The Best Steam Mops For Tile Floor And Grouts: Don’t Be A Cinderella

best steam mops for grout and wood

Are you a worn-out old Cinderella?

Tired of the endless scrubbing and want to put an end to shuffling around the house, heavy-lifting a bucket of water and a brush from room to room?

In this article, I will reveal and review the 10 best steam mops for tile floor and grouts so you can clean faster, easier, and restore your tiles back to the good old days without spending a fortune.

Special note: each of the selected steam cleaners here has its own unique application and I have highlighted that for your selection convenience.

From the list below, spot the model that best suits your needs and scroll straight to read my review of it to avoid reading the entire post if you don’t have 15 minutes to spare.


The Ultimate List Of The Best Steam Mops For Tile And Floor Grout

 Best Overall: Bissell Powerfresh Slim Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner System (2075A)

 Most Dynamic: Steam Mop Cleaner Therma Pro Elite 12 In 1

 Kitchen Choicer: Team Mop Cleaner Thermapro 10 in 1

 Best 2-in-1: Bissell Symphony Vac And Steam 2 in 1

 Low Budget Choice: Light N Easy Mop Powerful Floor Steamer Cleaner Mopper

 Office Choice: Reliable 300CU Steam Floor Mop Pro Steamboy Mop

 Multi-Purpose Choice: Steam And Go Multi-purpose, Multi-use Electric Steam Mop

 Best For The Toilet: Reliable 200CU Steam Floor Mop-Steamboy

 Most Durable: Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)


See the breakdown of each below, successively.


Best Overall: Bissell Powerfresh Slim Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner System (2075A)

bisell steam mop for groutsTopping the list is the ergonomic, electronic Powerfresh (2075A) model from the house of Bissell.

Powerfresh (2075A) is a convertible cleaning system, serving both as a steam mop and as a handheld cleaner.

The design comes as a detachable 3-pieces cleaning tool (a handheld steamer, a slim body stick, and a set of mopping heads) for achieving a squeaky clean tiled floor with less hassle.

Each of the included heads is unique in its own purpose.

The mopping pad head can be attached to the end of the mopping stick for mild mopping. Likewise, you may replace that with the bristle scrub brush head to ease the removal of mildew and other tough stains on a super-dirty tiled floor.

And lastly, for grout cleaning, a special grout tool head allows you to effectively clean dirt and grime from grouts.

On the flip side, Powerfresh converts into a handheld cleaning system for cleaning multiple surfaces without the mopping stick getting in the way.

Just eliminate the stick from the setup and attach whichever of the heads to the steam tank.

With this setup, you can grab the comfy steam tank handle to steam-clean clothing, countertops, microwaves, sinks, refrigerators, upholsteries, and other above-floor surfaces.

Did I mention the scraper head and the angle head, both of which enable to scrape stuck-on messes from tight corners respectively? See the complete features below.





  • Steam control; steam on demand
  • Water tank capacity; 12oz
  • Power cord length; 25ft
  • Onboard storage kit
  • Grout tool head
  • Scraper head
  • Bristle scrub brush
  • Angle concentrator head
  • Fabric steamer head
  • White LED lights
  • Weight; 6.4lbs


  • Handheld and mop extension options are great
  • Easy lifting of dirt from grouts
  • Cleans tiled countertops more effectively
  • Reduces frequent tank refill
  • Heats up fast in 20-30seconds


  • Quite heavy
  • The pressure steam trigger requires constant pressing

Most Dynamic: Steam Mop Cleaner Therma Pro Elite 12 In 1

therma pro elite best steam mop

Therma Pro Elite 12-in-1 is a multi-functional whole house steamer with a unique triangular-shaped head.

Tiles, sealed stones, hardwood, and linoleum; for every hard but delicate floor material that gets messy quickly, this is the cleaning solution.

It is light and easy to use, plus, the triangular head design allows you to reach for the tightest corners without ever having to scrub again.

And just so you’d rather scrub, the Therma Pro Elite pack features up to 12 accessories that have been specially designed for an effective scrubbing solution done with less effort.

The only downside, however, is the low water capacity limitation that demands constant refill. But that is what accounts for the light weightiness of the unit anyways.

Other than that, this is the steam-based tool for deep-cleaning vinyl, marble, porcelain tiles, and other ceramic floors.

From a copper brush head that is tough on hard stains to a nylon brush head designed to eliminate mildews through a microfiber pad for killing 99% of germs without the use of chemicals.

Needless to say, Therma Pro Elite also finds application as a handheld garment steamer and as a cleaning tool for maintaining home appliances.

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Special note: there’s a 2 years warranty on this product. Check the product’s page on Pursteam’s official website for a detail of the warranty coverage.


  • Water capacity; 8.5oz
  • Power cord length; 16ft
  • 2 years warranty
  • Microfiber pad
  • Built-in handheld cleaner
  • Nylon brush and copper brush


  • Easy to use and store away
  • Smooth maneuverability around the house
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble


  • Low water capacity

Kitchen Choicer: Team Mop Cleaner Thermapro 10 in 1

therma pro 10 in 1 best steam mops on amazon

If you are all out for a cleaner that is chiefly active in the kitchen, this is for you.

The Thermapro 10-in-1 is another product from Pursteam with up to 10 accessories for a professional cleaning result for your kitchen.

Though majorly designed for the tiled kitchen, the Thermapro 10-in-1 is also a good choice for laminate floors, hardwood floors, and carpeted kitchen.

As long as your goal is to keep your kitchen free from oil stains and to restore the newness of your white tiles fast and easy, Thermopro performs.

The only downside, as common among every other lightweight mop out there, is the small tank limitation.

But as long as you can cope with the frequent refill, Thermapro 10-in-1 also offers a spraying option that allows you to shoot pressure steam at stuck-on oil and to soften sticky food waste for easy removal.

You can switch through 3 levels of steam pressure, crank the required steam power for the task, and spend less time doing so. Overall, the control switches are easy on the finger and highly responsive.

Also, if you’re looking to get the kids to learn how to use a steam mop in the kitchen, I’ll recommend this.


  • Water capacity; 11.5oz
  • Heater warm-up duration; 30 seconds
  • 10 cleaning accessories
  • 2 years warranty
  • 3 adjustable steam levels
  • 3 steam mop replacement pads


  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Fast and effective
  • Removes oil stains from kitchen tiles grouts
  • Dirt-blowing functionality is a plus


  • Small tank limitation


Best 2-in-1: Bissell Symphony Vac And Steam 2 in 1

Having your steam mop in one useful place together with your vacuum system saves money, time, and storage space.

So to speak, if you’re banking in on a mop/vac unit that does a perfect job without packing to much weight, this is for you.

Bissell Symphony Vac And Steam 2-in-1 is a high-performance system for ceramic and tile, linoleum, hardwood, granite, and marble.

It boasts an easy touch digital control panel, and a 5-way adjustable handle that makes handling comfortable and super-dynamic.

In the same light, replacing a used, dirty mopping pad is easier with the quick-release technology integrated for a touch-free replacement.

On the other side, the vacuum functionality helps to capture debris and dirt more effectively, thanks to the high suction cyclonic technology employed in the system.

And the great part is, you can either use the vacuum cleaner separately, or the mop separately, or just use the two in tandem.

To the plus side. your package comes delivered with 8 pieces of spring breeze freshening discs to be inserted into the mop pad, leaving a fresh scent on the surface as you clean.

Other accessories include 1 piece of washable scrubby pad, 1 piece of washable soft mop pad, and a bottle of scent water.


  • Heater warm-up time; 30 seconds
  • Water tank capacity; 12.8oz
  • 2 washable microfiber pads
  • Weight; 9.74lbs
  • 3 steam levels
  • Quick-release mop pad tray
  • 120volts power


  • Customizable cleaning
  • Clean and vac at the same time
  • Easy, touch-free pad changing
  • Powerful cyclonic vacuum
  • Lightweight and versatile


  • The vacuum gets clogged frequently

Low Budget Choice: Light N Easy Mop Powerful Floor Steamer Cleaner Mopper (7338ANW)


To be on a low budget shouldn’t essentially translate to claiming ownership to all the low-quality things that life has to offer. So to speak, if you’re looking for the best investment of your $70, this is for you.

The Light N Easy steamer cleaner is a powerful mopper with an easy swivel steering that enables smooth maneuverability around edges and corners. The fluid handle is movable around 360 degrees for more flexible operation.

And it has its water tank to the ground in lieu of those that recur the extra heavy lifting.

The water tank bottom has been specially engineered to pack more heat and since it is closer the removable cleaning pad steam of higher temperature is evenly distributed for effective removal of stuck-on messes.

Unlike the models reviewed so far, this one heats up faster, boasting a warm-up period of 20 seconds. Together with this, the extended 20ft power cord speeds up operating a large area of space.

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Nevertheless, the water tank capacity of this model is incredibly low, compared to any of the models reviewed so far.

Another downside is that this is a single-piece unit, that is none of the structure parts can be detached with the exception of the cleaning pads. Lastly, you are limited to only one steam level.



  • 1150watts power
  • Water tank capacity; 8.2oz
  • Electronic levels; 1
  • 20ft power cord
  • Heater warm-up time; 20 seconds
  • Weight; 4.1lbs



  • 360 degrees handle rotation
  • Excellent fluid handle grip
  • Convenient steam switch
  • Easy swivel steering for max maneuverability
  • Portable, smart tile and grout cleaner
  • 20ft power cord
  • 1 electronic level



  • Smallest tank on the list

 Office Choice: Reliable 300CU Steam Floor Mop Pro Steamboy Mop

steamboy mop for office and grout

The 300CU model is an office-targeted design steam floor mop. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty scrubber that effectively reaches into grouts for effective dirt scrubbing, making your tiles and grouts to look new once more.

The only thing that may turn out to be a dealbreaker is the 2 minutes duration that it takes your water to heat-up. Other than that, once ready in 2 minutes, the 300CU model offers a chemical-free, reliable steam mopping and scrubbing steadily.

While it may not have a 360 degrees handle rotation, the footswitch control that enables easy switching between scrubbing and mopping allows the system to be used more effortlessly.

To the great part. As this is a dual-voltage unit, you can use it anywhere regardless of the power outlet type.

In the same light, this 300CU model consumes less power and is, thus, a great way to cut your power bill size whilst still enjoying the benefits of a squeaky clean office.

Needless to say, the 300CU has an extensive power cord so you can mop multiple offices without having to change the power outlet over again. More on the features below.



  • Dual voltage; 110/220V
  • 21ft electric power cord
  • 1 replaceable water filter
  • 2 microfiber cloth pad
  • 1500w heater
  • 2-minutes heating time
  • Maximum steam temperature; 248 degrees steam
  • 11” cleaning path
  • 180 degrees swivel head
  • 4-cup tank capacity
  • 1 scrubber brush



  • Heavy-duty scrubbing unit
  • Comfortable footswitch
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy-access control panel
  • Removable, transparent water tank
  • The water filter is the icing on the cake
  • Ideal for carpet sanitizing
  • Mops and scrubs tiles and grouts effectively
  • Extensive power cord for easy movement
  • The dynamic unit can be used anywhere
  • Consumes less power



  • Elongated heating time

Multi-Purpose Choice: Steam And Go Multi-purpose, Multi-use Electric Steam Mop

multi purpose best steam mop for wood and groutThis Steam and Go multi-purpose steam mop is the best recommendation for anyone looking for one cleaning solution that fits all purposes.

Whether you are making a purchase for your toilet and bathroom or for your kitchen or for the living room or the office, this does a good job on all floor materials.

Tiles, laminate floors, fabric, glass, carpet, metal, and hardwood; whatever regardless of the floor material, Steam and Go is the classic steam mop, especially for the hard-to-reach spots such as the messy grouts of your white tiles in the toilet.

What’s great?

An elongated operation period. Steam-and-Go combines 2 separate steam tanks in one unit, enabling you to achieve superior cleaning results in multiple rooms without having to refill the water tank over 10 minutes of continuous operation when operating at maximum heat.

Meanwhile, you can bounce 20 minutes of consistency off of it when operating at minimum steam temperature. The unit has an advanced microfiber clothing pad that allows for greater absorbency and a set of brushing heads that are easy to attach to the mop extension for deep-scrubbing of sticky messes.








  • 10-20 minutes of continuous operation
  • 17ft long power cord
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Triangle detergent spray head
  • Weight; 5.2lbs
  • 2 water tanks
  • 12 cleaning accessories




  • Lightweight, handheld-ready unit
  • Great for shelf steam-cleaning
  • Removes mildew and oil from grouts efficiently
  • Machine-washable mop pads
  • Ideal for ceiling cleaning
  • Maximized water tank capacity
  • Recommended for all floor materials



  • It may not be durable


Best For The Toilet: Reliable 200CU Steam Floor Mop-Steamboy

Reliable 200CU Steam Floor Mop-SteamboyHere is my last recommendation coming from the house of Reliable.

The model 200CU is a sleek, white, and blue steam mop that stands on its own. It provides a durable, mobile steam-based cleaning solution for the toilet and bathroom.

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Integrating microfiber pads,  this unit eliminates grout dirt quickly and absorbs liquid messes faster compared to a clothing pad-based system.

Every pass covers a surface area of 11 inches and, thus, you are able to get the work done faster and spend time on the things that truly matter. Also, in order to avoid clogging of the water tank, the system features a replaceable filter that keeps your steam water clean before heating.

For operation convenience, the Reliable 200CU features wrapping ports around its body so you can wrap and release the 21 inches power cord to your preference.

Finally, though the included carpet glide head is meant for rugs and carpets, it is more effective on toilet mildew, eliminating molds faster hassle-free. See the complete features below.









  • 21 feet power cord
  • 11 inches swivel head
  • 180 degrees swivel
  • 1 replaceable water filter
  • 2 microfiber cloth pads
  • Attachable carpet glide
  • 2 minutes heat warm-up time
  • Weight; 6lbs



  • Abrasion-resistance microfiber pads
  • Effective toilet cleaning steam mop
  • Light and easy to store away
  • A triangle head for tight corners accessibility
  • Easy setup and cleanup
  • Responsive steam control
  • A durable, mobile cleaning solution


  • 1 temperature level only

Most Durable: Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)

Most Durable: Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)The S3601 model from Shark is a professional steam pocket mop for all purposes. It is highly durable, promising superior cleaning results and faster drying period.

Once plugged on to a power outlet and turned on, the S3601 automatically warms up its steam in 30 seconds, ready for a deep-cleaning. It features 3 levels of intelligent steam control, giving you the edge of crafting the right amount of steam for every cleaning job that comes your way.

And to speed up your operation, a 2-sided cleaning system is built into the unit that evenly distributes steam across the cleaning pad.

All in all, you can get the best result when mopping; tiles, marble, stone, bamboo, and hardwood. To reach into the clogs of dirt in your grouts, however, an additional scrubbing head will be needed.

Or you could purchase a triangular head to apply the included triangular pad for the same purpose. See the complete features below.







  • 1 rectangular mop head
  • 22 feet power cord
  • Weight; 4lbs
  • Heater warm-up time; 30 seconds
  • 3 steam levels setting
  • Extra-large water tank capacity



  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Flexible steam adjustment
  • Faster dry time
  • Superior cleaning result
  • A durable unit, built to last
  • Extra-large water capacity



  • It may waste steam away



Buying Guide

So, just in case you’d rather shop around on your own, I have put this ultimate buying guide together to serve as a sidelight for a blameless purchase decision. Below are the features you should look out for to exchange your money for the best steam mops for tile floor and grouts.

Cleaner Head Material

Usually, a steam mop will come with either a microfiber head or a cotton head.

But as you must have noticed in my recommendations above, most models include specially designed heads as accessories.

At the bottom line, microfiber heads are more absorbent while cotton heads, on the other hand, are more washable.


Ease Of Use

You’re opting for a steam mop in order to reduce the stress in the first place.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to make sure that your pick aligns with that interest.



Regardless of how big or small your budget is, every penny is a penny.

And in that light, your equipment should be such that have been built to last. To verify the durability of your mop, notice the material with which it was built.

In my opinion, the metal-built mops are more durable than plastic. The only edge a plastic-built mop has over its metal counterpart is that it doesn’t corrode.


Tank capacity

This is especially important. The water capacity of your cleaning system should be enough to operate for 5-10 minutes, at the very least, before the need to refill arises.




So far, I have recommended 10 of the best steam mops for tile floor and grouts.

I have carefully highlighted what each is best for and what you should expect in the long run.

I can only hope that you have found the model that suits your needs. If not, kindly use the comment box for more specifications.

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