Best Wooden Play Kitchen Set for Boys and Girls

kidkraft red play kitchen for girls

The moment you become a parent, you’re faced with many difficult choices when it comes to offering your child the best of everything.

Among these choices, first-time parents particularly have a hard time deciding on what toys they should buy for their children. Look no more!

We’re happy to help!

We, as parents usually look for durable toys that stand up to rigorous use, and at the same time, we look for toys that allow our children to be creative and learn while they play.

But the most important consideration when looking for the perfect toys for our children is that they are safe for them to play with.

So with that in mind, the first and most important factor when choosing that ideal toy for your little one is Wood or Plastic.

Of course, not all wooden toys are created equal, and the same is true of plastic – there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of toys, so let’s take a look at this ongoing debate and provide our take on it, and let you decide.

So why choose wooden toys?

Well, for me, wooden toys are the perfect option when it comes to your bundle of joy, getting the most out of his playthings.

Generally speaking, wooden toys are much sturdier, they allow for more versatility and creative play, and they look fantastic.

The only downside to buying wooden toys or wooden toy sets is that they are harder to come by, some of them less interactive, more expensive, and harder to resell than plastic toys.

Plastic toys, on the other hand, have somewhat more interactive features and functions, they are much cheaper, easier to clean, and resell after you are done with them.

However, toys made of plastic are more breakable than wooden ones or may contain small pieces that for toddlers and small children are a choking hazard.

Also, wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones due to their biodegradable nature and ability to be recycled. So, instead of filling the landfills, you can buy toys for your child that will give back to the environment.

We can all agree, wooden toys are more sustainable, they are kinder to the environment and healthier for children developmentally and physically compared to the high levels of toxic chemicals involved in manufacturing plastic toys.

Wooden toys aren’t incredibly expensive either, so it’s something we can all afford. This isn’t to say all plastic toys are bad. Plastic toys can have their place in the toy box also; however, it’s a good idea to assess toys for durability and educational value before purchasing.

In the end, I think many parents realize that even if they started out buying only wooden toys for their durability and educational value, kids are also attracted to shiny new plastic toys for their interactive features and lively colors, so as long as we are talking about high-quality toys, the choice is yours.

To make your choice even easier, we decided to split our recommendations into Top 3 best wooden play kitchens for boys and Top 3 best play kitchens for girls so we hope you can find the most suitable play kitchen for your child using our guide.

Top 3 Best Wooden Play Kitchens for Boys

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

Kidkraft ultimate corner best wooden play kitchen

The first kitchen set to appear in our top is perfect for boys and it is called Ultimate Corner by KidKraft. It’s a set recommended for kids aged 3 and it offers a lot of with its interactive sound and light system.

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The kitchen set comes in two available color schemes white and espresso, the latter being a little more expensive than the white one (almost 20 £ more, reaching a price of almost £200).

The playset features every appliance found in a kitchen: a microwave, a fridge, a dishwasher and a washing machine which all feature working doors and realistic appearance.

The countertop is completed with a sink with turning faucets, a stovetop burner with very realistic lights so that it can deliver an immersive play experience for your little one.

Under the stove, we can find the oven which is perfect for letting your toddler experience the art of baking for the first time.

Also, under the sink, there is a lot of storage space for collecting different add-ons like vegetables, fruits, and other cooking ingredients.

Another interesting feature of the kitchen set is that it has a set of curtains to create the impression that your child’s kitchen has a window that he can use while cooking to watch the perfect view that he imagines his house to have.

Another additional feature is the cordless phone with hands-free clips that can be used for taking imaginary orders in case your loved one would like to pretend he is running a successful restaurant.

The set is built entirely from composite wood products and it comes with very clear instructions for assembly, but the process takes around 2 or 3 hours.


Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen

melissa and doug wooden play kitchen

The second kitchen set in our top (Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s) is perfect for toddlers and kids up to 3 years old. Since this set is aimed at kids up to 3 years old it has fewer features than the previous one, but this doesn’t mean that it’s less fun.

With a built-in ice dispenser for the fridge, it’s perfect for keeping your toddler “cool” during the hot summer days.

Next to the refrigerator that we talked about the set has a clip perfect for hanging grocery lists or maybe the favorite recipe for the perfect lunch.

The set even features the ice cubes that go with the ice maker, and the checklist for grocery shopping, making sure that the kids will learn about fruits and vegetables.

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave which can be found in every kitchen nowadays and an oven, but also a sink with turning faucets so your toddler will certainly develop his motoric skills.

Another interesting accessory is the kitchen timer which can be used to make sure the little chef has got exactly the right cooking time for his meals.

The refrigerator also has a freezer on top and it features a frame that can be used for your favorite photos.

The set comes in 3 color schemes Charcoal, Cloud or Pink, with an average price of 195 pounds. For around 20 pounds more you could buy some complementary baking utensils or 4 ingredient sets like bread, meats and dairy products.

The set is made of wood, it’s easy to assembly and also features a lot of storage space for the additional part that you might collect over time.


Naomi Wooden Play Kitchen Set

 Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set

The third item on our top is the Naomi Kids Gourmet set. It’s best suited for older children aged 3 to 10, according to the manufacturer. This set is one of the most modern-looking ones and it’s available in three different finishes: Espresso, Natural, and White.

It’s a little cheaper than the others, priced at around 90 pounds. The stove of the set features 3 burners and their knobs have realistic clicking sound to build up the realism around your child’s playtime.

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The kitchen also features an oven, a refrigerator, the complementary freezer, and the customary microwave.

The kitchen countertop is also completed by the sink with turning faucets and the shelf for storing the usual ingredients. In addition, we could also find a water dispenser on the fridge, but unfortunately for this set, it’s just a sticker glued on the door.

The set does not contain any pretend food nor kitchenware since the lower price for this kitchen, however, in my opinion, this compensates with the modern-looking design of the set with silvery appliances and black “furniture” (for the espresso color scheme).

In addition to these features, the freezer also has a chalkboard on it in order for your kid to be able to take some notes for creating the most delicious dish or even for his entire shopping list.

It takes several hours to be assembled but once installed it’s very sturdy.


Top 3 Best Wooden Play Kitchens for Girls

Kidkraft Red Vintage Play Kitchen

kidkraft red play kitchen for girls

When it comes to girls we also have a top three with the best choices based on age and design.

The first set on our list is the Vintage PlayKitchen from KidKraft.

It comes with a bright red color with a beautiful and classic retro design. It’s recommended for kids aged 3 and it comes with a lot of nice appliances and accessories to boost the learning process of your beloved child.

The countertop features two burners and a sink with moving faucets. Your kid can also develop her motoric skills by opening the doors for the storage spaces or for the refrigerator or even by turning the knobs for the built-in oven.

A nice addition for the refrigerator is the water dispenser which features 4 buttons that can allow your child to imagine she drinks cooled water with some big and cooling imaginary ice cubes.

Another interesting feature of the set that keeps the magic of the past alive is the cordless phone that looks like an old telephone receiver from a phone with the classic rotary dialing mechanism.

Using this accessory, your little girl can pretend that she is running one of the most successful restaurants in the world and she is continuously taking orders and maybe even making reservations.

Who knows? Maybe this will inspire her and someday you will be the parent of one of the best chefs in the world.

The set is made of wood and it’s very sturdy once assembled, a process that takes around a couple of hours. The price for the set is around 100 and for another 30 pounds you could order a set of play food and kitchenware.


Rainbow Sophia Wood  Play Kitchen

Rainbow Sophia Wood TPlay Kitchen for Girls

The second play kitchen on our list is aimed at children between 3 and 7 years old. It is called Timeless and is manufactured by Rainbow Sophia.

It also features a classical design with beautifully sculpted doors and base.

The set is available in an elegant white finish and it is completed with a bunch of colored stickers that represent spices, herbs, and some other ingredients.

The vintage kitchen is also equipped with a vintage phone receiver that has a rotary disc for being able to make calls when your girl is not taking in any orders.

The countertop of the set has two burners and an oven, however, the control panel only has 4 knobs, but for sure, your kid will not be bothered by this as she can have a lot of fun with the other appliances and their respective accessories.

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For example, the fridge has a built-in water dispenser and the sink has a moving faucet to allow your little girl to always cook with clean dishes and ingredients.

The set is made out of wood and once assembled is very sturdy and resistant. The assembly process takes around one hour and a half but it’s worth it as the entire kitchen is able to deliver unlimited hours of fun for little ones.

The set cost around 130 £ and with approximately 35 £ more you can also buy some pretend food and other pieces of kitchenware to complete your child’s collection. (Don’t be shy when ordering new add-on sets as the kitchen has a lot of storage space that can hold a lot of ingredients for your little one).


Teamson Wooden Play Kitchen Vintage Pink

teamson vintage pink kitchen for girls

The last set on the list is suited for children of around 7 years old and has a lot of interesting and modern functions whilst maintaining a retro feeling with its elements of design.

The Retro Wooden Kitchen by Teamson Kids features the most common appliances found in a modern-day kitchen.

The set contains an oven, a stove with two burners and the control panel for this set has three knobs with realistic clicking sounds.

The countertop also has a stainless steel sink that can easily be removed for cleaning and also two turning faucets for hot or cold water.

The refrigerator also holds a water dispenser with the function of making “ice cubes” (the set contains two ice cubes for maintaining the authenticity of the playtime).

The control panel of the fridge features a “led” display that can show temperature and also buttons to choose the desired degree of cooling.

The freezer has a chalkboard on top of it that can be used either as a grocery list or for writing down a delicious recipe.

The set also features a phone that can be used for “taking orders” or making an imaginary reservation at the best restaurant in town, run by nobody else than your beloved child.

The kitchen set is made of wood and it has a pink finish, making it a perfect wooden kitchen set for girls.

You will also be able to teach your kid how to tell the time on an analogic clock as it features a built-in clock next to the sink.

The installation of the entire set shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, according to the producer and the price of the entire kitchen tops at around £200 if you also buy additional play food and kitchen accessories to complete your little girl’s collection.

By taking a look at our recommendattions you should now be able to make the right decision if we convinced you to buy a kitchen set for your little ones.

Always keep in mind that a wooden set is very resistant which also makes it a little pricier, but in terms of quality, it will always feel better than plastic and it will offer an experience that is closer to reality.

One of its minor disadvantages, however, is that over time it might prove to be a little bit harder to maintain since it’s not that easy to clean as compared to plastic.

If you have studied all the products above you should be able to choose just the right kitchen for your kids based on price, features, and design.

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