Inflation 10 feet Pole Saw

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Inflation 10 feet Pole SawTo make your lawn beautiful, it needs regular pruning.

Constant trimming of branches and dense shrubs will also keep your trees and other plants healthy.

One of the best ways to clean the tree branches is with a manual pole saw.

Basically, a pole saw is a long saw that can reach high branches and obscure spots in your garden while you remain safely on the ground.

Though trimming work is never easy, unless you are professionally trained, tools like this can help greatly.

Safety is also another important issue since pole saws will remove the need for a ladder while pruning the tree branches. 

There are thousands of pole saw brands available in the market. And choosing one among them is really a tough task.

But we are here to help you and help you with the features, specifications, pros and cons of any garden tools of your choice. 

Today, we are going to review a pole saw called Inflation Extendable Manual Pole Saw.  This is a manual pole saw with lightweight stainless steel pole.


This extension pole saw uses fully heat treated and precision ground with high-strength carbon steel blade material which has a strong cutting ability and improves pruning efficiency; non-stick coated gliding blade ensures fast, clean, smooth cutting.

Inflation 10 feet pole saw comes with an adjustable length which consists of several detachable sections of stainless steel poles that can prevent rust. You could adjust the length according to your needs.

The perfect design telescoping pole saw & pruner offers 2 cutting modes: The pole and saw can be separated for a long or short cut. Compound trimmer handles fit the natural shape of the hand, comfort soft grip provides balance and releases wrist fatigue.

The sharp three-sided sharpened edges and barb design make the pole saw perfect for pruning. It is used in a wide range of applications such as forestry, lawns, gardens, etc, where tree pruning is required.

This product gives you three-year quality assurance and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you get a refund or a free replacement – whichever you prefer. 

Inflation 10 Feet Pole saw

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  • Inflation Extendable 10-ft Pole Saw is made of high-strength Carbon steel blade
  • It comes with three-year quality assurance
  • Perfect for pruning tall and thick branches
  • 2 cutting modes: the pole and saw head can be separated for a long or short cut. 
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Useful in a wide range of applications: forestry, lawns, gardens, etc.



  • the length could be more for really tall trees


Are you a homeowner with lots of leaves dropping and wayward branches causing issues in your backyard? Then the Inflation Extendable Manual Pole saw is made for you.

This type of saw is extensively designed to cut shrubs and branches of trees.

It has a lot of demand in the market. If you are searching for a tree-trimming tool with excellent features then this is a perfect choice for you. 



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