Best Handheld Saw for Metals

If you constantly find yourself needing to work with metals of any sort during your DIY projects, then you need a good tool to get the perfect cut out of your material.

Not all saws are meant to make the most out of metal sheets and rods. Even among the ones that can cut through metals, you still need to get the best one for the kind of jobs you do.

And you don’t need an expensive tool when there are affordable saws that can accomplish the same purpose.

We’ve researched the market. Here is some of the best metal-cutting saws in 2020:

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw: Premium Heavy-duty Circular Saw

Mostly called the DW827 by the manufacturing operation experts, this circular multi-cutter dry saw from yours truly DEWALT is a heavy-duty cutting monster engineered solely for industrial engineers and those working on an assembly line.

It is speed-obsessive, performing a maximum rotation of 1,300 every minute thanks to a stable 15amps/4horsepower motor that makes it 8 times faster than a portable band saw and 4 times faster than a regular chop saw.

Just lock the saw head in position with the heavy-duty lock down pin and grab the comfy horizontal handle that has been ergonomically designed to give your zero wrist strain as you slice through 5-3/16” thick round metals and 4.5” ✕ 6.5” rectangular metals like a hot knife through butter.

This model will make you discard your cutting table with the featured quick-lock vice that enables an easy, firm, fast clamping of your materials, whether ferrous or nonferrous, for maximum productivity.

What’s great?

The 14”/66 tooth carbide cutter blade is tested to execute 1, 200 clean, precise cuts before getting blunt and on sharpening, you can bounce a total cut of 5, 000 off of it.

Did I mention that you get to execute wrench-free angle cuts on built-in the standard 45degrees adjustable fence?

TACKLIFE Miter Saw 15 Amp/10inch: Best Miter for Serious Hobbyists

If you build and sell creative projects from home as a DIYer, this is your complete hand cutting piece for both metals and woods.

To suit both purposes, TACKLIFE made this one two-sided in terms of speeds (4500RPM for wood cutting and 3200RPM for metal cutting).

All you have to do is press a button to crank the right speed for the job while the solid iron self-retracting saw shield serves as a guide to your blade for accuracy and as a protective gear to you for safe operation.

Though the 3 circular blades in the package are all 10inches in size, the 48teeth-graded one is specifically for your metal-cutting tasks while the 2-pieces of 40teeth-rated ones are dedicated for cutting both woods and plastics.

This model from TACKLIFE is not only a hand miter cutter that is easy to work with for professional results but it is also hygiene-wise with a chip bag attached to directly collect sawdust from the workpiece to make your space dust-free while keeping you more focused.

To make your bevel cutting precisely accurate, just adjust the laser guide in your direction between 0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45degrees for real-time positioning and tracking.

For a DIYer who has never operated a standard miter saw before, you’ll find the explanatory user’s guide really helpful from start to finish.

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9inch: Best Heavy-Duty Circular for Mild Steel

Do your projects often consist of mild-steel-built structures?

This here is the heavy-duty mild-steel hand saw that is AC-powered. The EVOSAW230 is an evolutionary power tool hand saw that is reasonably portable and lightweight enough at 1pounds, making it an ideal choice for the traveling engineers.

Delivering quality with every cut, EVOSAW230 offers laser-guided accuracy while cutting through a maximum of 3-1/4inch thick mild steel with ease.

Just place it in the accompanying carry case to keep your investment safe during traveling on when stored away for later use.

Though kitting up with your PPE’s is advisable, EVOSAW230 doesn’t produce sparks, heat, or burrs during heavy or light operations.

As you comfortably hold the horizontal guided handle through the workpiece, an auto-debris collection system smartly keeps your working environment tidy for zero operation hazards.

Move seamlessly through a total of 45degree angles to come up with near-to-perfection bevel cut results.

Other than mild steel, this baby here also does great jobs on aluminum, stainless steel, and thin steel.

DEWALT (DWM120K) Portable Band Saw 10amps/5inch: Premium Bandsaw for Deep Cuts

Traveler engineers and do-it-yourselfers, get in here. This portable 5inches blade band saw from DEWALT is the real thing for the jobsite and your limited workspace as a weekend warrior.

It is an extremely rugged design built to withstand all the abuses on the jobsite without damaging.

Especially for the beginners who are just learning the ropes, this bandsaw has one firm-grip rear handle and another on the front side to make your operations more directional for precision.

When operating in a dark setting, you can activate the bright LED sidelights on this baby for illumination.

Overall, DEWALT made this one extensively tweakable to meet all applications. For instance, the 10amp power of the motor driving the 5-inch cut capacity blade can be tweaked back and forth. Likewise, you can always dial in the right speed for the job between 100-350spm.

WEN 94396 10amps/5inches Speed Handheld: Best Bandsaw Choice for Pipeline Fabricators

WEN’s model94396 is a 14.5pounds heavy but portable bandsaw for deep cuts.

Boasting a traveling speed range of 60-420feet per minute, this baby is solely designed for the pipeline fabricators to glide through pipes of up to 5inches thickness while leaving clean finishes behind to save you the energy and time dispensed in prepping.

Since it offers variable speed for various operations, here’s a quick rundown of the recommended speed for each material as given by the manufacturer.

For steel pipes, set it up to 50-200fpm but 200-420fpm for aluminum. On the other hand, WEN recommends 80-100fpm for cast iron, 75-150fpm for bronze, 115-175rpm for copper, and 74-420rpm for brass. All you have to do is push the speed dialer to craft the right speed for your workpiece.

What’s more?

The integrated tough metal-cutting blade rated at 10/14teeth per inches is molded to withstand pressure for longevity and it measures up to 44.88inches ✕ 0.5inches for easy reach/accessibility into the most difficult positions.

Did I mention that your investment is covered by a 2-year warranty?

WEN94396 is also double-handled for effort-concentration and precision with the front handle being adjustable to limit fatigue during a long-period operation.

The icing on the cake is the inventory included that is stocked with all the replacement parts and an illustrative guide so you can get back up and running should anything go wrong.

LENOX Tools High-Tension Hack Saw 12inch: Best Heavy-Duty Hacksaw for Experts

This LENOX 12132HT50 LENOX’s contribution to the market of quality high-tension hack saws for serious metal-cutting operations.

It is a seriously dynamic and hyper-flexible high-tension cutting gear for professional-quality polished works and is friendly to work with in all environmental conditions, whether wet or dry, thanks to the integration of a fully rubberized handle.

To start with, there’s the easy-to-spot I-beam construction built tightly to the upper side that does not only serve as a protective housing to the 5 extra 12inch blades included but also enables the saw to tension up to a maximum 50, 000psi for a quick-pass through tougher metals.

The same I-beam construction allows this sleek white-blue aggressive baby to be convertible into a handy jab saw for special occasions.

One thing to take note though, take your time with the blade tension knob during blade replacements to avoid knocking off the knob faster.

AIRAJ 12inch Multifunction Hacksaw: Budget Saw for home-based Engineers

As the name implies, this AIRAJ 12inch hacksaw is a multipurpose sawing gear for home emergencies, steel and PVC pipe cutting, garden beautification, and wood flower cutting.

Also for plumbers, electricians, handymen, and auto repair shop owners, the twin cutting angle 40-90degrees of this fully detachable saw establishes controlled operation in all positions.

All parts can be easily detached for easy storage in a limited space by simply engaging the butterfly metal knob which also serves as a control for the overall tension adjustment of the saw for accurate configuration.

And though being the most budget-friendly hand saw for metal sheet cutting on the list, this is the one that comes with the most extra replacement blades for different purposes that number up to 6 to save you money.

Finally, with the anti-skid employed on both the front and rear handles, you save energy and improve your work’s efficiency without fatigue.

METAKOO Hand Saw Frame with Mini Hacksaw: A Set of Two

Yes, you read that right. This is a complete set of two hacksaws for metal-cutting; a standard 12inch detachable hacksaw and a custom mini hacksaw.

The standard one is a fully adjustable high-tension hand saw for cutting heavy PVC pipes and metals.

The mini one is designed to ensure that you’re able to work even in a limited space and for reaching into tight spaces.

Both of the saw frames are made from high-quality, hard and durable steel to be rugged for longevity in the face of moisture or several knocks.

They both featured an ergonomically designed non-slip rubber handle for comfortable cutting and blade security.

Close to the handle is an adjustable rotary controller for tension configuration and then a one-button release system that makes the replacement of blades insanely fast and easy at a click.

Finally, you can always set your blade horizontally at 90degrees to cut vertically positioned metals or vertically at 45degrees to cut horizontally positioned workpieces. Needless to say, there are 3 extra saw blades for replacement in the pack to help you get the ball rolling.


GreatNeck 74009 10 Inch Close Quarter Hack Saw

The close quarter saw easily navigates small, crowded work areas, making this mini saw a must-have in the craftsmen’s arsenal; The mini saw features a compact design ideal for cutting in tight spaces. This mini cutter comes with a 10 inch 24 TPI bi-metal saw blade designed to cut a variety of materials; Premium wooden hand saw and plastic saw; Excellent hacksaw for metal and foam. The saw tool features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame for strength and longevity; Mini hack saw offers the best combination of weight, size and durability without compromising performance

The portable saw features an ergonomic rubber handle for added comfort; Double-action blade locking on this compact hand saw keeps the blade secure; Hacksaw blade holder accepts 10-inch and 12-inch saw blades. 10 inch aluminum close. Includes (1) 10″ 24 TPI bimetallic blade; comfortable rubber handle; double action blade lock; Adjustable frame accepts 10-inch and 12-inch blades; 2.5 inch cutting depth; 11.5 inches tall.


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