Best Trimmer/Pruner for Palm Trees

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That palm tree in your garden is no doubt adding a kind of tropical elegance to your backyard.

Palm trees have been cultivated in human dwellings for thousands of years. One reason is that they can thrive in a variety of climates though they are more abundant in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Some species have been found to flourish in below-zero degree regions.

To make sure this sophisticated look is maintained in your garden, you need to care for the palms. Though palm trees are not plants that you need to prune weekly or monthly, you still need to remove dead frons and trim wayward branches.

But trimming palm trees can be tricky. A slight mistake with your pruner can lead to permanent scarring of the tree.

So you need pruners with certain features to make sure no harm comes to your palm.

Here are the best pruners for palm trees in 2020:

KSEIBI 252606 Pruner

KSEIBI 252606 Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Aluminium Light-weight Handle


The KSEIBI 252606 lopper can be used to prune and cut branches of about 2 inches.

The blade is razor-sharp and cuts cleanly through saplings and branches, including palm trees with overgrowth. The blade is also easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the non-stick TEFLON coating.

It comes with a tubular handle that makes the tool light and easy to work with, so you don’t get tired when and after working.

PROS: The thumb release safety lock button helps guide against unsecured trimming over long extensions.

CONS: The tool is flimsy and will easily fall apart.


The Corona Razor Tooth pruning saw is a 10-inch curved blade that comes highly recommended for pruning your palm trees.

It features 3 sided razor teeth that can cut small to medium branches.

The handle of the pruner is designed to give you the best of comfort and at the same time, a firm grip.

You can fold the blades in when it is not in use and this prevents any kind of injury that might occur with an exposed blade.

PROS: The blade is durable and hard, and will sharply cut through any branches or leaves.

CONS: The blade doesn’t entirely fit into the handle when it is folded in.


The Fiskars Tree Pruner can be extended to 8 feet, long enough to cut through any part of the palm tree without needing a ladder.

The POWER TOOTH blade cuts through wood and branches faster than most pruners.

When the pruner is not fully extended, it stays at 3 feet and this makes it easy to carry around and store.

The pole is lightweight and strong at the same time, so you don’t feel overburdened and you still get the work done.

PROS: The pole is made of steel that is anti-rust. This means the pole saw will last a long time.

CONS: The lock system is poor and will easily break.


FLORA GUARD Lopper is a strong tool for pruning, so you might really want to consider this tool for your palm trees.

With this lopper, you can easily work your way through some really tough branches and limbs.

The blades are made with carbon steel that stays sharp for as long as possible, no matter how often you use it.

The tool is easy to store. The hole in the handles makes it easy for you to just hang it in your shed.

PROS: They are smooth and will cleanly cut through thick branches.

CONS: The tool is not durable and might not last as long as you would like it to.

WRJY Telescopic Pole Saw

The WRJY Telescopic Pole Saw is an ideal tool for trimming and pruning your palm trees effectively.

Reaching 20 feet when fully extended, the pole saw can reach any part of the palm tree you would like to trim or prune.

The telescopic rod is also adjustable, so you can get any length you desire when you work. The rod is also tubular in structure and this makes the tool comfortable to grip and hold.

PROS: The tool is a long-handled saw that can reach branches and leaves that are high above the ground.

CONS: Only professionals can successfully handle the tool.


The THANOS Extendable Lopper is a heavy-duty looper made of steel and its blade is sharp, precise, anti-rust and long-lasting.

The lopper has a telescopic rod that reaches 40 inches when fully extended and has 6 sections that make it easy to cut at different levels. This lopper can easily cut through 2-inch tree branches and limbs.

The telescopic rod is light and strong, the aluminum material preventing rust and decay.

PROS: The rubber grip helps you have a firm hold on the tool while you work and prevents it from accidentally slipping off your hands.

CONS: The handles are not strong and may bend.

SAMURAI W-330 hand saw.

SAMURAI W-330 is a hand saw that is exceptionally strong and durable.

It has a wooden handle that has a pistol grip. This ensures easy and efficient cutting.

It also features the finger hook; this prevents the tool from slipping off your hands.

This tool is very useful for cutting and trimming palm trees and palm fronds causing overgrowth in yards and forest.

The blade is sharp and curved, and the tool is light-weight.

PROS: The hand saw comes with a carrying case. This helps you to safely store away the saw when it is not in use or when you are moving around with it.

CONS: The blade bends from time to time.



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