Best wood burning stove for conservatory

A wood burner is a great way to get more use out of your conservatory or orangery in the colder winter months.

Correctly fitted they are a lovely feature in the room and make it into a cosy living space in the cooler months.

It also means you only have to heat it when you use it rather than having it added to the central heating system for example.

Safety note

Before we get to the wood burning stoves there’s some safety aspects to consider – these CANNOT be overlooked.

Burners are perfectly safe in a conservatory when fitted correctly, like any other room. Stoves emit carbon monoxide so it’s not just the fire safety you need to consider.

Key things

Get the stove installed by a¬†professional fitter if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing – this is the safest option and will ensure the correct flue length and ventilation are covered.

It’s worth letting your home insurance company know you’ve had one installed to as a double check.

We’re yet to hear of this causing any problems more just us being overly cautious.

Best wood burning stoves for conservatories

Best value stove – Lincsfire Harmston JA013S

Multifuel Stove Clean Burn Wood Burner


  • Design
  • Performance
  • Installation

Coming top of our value ratings this stove does everything you need to keep you warm. It has a reasonable 6.22kw output and comes with a full CE certificate.

It’s a nice looking stove with quality glass so you can see the fire burning.



  1. CE Certified for safety
  2. Quality stove made from cast iron that will last – At a great value price to!
  3. Increase the heat distribution with a stove fan


  1. Need to purchase a flue for installation
  2. Other stove may have a higher heat output – read below for our guide on larger conservatories.



Best wood burner for large conservatory

If you have a larger conservatory or garden room then you may need a bigger wood burner in order to heat the space.

A 5KW output will probably not suffice in keeping you warm and you’ll end up burning lots of wood just trying.

Valor Baltimore 12 Wood Burner

This is where a larger stove comes into play and our recommended product is the Valor multi fuel burner with a 12KW output and 76% efficiency.

Valtimore Stove


It’s available in the UK via Amazon and can be delivered in a couple of days read to be correctly installed.

Again you’ll need an extra flue to install the product and you’ll need to measure up to get the right length.

This is a beautiful stove that looks double fronted with its two doors and makes a fantastic feature in any room.


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