Best Shark Steam Mop Reviews And Floor Cleaner Comparison: The Ultimate Guide

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Swiffers, spring mops, Swiffer wet-jets, sponge mops…and just name any other regular steam-based cleaning solutions by which you have been disappointed enough for a lifetime.

If you’re sick and tired of the hits and misses and want to stop flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet, replacing a smelly, nasty, mildewing junk of a mop with another, chances are that you’ve stumbled over Shark and read a lot of success stories about their products.

In this article, best shark steam mop reviews and floor cleaner comparison, you’ll know everything about Shark and Shark’s 10 top-of-the-line floor cleaners and, most importantly, understand what each of the best 10 is exceptionally great for.

Consumer cleaning tools like a steam mop and Swiffer are not appropriate for commercial cleaning or cleaning of multiple sites with tons of foot traffic. If you own a store, restaurant, auto repair shop or other service business, buying your own floor machine for nightly and daily cleaning can save you a world of money over hiring a commercial cleaning service to come by daily. With a floor cleaning machine by, you can make these duties a part of an employee’s job that you are already paying for.

See the complete list first.


My A-List Of The 10 Best Shark Steam Floor Cleaners


Best Overall: Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003SD)


Best Combo Mob/Vac: Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Vacuum Mop


Best For The Kitchen: Shark Steam Mop, White Seafoam (Home And Kitchen)


Best Liftaway: Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)


Best For The Office: Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)


Best Cordless Choice: Shark Steam And Spray Mop (SK410)


Second Option For The Office: New Shark SK435CO Professional Steam And Spray


Best Manually Operated With XL Tank: Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner (S3501)


Best For The Budget: Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S6002)


Best For The Garage: Shark Steam And Spray Professional (SK460)


So far so good. Below is a breakdown review of each of them.

Best Overall: Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003SD)

Whether you’re all out to make cleaning easy at home or secure a pleasant working environment at the office for a productive staff and customer satisfaction, this is for you.

The Shark Genius (S5003SD) is one of Shark’s newest steam floor cleaners that combines the technology of a steam blaster together with a super-absorbent dirt grip pad designed specifically for easy and effective cleaning of hard floors.

For a dusty surface, the S5003SD evenly distributes steam throughout its dual-sided steam pocket pad for an ultra-wide cleaning area so you can get the work done over a short span of time.

And because you can switch through its multiple heat levels for steam, it is quite versatile and finds application on delicate floor materials, especially the laminated floors.

What’s greater?

The S5003SD is one of the first to ease getting rid of stuck-on stains, thanks to the directional steam blaster that can be ramped up and down depending on stain toughness.

Finally, the S5003SD integrates the all-new touch-free technology that allows you to replace a gross cleaning pad without getting your hands dirty.

And did I mention the reasonably large tank, how easy the cleaner is to use, and how fast your steam heats up? See the complete specifications below.

Best Overall: Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003SD)



  • Electronic 3-level steam control
  • 2 dirt grip pads
  • 350ml water tank capacity
  • 22ft power cord
  • Weight: 3lbs



  • 3-level intelligent steam control
  • Versatile: clean job on laminate floor, tiles, and hardwood
  • Effective removal of stuck-on stains
  • Cleaning pads are washable and reusable
  • A touch-free technology for easy, healthy pad replacement
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Starts producing steam in less than 30 seconds



  • Not useable for cleaning with detergent or bleach


Best All-in-1: Shark VACMOP Pro VM252 Cordless Vacuum Mop

If you’d rather have your vacuum cleaner together with your steam mop in one useful place and save space and money, this is for you.

The VACMOP, as the name suggests, is a heavy-duty all-in-one cleaning solution for professional cleaners.

It combines spray mopping and powerful suction for a cost-effective investment that pays for itself for your cleaning service business.

And to top it off, it is cordless so you can charge it up for gigging anywhere and any time with no power outage slowing you down.

The only downside with it, as expected is its slight bulkiness. Other than that, VACMOP offers a high suction vacuum cleaning, sucking whatever comes in its way into a Lockaway dirt chamber that is easy to dispose of.

Its spray mop functionality picks sticky stains and leaves your hardwood surface spotless.

In the same light, the disposable dry pad absorbs wet masses effectively and is easy to toss away after use without having to touch it.

The icing on the cake? VACMOP integrates bright white LED headlights on its head that easily locate hidden stains for cleanups. Both the vacuum and the spray mopping functionalities can be used in tandem or separately accordingly. See the full picture below.

Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop



  • 2 pieces of disposable pads
  • LED headlights
  • 85watts power
  • 9amps power output
  • Magnetic charger
  • Lockaway dirt chamber



  • Floor-to-floor cleaning without the hassle of chord
  • Vac and mop functionalities in one compact piece
  • LED lights for clear cleaning, especially at night
  • Multi-surface heavy-duty cleaner for hard surface



  • The replacement pads sell out fast and may be hard to find

Best For The Kitchen: Shark Steam Mop, White Seafoam (Home And Kitchen)

Looking for the best thing for your kitchen? Though ideal for general home cleaning, the White Seafoam model of Shark’s mop appears to rock the kitchen department better.

It specializes itself as the ultimate grime and grease cleaner and will wipe readily wipe off your oily kitchen tiles squeaky clean.

Like most of its predecessors, the White Seafoam has the limitation of being unforgiving to chemicals or soap.

But the effectiveness offered via a hard-on-stains mopping head together with an effortless cleaning steam power makes the need for detergent obsolete.

And did I mention the part that this has an extra-large water tank space compared to many on the list?

Overall, this is a compact, lightweight steam-ready mobbing tool that is highly recommended for the kitchen.

Also, if you run a repair store or you want to keep your home garage grease-free without the hassles, this is for you.

Shark Steam Mop White Seafoam



  • Steam preparation period; 30 seconds
  • Weight; 2lbs
  • XL removable water tank



  • Removes oil and grease like no other
  • Best for the kitchen or garage
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Fewer refill needed



  • Has a shorter cord

Best Liftaway: Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)

Tired of repeating that mop-and-bucket thing that wears you out? You need a Liftaway mop and Shark has got you one in the same piece with a floor steam cleaner.

The Shark Liftaway pro is a 2-in-1 mopping unit that integrates a 3-level intelligent steam control.

With level 1 for dusting, level 2 for mopping, and level 3 for scrubbing, you can finally adjust your cleaner for the right event.

The integrated dual-sided dirt grip pads allow for a scrub-free stain elimination. And the great thing is that each pad is washable so you can save money on the things that matter.

Sticky stains? Just initiate the built-in steam blaster and blast stuck-on messes off of your floor.

What’s special?

Shark Liftaway pro has a detachable head, easy to remove, and use in cleaning above-floor appliances. From countertops to microwaves through the inside and outside of cabinets in the kitchen.

Upon detaching the head, a 3ft hose still connects your cleaning pad to the steam. This way, every item cleaned above the floor gets steam cleaning. And it serves a garment steamer functionality.

Finally, if you have a whitish tiled floor that has become so dingy and brownish, the maximized temperature level of this pocket mop’s steam may be your breakthrough.

shark mop s3973d



  • Steam control type: electronic 3 levels
  • 1 dirt grip pad
  • 500ml water tank capacity
  • Cord length: 2ft
  • 3ft hose for above-floor cleaning
  • Triangle scrubber head
  • Touch-free technology
  • Direct steam channeling/steam blaster



  • Heats up fast for stone and wood floor
  • Cleans accessories above the floor
  • Easy dusting, mopping, and scrubbing
  • Versatile unit with high cleaning efficiency
  • Low price and budget-friendly
  • Garment steamer functionality
  • An extended power cord for room-to-room maintenance



  • Requires maximum maintenance

Best For The Office: Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)

If you’re buying specifically for the office and want to spend your money wisely, this is for you.

The S3601 model of Shark is a functional, high-impact pocket mop that has been developed from the ground up for 90% chemical-free, steam-only cleaning.

Nevertheless, you may introduce fragrance oil into your water for a sweet after-mop scent.

The 25 seconds super-heating time of the tank coupled with a two-sided steam pocket technology results in a superior cleaning for a healthy working environment.

On top of that, S3601 offers a faster dry time compared to its counterparts and that’s what gives it its place as the best steam mop for the office. In 1 minute, you can get back to working in a clean space.

Downside? The S3601 may be a bit bulky due to its extra-large water tank and the heavy metal material of the handle. Other than that, your place of work deserves this one.

shark professional steam pocket mop s3601



  • 20 seconds heating up
  • Extra-large water tank
  • Dimension: 12” ✕ 5.90” ✕ 51.20”
  • Weight: 4lbs
  • 3-level steam control



  • 90% chemical-free sanitization
  • Faster drying time and superior cleaning
  • Deep cleaning for hardwood floors
  • Extensive cord



  • A bit bulky

Best Cordless Choice: Shark Steam And Spray Mop (SK410)

The joy of using a cordless appliance is that you have free movement and can, thus, use it efficiently without the hassle. The SK410 takes cordless steam spray mops to a new level.

It offers 3 modes of cleaning namely; spray only, steam only, and steam and spray. The spray nozzle is carefully located at the focal point of the mob head where it offers a more directional shot at sticky stains.

Also, SK410 spots a flatter ending around its pad edges and that makes reaching for the tightest corner easier than with any other unit. Besides, for the fact that you’re not limited in movement, SK410 speeds up your work whilst making every stroke worth the while.

In my opinion, though this may not be the best steam mop in the world, SK410 will secure the expectations of any attention-to-detail individual.

shark cordless mop sk410



  • 350ml water tank capacity
  • Cord length: 22ft
  • Cleaning path: 12″
  • 3 setting steam control
  • 4 Duracell AA battery
  • 1 disposable Sanifiber pad
  • 1 washable pad
  • A 12oz bottle of steam energized
  • 1 filling flask



  • Excellent performance on tiled floors
  • Reaches for the richest spots easily
  • Safe and gentle on laminated floors
  • Eliminates the limitations of cord



  • Replacement bottles may be pricey
  • The system may be noisy

Second Option For The Office: New Shark SK435CO Professional Steam And Spray

Next is the SK435CO pro designed for steam only, spray only, and steam and spray cleaning. It is the only model on the least that offers both a cord and a cordless cleaning solution so you can always find it useful regardless.

It is a gentle but yet tough-on-hardened-stains mopping tool that leaves your office sanitized without leaving residue behind. To eliminate stubborn, greasy messes faster, apply the steam energized cleanser included in the package.

 For a person with arthritis or trigger finger, the SK435CO features a comfy handle. And operation is made easier with ergonomic, soft responsive control buttons.

Overall, for a 50 bucks floor maintenance unit offering all of the benefits listed below, this is a bang for the buck.

Shark SK435CO Professional Steam Mop



  • 450ml water tank capacity
  • 25″ removable power cord
  • 1 level electronic steam control
  • Weight: 10pounds
  • 5 multiplayer pads
  • 2 20oz steam energized cleanser
  • 4 Duracell AA batteries



  • A good investment for the office
  • Tough on stains, gentle on hands
  • Maximized water capacity for fewer refill needs
  • Sanitizes all types of floor without leaving residue behind
  • Budget-wise



  • 10pounds may be a lot of weight

Best Manually Operated With XL Tank: Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner (S3501)

If your front door gets messy from winter boots often than not, and you want a manually-operated, push-and-pull system that easily picks up the mud without clogging up, this is for you.

The S3501 Shark steam pocket mop for hard floors is the super-lightweight steam mopping unit that puts you at the surface of your chore.

Easy to assemble and heats up faster, the only bottleneck with the S3501 is that it is not very effective on tiles. You’ll find difficulty removing dirt from your tile grout.

Other than that, S3501 offers easy maneuverability thanks to the featured swivel steering control. Finally, as there’s no hard button needed to be pressed now and then and all functionalities are initiated via a push-and-pull control system, this is a great choice for anyone with arthritis.



  • 18ft power cord
  • 220ml water tank capacity
  • 1 microfiber pad
  • Manual steam control
  • Swivel steering
  • 15oz steam energized cleanser
  • Weight: 4pounds



  • Highly versatile and durable
  • Easy to assemble for deep cleaning
  • Easy to maneuver



  • Not great for tiled surfaces

Best For The Budget: Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S6002)

Ceramic tile, wood, granite, or laminated floor. If you are looking to quit stressing out keeping the aforementioned types of floors clean the Cinderella style, this is for you.

The S6002 model is Shark’s way of reaffirming their obvious claim that being low on budget shouldn’t translate to claiming all the useless, low-quality things that life has to offer.

It features the all-new Genius mop head; an update toward a new way of healthy living through a cleaning system that does most part of the job.

More pressure has been added to the steam blaster technology so you can burst the most stubborn mess off of your floor without creating a dent. Also, a more direct steam channeling system has been integrated for faster, better distribution of steam onto stains on your hardwoods.

Needless to say, the Genius mp head can be detached for countertop cleaning and other household appliances. See the bigger picture below.

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S6002)



  • Steam control type: electronic 1 level
  • 1-piece of dirt grip pad
  • 350ml water capacity
  • 22ft power cord length
  • Touch-free technology



  • Comfortably easy to use
  • No need to touch hot pads over pad replacement
  • Washable, reusable pads save money
  • Cost-effective



  • It may lose steam power faster

Best For The Garage: Shark Steam And Spray Professional (SK460)

Finally, last on my list is the SK460 steam and spray professional mop. This is the heavy-duty mopping system that efficiently absorbs liquid mess, thanks to an extra-thick, padded absorbent mopping head that is quick to replace for wash.

At the press of a soft-button, you can shoot hot steam at sticky oil and tough grease for a superclean garage.

Scrub, mop, or just simply spray. Apply the included steam energized cleanser on darkish sticky engine oil and the pad easily absorbs it all. The only reason to not love this unit is for its silver white body color that may turn ugly and brown in no time.

Shark Steam and Spray Professional (SK460)



  • 3-level steam control
  • 22ft cord
  • 450ml water tank capacity
  • 25 seconds steam heat-up time
  • 1 filling flask
  • 4 Duracell AA battery
  • 12oz bottle of steam energized cleanser
  • 1 disposable sanifiber pad



  • Best choice for the garage
  • Doesn’t damage laminate wood floors
  • Disposable pads for really dirty surfaces
  • Highly recommended for stubborn messes



  • The mop doesn’t stand on its own and the bottle of cleaner leaks away easily

About Shark : The Brand

Founded by Mark Rosenzweig, Shark is one of the leading household appliance and cleaning solution brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC. Fundamentally, SharkNinja majors in the manufacturing of house-care products of all ranges.

By focusing on developing highly functional and innovative products that suit the lifestyle of house owners around the world, SharkNinja has carved a huge share of the household-care industry for itself.

From state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners to hi-tech coffee makers through cutting-edge, high-performance steam mop and vac/mops. SharkNinja has successfully impacted positive livelihood across the globe.

Warranty Covered By Shark

Like every reputable manufacturing company out there, SharkNinja is confident in their brands and thus offer a 12 years warranty on all their products.

Furthermore, for every vacuum cleaner you buy, you get a 4 years warranty. And on every steam mop, SharkNinja places the maximum of a 2 years warranty.


Special note: on buying any SharkNinja product, it is expected of you to register your purchase before the next 28 days. This is especially important if you’re buying from a retailer. Otherwise, you’re automatically covered by purchasing directly from SharkNinja.


The warranty covers repairs and money-back. At the discretion of SharkNinja, any factory-caused damages or errors are repaired at no cost to you.

However, for all damages caused by you, with the inclusion of; installation damage, a repair done by a third party, or a damage caused by the wrong usage of a Shark product, you’re solely responsible for the repair.

You may read more about their warranty on SharkNinja official page or call their customer service to get help.


Why Is Shark Better?

  • Credibility: SharkNinja is not just a big name but a credible LLC company that does truly care about its customers.
  • Extended warranty: you, definitely, won’t enjoy a 4 years warranty on a vacuum cleaner anywhere else.
  • Quality: Shark is dedicated to providing quality solutions at budget-friendly prices.
  • Expertise: unlike the “create anything, sell anything” companies out there, SharkNinja is an expert in their area of production and are able to converge all of their efforts into improving lives at home through cutting-edge tools and appliances.



Cleaning is an integral part of your to-do list when it comes to home maintenance. And as the saying goes, a clean, healthy home is a godly home.

To make a chore more like a play and to avoid the straining Cinderella-invented scrubbing style, an arsenal of quality cleaning tools can’t be neglected. And speaking of quality home-care products, Shark rocks that department.

In this article, so far I have reviewed Shark’s top 10 steam mops.

With each recommended for a unique purpose, I can only hope that you’ve found the right one for you. Should you need more recommendations, kindly use the comment box.


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