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Miya Pole SawAn extended manual pole saw is a handy tool in the hands of professional landscapers and newbies alike.

There is no doubt that every homeowner with a backyard needs a good pole saw.

When it comes to safety measures, a manual pole saw is a perfect choice as it is operated without power or gas. And you can work for a long time without getting fatigued.

Another reason pole saw is a good choice has to do with height. Cutting higher and thick branches is not an easy task. But with a pole saw, the work becomes easier.

Though there are thousands of pole saw brands available in the market today. Choosing the right one as per your specifications may be tough. But we are here to guide you.

Today, we are going to review Miya Pole Saw.

This pole saw is extensively designed to cut thick and tall branches. It comes with extension poles so that the user need not have to climb up the ladder.

Higher climb saws are available in a wide range but the important factor is its weight. As it is a lightweight stainless steel pole saw, it weighs about 3.63 Pounds. The user won’t face any difficulty to lift or work with this pole saw.

The manufacturer claims this product is meant for professionals but research shows that it is also suitable for home use. 


Miya Pole Saw comes with an adjustable length from 3.9 ft to 7.5 ft which consists of several sections of poles according to your needs.

The premium material of the pole pruner is made up of stainless steel blade which does not rust and lasts for a long time. The effective trimming of the blade is due to its three-sided sharpened edge and a double-sided barb design to trim the tree completely.

Miya Pole Saw is used in multi-purpose applications such as forestry, lawn, garden, yard, and other places where branches and leaves need to be trimmed. 

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  • It provides three-year quality assurance and gives 100% customer satisfaction
  • Perfect for trimming branches and leaves in the lawn, garden, yard, etc.
  • It comes with an adjustable length from 3.9ft and can reach a maximum height of 10ft.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use.
  • The premium quality material is made up of stainless steel which does not rust and has a long life.
  • The blade has a three-sided sharpened edge and a double-sided barb design that effectively trim the trees.
  • It is a cost-effective pole saw.


  • Becomes less easy to use for very tall branches.


The Miya Pole Saw is a very cost-effective pole saw and one of the best in the market when compared to other saws available at this price.

We would love to add here that before you purchase any saw, you need to check its features and see how it meets your own needs. Check the product feature, specification, and if it is suitable for the kind of work you do in the yard. Because every saw may not fit with your requirement.  


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