Pole Saw cutting Techniques

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Cutting the trees with pole saw is a difficult task unless you are professionally trained. If you are a newbie, we know how you will feel to face this task. In this article, we are going to list out the Pole saw cutting techniques. Operating pole saw is very simple if you follow these guidelines. A step by step guide will make the pruning work easier so that you need not have to climb the ladder or to hire a professional. 

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3 Gilmour 20-18 Up to 18 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
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5 Fiskars 93016059J Up to 21 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
6 Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Up to 14 Ft Lifetime Check Price
7 Hooyman Extendable NA Lifetime Check Price
8 ARS LA-180ZR203 NA Limited Lifetime Check Price
9 Silky 272-18 7.7 Ft to 13 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price
10 Fiskars 393981-1001 4Ft to 7 Ft Limited Lifetime Check Price


Before getting a pole saw initially you need to choose a best pole saw.  It entirely depends on tree types and requirements like if you want to trim the high branches, to cut low branches or to pluck the fruits. 

What are your pole saw requirements?

A minor lanky twig and a common light pruning, however at higher level can probably be done through a non-powered saw and there is no need for any powered pole saw for this type of requirement. If the space area is big and you have some largish type of trees then you have to go with a powered pole saw either Gas or Electric power Saws. This makes the work easier and faster but it is very expensive.

How to choose a Best Pole Saw

To choose a best pole saw initially you need to focus on the blade and its cutting capacity. To cut the branches accurately you need an excellent blade cutting capacity in a pole saw. And the blade has to get adjusted with the poles. This needs to be checked thoroughly or else it will be difficult for the user while handling. Similarly based on the product brand and model the extension of the pole saw may vary. Some pole saw has two to three extensions, so when you want to cut high branches you need not have to climb the ladder. This is very safe and easy to use. By pressing the button the work will get over. 

How to cut the Trees

First you need to start focusing on the lower and thin branches. If you want to cut high or tall branches it is better to use a rope to cut it. Like we discussed previously you can use two types of blades. If you cut with pruner it is better to fit rope at the base of the branch. Make sure that the rope is focused on the targeted position. Then release the rope. Pole saw has a spring or button locking mechanism that connects the pruner and rope to give a clear smooth cut. 

Safety Measures to be taken before cutting the Pole saw

You need to check whether the saw is fitted properly or not. Sometimes the grip with the extension may not be fitted properly. You need to check before starting the work. Next is to make sure that there are no people standing underneath while cutting the branches.  And you need to make an assumption about where and how the branches will fall. You should make sure that you stay in a safe place while cutting.


Every pole saw has its own requirements. Each has different features and benefits. But what we suggest in this article is to suggest the Pole Saw cutting Techniques.  that gives you a clear and smooth cut with less effort. And you should also consider one thing that a pole saw should be light in weight or else it is difficult to hold and work for a long time. Hope you got a clear idea on how to use a manual pole saw. Suggestions are always welcome. If you have any queries or improvements reach us through our contact form



How to use a Manual Pole Saw

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