Best trampolines and Buyer’s Guide

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Some characteristics of the trampoline are essential for quality assessment. The most critical things when choosing a trampoline are:

The distance of the internal safety net from the rods holding the net (net rods) and padding of the rods.

If the distance is too small, the risk of colliding with the poles when jumping increases.

If the jumper crashes against the safety net and this with force, then a safety distance is essential to avoid a collision with the solid bars.

The further the distance is, the better.

The situation is different if the poles are well padded.

Then it is advantageous if the safety net is further outside and the bounce area is thereby enlarged.

If you already have a garden trampoline, please check your safety net regularly.

A damaged net is a risk of injury when jumping on a trampoline.

How to choose the right trampoline

Structure of the edge cover

The edge cover of a trampoline is the area outside the safety net up to the edge. This edge secures the jumping surface because the load must be held by the spiral springs under the cover when jumping.

Since quality trampolines must withstand a high load within the specifications, this is an important point. Added to this is the strength and workmanship of the steel frame.

The edge cover is often also called the safety padding because here the risk of injury increases with a lousy edge cover (frame padding).

Spring or springfree

The quality of the springs is decisive for the fun factor and safety.

Hardness and characteristic curve play a critical role here.

There are two basic types of trampoline design that are on the market today: spring-based trampolines and spring-free trampolines.

Both options can provide safety nets, padding, and other features that enhance the user experience for owners.

Springfree technology explained

Instead of using springs that can pinch a jumper create some other form of injury, the spring-free design utilizes composite rods that are placed beneath the actual jumping surface.

The frame of the trampoline and its jumping mat are kept parallel to each other.

The main purpose of eliminating the bouncy springs is to improve the safety of a trampoline. The hidden fram design eliminates the risk of coming into contact with a sharp part.


Simple, but important.

The width of the base is decisive for the fun factor.

The larger the surface, the better.

However, the price goes higher for larger trampolines, since most top trampolines are available in several sizes.

Trampoline Material

All materials used on a trampoline are essential for the overall judgment.

It starts with the frame and the feet, continues with the edge cover, the springs, the jumping net, the safety net and the support bars with padding.

The fabric is usually a waterproof canvas or woven polypropylene material. Polypropylene is the safest material for trampolines.

Thousands of polyethylene or nylon fibers are knit together to form a flat sheet of canvas. This canvas is then attached to the frame.

User reviews

From experience, we know that products with many customer ratings, which are very good, also have a high quality.

You always have to be cautious when there are few reviews, and all of them are super positive without any criticism.

So if there are hundreds of reviews with a high average grade, you can be sure that many other buyers are very satisfied with the product.

Popular trampolines

The garden trampoline

best garden trampoline

Our choice – ZERO GRAVITY 6ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline


These have the largest surfaces among trampolines available for home use.

Although garden trampolines have a large jump surface with up to 4.90 m, only one person should jump on it for safety reasons.

Of course, you can have 2 or 3 people jumping in the trampoline, but you must take safety measures to avoid injuring.

The garden trampolines are optimally used on a lawn with sufficient distance to walls or trees.

The fitness trampoline

best fitness trampoline

Our choice –
PLENY Indoor Mini Fitness Trampoline with Handle


These models have no steel springs like the garden trampolines but are equipped with flexible rubber cables.

They are recommended for indoor use. All fitness trampolines are delivered with a handrail, but this handrail is not height adjustable on all models.

You should be aware that anti-slip caps on the legs do not prevent the models from moving during an intense workout.

The mini trampoline

best mini trampoline for indoor

Our choice –
Maximus Life Bounce & Burn Folding Indoor Mini Trampoline


These models are suitable for adults, teenagers, and children who are looking for a lightweight device for spontaneous use.

A single person can carry the mini trampoline and bring it to the desired location.

If it rains, it is easily stowed again.

Due to the small diameter of the jumping surface, it can be used only by a single person at a time. The mini trampoline is still fun and keeps you fit.

The children’s trampoline

best children trampline for outdoor

Our choice –
Greenbay 55inch 4.5FT Kid Indoor Outdoor Trampoline


Children’s trampolines are made for the unique needs of the youngest of us.

These models allow only smaller jumps, which involve a lower risk of injury.

Safety comes first because children do not have a sensible muscle and bone structure.

They first have to learn this, but the child trampoline can continue to help.

So that parents do not have to worry about the well being of their offspring on the trampoline, the children’s models offer safety-enhancing extras, such as sturdy safety nets or stirrups.

Also, the models are lower in comparison, so that the child can easily climb onto the trampoline.

Why using a trampoline helps your health?

Numerous studies have shown that exercise on the trampoline is perfect for your health.

NASA studies have shown that training on the trampoline is 3 times more effective than jogging – in terms of endurance.

This is an impressive value and shows that trampoline jumping is, of course, a lot of fun, but also a serious training for strength, endurance, and coordination.

In the meantime, training on the mini trampolines has also established itself as a fitness course in numerous fitness studios.

In our opinion a much more fun training program than on an ergometer, cross-trainer or treadmill.

The best thing about it is that you can do it at home in the smallest of spaces.

A mini trampoline starts at a diameter of 95 cm and finds room in every apartment.

Caution is of course advised with low ceilings.

Because if you are tall, you can jump against the limit here. So it makes the most sense to set up the small trampoline outside and train there.

Fitness trampolines – the new trend

The new trend in the fitness market is the workout on the trampoline.

In addition to the already very popular mini trampolines for children, more stable and even better small fitness trampolines are the racers in their own 4-walls and in the workout courses in some fitness studios.

Of course, this is still limited because good fitness trampolines only start from 100 Euro upwards and this is very expensive for a session with 15 people.

But at home, more and more people buy such a sport trampoline and do a joint-gentle and very efficient workout at home.

Suitable DVDs from professional trainers are available for just a few euros, and the fun can begin.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve endurance and general fitness or increase strength endurance – training is useful and fun when done correctly.

Again, pay attention to safety

Jumping on the trampoline in the garden is a lot of fun, and usually, nothing happens. If you pay attention to a few things, you avoid unnecessary injuries.

Accidents happen all the time because the garden trampolines are used by several people at the same time.

Especially when children jump, there is a lot of exuberance in the game, and a collision with the heads can lead to severe injuries.

Also, it is not uncommon for a concussion to appear.

Therefore, always make sure that there is only one child or person on the trampoline. Even if the diameters are sometimes big enough, we always recommend only one person at a time.


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