Top 10 Electric Pole Saws

There are pros and cons to using an electric pole saw vs. a manual pole saw vs. a gas pole saw. The electric pole saw is a great choice due to it being far easier to start than a gas pole saw, easier to operate and easier to maintain with the added benefit of far less pollution.

The downside to an electric pole saw is you will need electric outlets outdoors, and lots of extension cords if you have a large yard. If you don’t have an outdoor outlet, you’re going to want to call now. They can have you up and running with proper outdoor outlets for a great price that can be lower than the cost of gasoline for using a gas pole saw.

That being said, here’s what to know about various electric pole saws currently on the market.

  • SunJoe SWJ803E-CMO 10 inch 8.0Amp Electric Multi-Angle Chain Saw

Right here is the choice for the budget-conscious occasional fixer looking to trim trees. SunJoe SWJ803E-CMO is a $110-saw powered by SunJoe’s 8.0amps motor to cut thin logs, fonds, overhanging limbs, and anything that is not above the thickness of 9.5inches with ease. Also called the SWJ803E-CMO, this electric pole saw shortens and extends between 5.8ft and 8.8ft (10ft). Complementing this with a multi-angle head that is adjustable between the angles of 0° and 30°, SunJoe has just made your light-duty trimming works easier while still considering your budget. Yay! Did I mention that your investment is covered with a 2-years customer promise? Yes, Snow Joe + Sun Joe (the manufacturers) legally replaces your faulty SWJ803-CMO or a wrong order with a new SWJ803E-CMO.


  • Worx WG309, 8Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw And Chainsaw With Auto-Tension

If you’ve done tree trimming before but it has been a long while and now you find your curious self next to a tree and ready to trim it to shape, this is for the unexpected. Worx WG309 is a dual-design 10inches long electricity-powered trimming gear up for grab at the price of $78.88. You can either use the chainsaw manually or attach it to the 8foot-long extension pole. Whichever you switch for, you can experience the light weightiness of a 10pouds cutting gear with the trimming precision offered by Worx’s 8.0amps powerful machine. Though Worx already integrates an auto-chain tension into this orange-and-black baby for smooth running of the chain, you can include the separately sold 1qt Oregon premium bar and chain oil just for when you’ll need it.


  • DEWALT 20V MAX XR Pole Saw, 15 Foot Reach (DCPS620M1)

Do you often come back to limbs of trees overhanging in your drivingway? If you’re finally ready to give those intruding green monsters a trim or a cut, this right here is the gear. DEWALT 20V MAX XR (DCPS620M1) is the 15foot-long pole saw from DEWALT designed to be your companion. This



The Sun Joe SWJ80E is a 2-in-1 pole saw that perfectly does the work of trimming and cutting trees. The pole can be extended to reach up to 15 feet above the ground and it can also be used as a hand-held chainsaw to cut woods that are on the ground. The SWJ807E chain saw is powered by a reliable 8-amp motor and can cut extremely thick limbs. It is an electric tool, which means you can easily power the tool and get to work without having to worry about gas or smoke or other elements that might make you uncomfortable or cause harm to you or your environment.

PROS: The Sun Joe SWJ807E electric pole saw comes with a safety switch that prevents accidental starting of the tool.

CONS: The pole locking mechanism is made of plastic and cannot securely hold the tool together.


  1. WEN 4019

The WEN 4019 electric pole saw is lightweight, and this makes the tool easy to work with. The powerful device is powered by a 6-amp motor and it also comes with an automatic oiling system that prevents rust. The telescopic poles can be adjusted between 5.3 feet to 7.3 feet, making the tool trim trees as high as 12 feet above ground. The electric pole saw also has a safety switch and a scabbard that you can use to sheathe the blade. This helps prevent accidents and ensure your safety. The tool also comes with a shoulder strap, making it convenient to carry around. The chain of the pole saw can be rotated up to 36 feet per second.

PROS: The tool is easy to assemble and use.

The automatic oiling system ensures the chain stays lubricated and does not rust.

CONS: The chain on the blade is not firm and may come off while you are working.



Scotts Pole Pruner is powered by an 8-amp electric motor and can be used to cut and trim overgrowth in your garden and yards. With the telescopic pole teaching up to 9.5 feet, you do not need a ladder to trim branches and limbs that are way out of your reach. The pole saw has a chain with 5-adjustable cutting head angles that helps maneuverability and helps you cut through branches and limbs with precision. With the automatic oiling system, you do not have to worry about the lubrication of your tool. The power tool also features a foam grip that provides you with maximum comfort while you work.

PROS: The power tool has a three year warranty.

The tool is one of the longest pole saw on the market, reaching up to about 15 feet above ground.

CONS: The tool is not durable and may not last as long as you would want it to.



Remington has a long history of making reliable and functional tools and this pole saw does not fall short. The pole saw is a 2-in-1 power tool that is easy to assemble and easy to use. It also has a full wrap handle that allows free movement while you are working. With only the press of a button, the tool can be easily converted into a chain saw with which you can cut fallen branches. The pole saw works on 8-amp motor, powerful enough to cut through branches and tree limbs. The pole reaches 10 feet when fully extended, making the tool reach as high as 15 feet when in use.

PROS: The tool comes with a lock clamp and handy flip that helps secure your saw in place.

The pole has a firm grip that guides against slipping off and makes you comfortable while working.

The electric pole saw is one of the longest pole saws available, reaching up to 15 feet.

CONS: The chain easily comes off.



Earthwise CVPS43010 is another powerful electric pole saw. Its 8-foot extension pole allows you to trim branches that are far beyond your reach, without the aid of a ladder. The 7-amp electric motor tool is powered by Eco-conscious and will not pollute the environment with harmful fumes and gas while you work. The cutting head can be adjusted from 20 degrees to 60 degrees, making it easy to cut and trim with precision. The electric saw comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry, and a blade cover that protects you from harm and ensures the tool is safely stored away.

PROS: The electric pole saw has a rubber handle with foam grip that is comfortable and makes it easy for you to work.

CONS: The tool is not durable.


  1. GREENWORK 20192

Greenwork 20192 electric pole saw has a maximum reach of 5 feet and runs on a 6.5-amp motor. It features an automatic oiling system and a translucent oil tank. It also features a chain tensioning system with which you can easily tighten the chain. With the button, you can instantly start your tool and get to work, stress-free. The chain saw can be detached to cut branches and tree limbs on the ground or within your reach. The powerful motor can cut branches 8.5 inches thick.

PROS: The chain tensioning system ensures the chain is securely fixed and does not accidentally come off while you work.

The pole saw is lightweight and easy to carry. It is also easy to assemble.

CONS: The chain saw does not come with a case or cover, so you have to be really careful while storing it.

The oil may leak from its reservoir if the tool is not set upright.


  1. WORX WG323

The Work WG323 electric pole saw is a cordless 20V powershare chain saw that cuts cleanly through branches and limbs. The telescopic pole can reach up to 12 feet, so you do not have a problem cutting down far reaching branches and limbs. It also features a chain tensioning system that you can easily adjust to suit the work at hand. With an automatic oiling system, you can be certain that the tool will work efficiently for a long time. The lightweight design of the tool makes it easy to work without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

PROS: The tool comes pre-assembled and will quickly attach to the saw.

The 20v 2.0Ah battery can be used for other Work tools. This means you do not need to get more batteries for your tools, and you can save more money in the process.

CONS: The oil tank leaks.

The pole saw is heavier than most electric pole saws.



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