Boomer 888 Pruning Garden Loppers  Pole Saw

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Trees are different from other living sources on the earth. One can improve the tree shrubs by removing the healthy part of it. This can be done by pruners. You carefully remove the branches, even the healthy part of it gives a more attractive look to your backyard. You can also improve other qualities in your lawn such as plucking the fruits from the trees, removing unwanted branches or leaves from the trees. It is important to note that our ultimate goal is to entirely mess up with the improvements and not in destroying the trees.

While chainsaws are involved in pruning the tall branches. So here what we require is a manual pole saw to make your Lawn or Backyard so attractive and clean. So far we have reviewed more pole saws in this blog. This is a new arrival pole saw and hence there are more than thousands of brands are available in the market. Picking the right one will lead to a lot of confusion. Based on your requirements you can choose a good saw by reading this blog and we are here to help you. Today we are going to review the product, Boomer 888 Pruning Garden Loppers  Pole Saw
Boomer 888 Pruning Garden Loppers  Pole Saw

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Boomer888 26 Feet Steel Cut High Tree Saw Pruning Garden Tools Loppers Green Pole Saws is a heavy duty hand tool. The overall thickness of this saw is close to 4 centimeters which is comparatively thicker than other conventional saw.  (Cut ≤4 Inch (10 centimeters each branch) with a scissor on the head (Cut ≤0.8 Inch (2 centimeters each branch). The hole of this pruning head is suitable for fit any 25 millimeters diameter telescopic rod. This pole saw not only helps to reach and cut tall branches but also can be used to paint your house, wash a window, etc. It is optional for you to install a 14 inches detachable saw blade mounted on top pruner for cutting large and thicker branches.

Durable steel body, 8 feet rope with wood handle and pulley operated spring action pruning, carbon steel hardened pruner blade for shearing smaller branches. Simply install this Sellery Aluminum Telescopic Rod into the pruning head to convert it to a pole saw for pruning high and hard to reach branches, even allow you pruning tall trees, trim overhead without a ladder or at ground level without bending or kneeling.


  • Durable and premium quality
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Pole saw can reach upto 26 feet
  • Lifetime Assured Warranty
  • Carbon steel hardened pruner blade used for shearing smaller branches
  • Thickness of this pole saw is about 4 centimeter which is quite higher than any other conventional saws in the market.
  • Cost effective


  • Not Advertised much in the market


Boomer 888 Pruning Garden Loppers  Pole Saw are extensively designed to cut the branches and shrubs in the trees. Are you a homeowner and have a lot of leaves in your backyard and don’t know how to remove it. Boomer 888 Pruning Garden Loppers  Pole saw is made for you. There is no need to invest a huge amount on a product that you are going to use like one or two times. Hope you get a clear information about the product Features, Specification, Pros, Cons of the Product. If you want detailed information about other product brands and models check out here. In case of any Queries, recommendations about the article reach us through our contact form. Suggestions are always welcome.








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