed killer for getting rid of weeds long term rather than quickly.

Weeds slowly dying

One week in and the weeds are showing signs that its working, it was applied to the two leaves that are showing browning. It does work if you only do 1 leaf according to the instructions.

Week 2 1/2

The weeds are visibly dead and are not noticeable any more

**Important notice**

DO NOT – pull the dead weeds out at this point as the weed is not dead all the way down to the root yet. If you do then the weed is likely to grow back again and you’ll have to start all over again. The weed will eventually die all the way down to the root  and disintegrate to mush!

Weedkiller has removed all the weeds -thats why its the best!

As you can see on the right I left some weeds in which have not been effected by this. This just shows that if you have plants next to weeds then this will do the trick but not harm the plants.

Here’s the dead weeds close up –

Weeds have all died out and are killed right down to the root. They will not grow back in the path now.

Other weed killers

As well as this one we tested the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0031RG7L0″ locale=”UK” tag=”best3oe-21″]Resolva 24 hour Weedkiller[/easyazon_link] to see if it lived up to its name. For this one it needs to be weeds that are not near plants as this kills everything thats green. Make sure you apply it on a dry day and that it won’t run off into any ponds or streams as its harmful to aquatic life – This is the reason its second in the best week killers as its only good for specific spaces. ]

To test this one I put it to work on some weeds coming through a gravel drive where they are always popping up. There’s no other plants near by and no water courses for it to run into. I checked and the weather was set to be dry for a couple of days – If it rains as well as spreading it about it weakens the strength so can take more time.

Setting up – This is one of the reasons this made the best list – It comes setup as a spray. That the lid off and connect the spray and you’re ready to get to work. This would be best used on a patios, block paving and areas of gravel.

Weeds in gravel drive

Once they’d had a spray then it takes 24 hours (according to the container) to kill the weeds. I found it didn’t work quite that quickly but here’s how they looked after 2 days – safe to say they were dead!

Amazing weed killer results in 24 hours

Have the weeds come back?

Since doing this I’m still getting the odd weed popping through but not as many as before the treatment. Over time they are getting less and less and I’d expect in 2-3 months the area will be completely clear of weeds.

Month 3 – yes!

After 3 months the weeds have returned but I think this could have been prevented. By raking over the stones and removing any soil thats in them this should keep them away for longer really.


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