How to Choose a Raining Showerhead?

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So many people head to the spa just to have a rain shower therapy which might cost them a few hundred dollars.

With the so many showerhead designs out there at this point in time, it is just so easy to bring your therapy right back home by installing a rainfall showerhead in your bathroom.

Good things always attract a lot of investors and that is why thousands of brands are out there currently manufacturing showerheads.

Just because you can possibly have access to thousands of showerhead models does not mean all are good for you.

Without essential tips to follow in choosing a high-quality shower head, you might find yourself changing showerheads more frequently than desirable.

Reading through this article will bring your attention to those key points you need to watch out for in choosing, buying and installing rainfall showerheads of any brand.

Type of Rainfall Showerhead

If you are not so conversant with rainfall showerheads, you probably would have thought that they come in a singular design or function in a single way.

How uninteresting would it be if all rainfall showerheads are all designed to function stereotypically?

However,  to beat the traditional showerhead design, most rainfall showerheads come in amazing models that are designed to meet your specific need, depending on the design of your bathroom or how comfortable you want to be during a shower.

There are about nine different designs or types of rainfall showerhead but they have, as a matter of functionality, been divided basically into handheld rainfall showerheads, wall mount rainfall showerhead and ceiling mount rainfall showerheads.

I shall succinctly walk you through how they function.

Handheld Rainfall Showerhead

Unlike other rigid showerhead design, this comes in a flexible mode in the form of an extension hose that allows you to enjoy a more comfortable shower experience.

You don’t have to worry about water splashing and damaging your new hair or a quick relaxation under the shower without getting your makeup off.

Most people see themselves soaking in the tub even when they know that all they ever need is a relaxing rainfall shower.

However, the handheld rainfall shower makes it easy to have the same shower experience without other difficulties attached to regular showers.

You can hold it in your hands and direct it to any part you want.

The water pressure is the same and the feel is the same.

Although this comes with an extension hose, it might be a little expensive than the other type of showerheads and you have to be certain that it would fit into your bathroom design.

Wall Mount Rainfall Showerhead

The wall mount is basically fixed showerheads.

They have to be installed in one spot and they operate by providing you an angled shower.

You would have to cope with having to enjoy your soothing shower from an angle which of course can be adjusted to any point you want. they are not really as flexible as the handheld in the sense that you might not be able to directly point them to areas where you need the tangling feel of rainfall as they are more permanent in functionality than the handheld rainfall showerhead.

They come in exquisite designs that are suitable for the most bathroom with a wall mount shower design and they often add to the aesthetic look of the entire bathroom.

As far as the water pressure is concerned, there is nothing to be worried about as it often comes with well-detailed shower hole dimension that allows for an excellence ticklish rainfall pressure.

Ceiling Mount Rainfall Showerhead

This is the most common type of showerhead as most older home designs come with ceiling showers.

It is because they became so expensive to install than other more conventional means such as handheld and wall shower started becoming the trend.

The only difference between this and the wall mount showerhead is that the ceiling mount is basically attached to a water source installation sprouting from the ceiling.

They often come in wider showerhead so as to cater adequately for a spacious shower area.

This essentially means they have enough shower coverage than the other two types of rainfall showerhead already mentioned above.

This is essential because they are often not adjustable. They are stationary and somewhat permanent in functionality.

Tips in Choosing the Right Showerhead

It was important to identify the essential three types of rainfall showerhead that is currently in the market because identifying the type of showerhead you need is the first tips you need in knowing how to choose rainfall showerhead.

You cannot install a handheld showerhead in a bathroom that only has a space for a wall installation.

Except if you want to entirely install that type of shower, it might just be impossible.

There are many cases where you might shop for the wrong showerhead only to get to the point of installation and then you discover that what you got couldn’t just fit.

While it is true that you can always return, you would have lost considerable energy and time in the process.

The next tip is rather a game of honesty.

You have to sincerely ask yourself if the current design of your bathroom is in such shape that can support a beautiful and quality rainfall showerhead.

The entire aim of rainfall showerhead is to help you relax and soothe you into that spa-like ambiance that can only be achievable if your bathroom is updated.

Hence, to avoid contrasting design, make sure you have a modern looking bathroom before you install rainfall showerhead.

Let’s Talk Size

Size matters a lot when it comes to buying just the right rainfall showerhead.

You need the right size that would allow you access to a good shower coverage and fortunately, most of the best rainfall showerheads have this feature.

Surely you don’t want to stand in a shower that can only run a few inches on your head instead of supplying the ever tickling rainfall effect of rainfall showerhead on the entirety of your body.

Essentially, six to ten inches of a showerhead is ideal for optimal delivery of sufficient shower coverage.

Best rainfall showerheads are of this size.

The size is perfect for sufficient shower coverage as well as steady water pressure.

Please, do not fall victim of buying rainfall showerheads that are just ridiculously wide especially if you are located in a low water pressure area.

Aside from the fact that six to ten inches of a showerhead are perfect for any design of the bathroom when you get a wider showerhead, you may no longer be able to achieve that rainfall effect that you so crave.

Bigger showerheads are often designed with so many nozzles that water distribution becomes a problem.

This is because the wider the showerhead, the lesser the water pressure becomes as the design makes is slower for water to quickly distribute throughout the structure of the showerhead with little water pressure. 

Materials also Matter

The material that is used in making your showerhead also matters.

In understanding how to choose the right rainfall showerheads, you should understand that the best rainfall showerheads are made from quality metals and not cheap plastic.

In fact, stay away from all rainfall showerhead that is made from cheap plastics.

This is because they are more prone to accumulating germs and bacteria more than those made from high-quality metal.

Also, plastic rainfall showerheads are prone to cracking.

No matter how sleek or beautiful the design might be, after a little while, you may start discovering some cracks and leakages within the showerhead system which may result into the reduction of water pressure needed in recreating the rainfall effect.

Beware of Low Budget Rainfall Showerheads

One of the saddest thing that can ever happen to you is to be in desperate need of a good shower just to get to the bathroom and discover your showerhead of fewer than six months is already malfunctioning.

This is certainly the result you get from buying an obviously cheap showerhead.

Let me say this, the fact that a showerhead is cheap doesn’t mean it is outright bad as there are some really cool showerheads that are quite cheap but that kind of cheap is often determined by how well priced they are well compared with products of similar quality.

This is different from buying what goes out for twenty dollars on an average for just one dollar.

The most annoying things about these cheap showerheads are that they rarely come with an impressive warranty that can guarantee you some sort of assurance that you are really covered.

Some of the suck at delivery the adequate water pressure and even when they do, their dimension is not professionally calculated in such a way that would ensure the premium stimulation of rainfall which is the essential reason why you want a rainfall showerhead in the first instance.

They come looking all fancy at first but fade with time or become unattractive because they are too cheap to withstand the humid environment they are constantly subjected to.

Low Budget Rainfall Showerheads: Pros

Even though I am very reluctant to admit that low budget comes with its own pros, I think it is just universal that everything has both advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking a temporary showerhead and you do not mind disposing of it after just while, perhaps you might try to consider a low budget rainfall showerhead with the mindset that it isn’t something you are going to be using for a long time.

Of course, by buying a low budget rainfall showerhead, you are definitely going to be buying cheap and saving a few dollars, which is why most people buy them in the first place.

Low Budget Rainfall Showerheads: Cons

More than expected, there are a lot of cons to buying a low budget showerhead than desirable. The most overwhelming one you need to know is that they are unreliable. They can pack up at any time as they come without any form of reassurance.

They don’t come with a remarkable warranty that makes it desirable to want to purchase them. They are often designed to look fanciful but cheap rather luxurious and moderately priced.

They are often designed without paying attention to the technology required in order for them to perfectly deliver a simulative shower experience. Without this technology, all you have is just your regular showerhead and nothing really special.

Best Reviewed Three Showerheads

Having said all, I know the question in most people’s heart is how to get the best of brands out there in today’s market that would deliver all that you want in a rainfall showerhead? You should worry too much; I wouldn’t talk so much if I would help you with that. I have taken time to surf what the market has got to offer and I have brought you three of the best rainfall showerheads based on people reviews on any platform where they are sold as well as their functionality.

1. SparkPod

With $29.99 you can be a proud owner of this chrome-plated showerhead that comes with elegance and perfect finishing.

It comes with an easy installation process that is basically tool-free.

Just kick the old showerhead out and screw this piece of class right back.

It has amazing water pressure level and the silicon nozzles are crafted to allow for self-cleaning.

Ideal for your wall and ceiling shower installation.

This is one of the few around that you would invest in and would definitely last you for years to come.

It is six-inch wide and it comes in a round shape that allows for a perfect and wider rainfall shower coverage.

One of the users of this showerhead describes as a showerhead that ‘looks great, feels great and installation took only moments’.

Another user has this to say about this product. ‘… I went hunting on Amazon and selected this showerhead. It is wonderful, I can finally feel rinsed off all the soap, etc.’. no doubt is a product that has made a lot of people happy and you definitely cannot be an exception.


2. NearMoon

This isn’t the cheapest of all of the quality showerheads in today’s market but if you judge its amazing features, then you would realize that the $20.99 charged is just but fair.

This beautifully round showerhead is solidly designed to be eight-inch-wide, giving it an even better shower coverage which is very essential when it comes to rainfall shower.

The water pressure is also excellent and its silicon nozzles also have amazing self-cleaning technology and anti-clogging features that ensure that you have an all clean and rainfall like water year in and year out.

I also like the chrome finish this product has and the fact that it also comes with a very easy installation that requires no tool at all.

It is also suitable for both ceiling and wall shower installation.

In describing how awesome this product is, a user on Amazon confessed that ‘… I wasn’t expecting too much for the price I paid but I was super impressed’.

Another happy buyer and user said, ‘Very nice modern looking shower head. Slim and sleek design.’


3. Embather

This is luxury at its peak and it is far beyond your regular priced showerhead.

This state-of-the-art showerhead cost $332.98 and yes, it is pricey but it has a lot to show for this price.

First of all, this showerhead comes in a set which includes a wall showerhead and a handheld shower both of which are rainfall showers.

The design is one of the sleekest you would ever find in the current market.

It has a wall showerhead that is twelve-inch wide which mean a wider coverage that is enough to accommodate two people at a time.

You can save up to thirty percent of water due to its amazing water pressure that works even better in areas with weak water pressure.

The entire product is designed with brass and an amazing mirror finish that leaves your bathroom looking effortlessly luxurious.

And the most amazing thing about this product is that you have a lifetime warranty which guarantees you full service for free of charge within five years of purchase.

As a testimony, a user once said that the product ‘works great, looks good and has no water stain’.

However, there is no need to mention that it is a little pricey and only those with keen eyes for luxury might be able to afford it.


All in all, how to choose a raining showerhead isn’t all difficult if you know what you are looking at.

Also what is best raining showerhead is subjective but you really cannot get the best for a cheap price as you definitely would only get the best of a product if you are ready to invest.

You can select any of the already mentioned top best brands of showerhead already mentioned and enjoy the comfort and luxury of a blissful rainfall shower.


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