Top 10 Long-Reach Pole Saws for Pruning

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If you have tall trees in your yard, or some species of palms that grow several feet tall, then you need a longer pole saw that will allow you to trim these effectively.

One thing with long pole saws is that as the length increases, the more exertion you need to make a good cut.

But there are well-made long pole saws that still work well despite the distance. Here are some of them.

HANHJ Telescopic Pole Saw

HANHJ Pole Saw is an extra long pole saw reaching up to 24 feet when fully extended and this comes in handy when you need to do some trimming and pruning in your gardens, lawns and forests.

At the top of this saw is a hook that will prevent the saw from falling off when cutting at a distance.

The telescopic rod is made with aluminum material which is light and easy to handle while working. The foam grip also keeps your hand comfortable while you’re working.

PROS: The blade of this pole saw cuts cleanly and accurately.

The tool is light-weight and easy to carry.

CONS: You need to have prior knowledge of woodcut practice before you can successfully handle this pole saw.

Z-GJRE Telescopic Pole Saw

The Z-GJRE Pole Saw cuts through any branches up to 24 feet above the ground, with its telescopic expansion.

The saw blade is securely attached to the telescopic handle and will not fall off while you’re working.

The telescopic rod can also be adjusted, so you can cut branches at various levels above the ground.

The saw blade is made of hard metal and is very sharp. It will cleanly cut through trees and branches of small diameter. The product package comes with a branch saw and telescopic rod.

PROS: The pole saw features anti-twist protection that ensures safety while you work.

CONS: The pole saw is not easy to use and you need a level of expertise to be able to adequately use them.

HAPPYBUY Telescopic Pole Saw

Happybuy Telescopic Pole Saw is a long-handled pole saw with a maximum length of 18 feet.

It is an excellent tool for trimming leaves and branches on high lengths or points without having to climb a ladder.

It features a telescopic pole made with light aluminum alloy and a very sharp blade made of steel. All these make the pole saw strong enough to prune and cut hard branches.

With its foam grip, you don’t feel uncomfortable while working.

PROS: The pole saw cuts easily and can cover a wide range.

CONS: The poles tend to bend when you are cutting at a distant height.

KITGARN Telescopic Pole Saw

The KITGARN Telescopic Pole Saw as a long-handled pole saw that is originally 6 feet, but can be fully extended to 18 feet with the telescopic pole.

The saw blade is sharp and thick, cutting with efficiency and precision. The telescopic pole is made with aluminum, which implies that your pole will not rust easily.

The pole has 3 sections and this ensures you can prune and trim at different levels. The flip cam locking feature keeps your poles securely attached so it does not accidentally detach while you’re working.

PROS: The telescopic pole saw has a wider range of uses; you can use it to prune and trim leaves and branches in various places.

CONS: The pole saw is not so sturdy.

S-GXZJ Telescopic Pole Saw

The 18 feet pole saw is a high performance extra long pole saw used for trimming and pruning leaves and branches.

The handle is non-slip, so the pole saw is firm in your hands and won’t slip off while you trim and prune.

The telescopic rod can be adjusted into different heights, allowing you to trim at different levels.

The saw blade is super hard and features sharp edges for high efficiency. It also features the tow hook that prevents any slip off while you are sawing.

PROS: The PTFE material of the telescopic pole saw’s surface makes the product resistant to high temperature.

The product is light-weight and durable.

CONS: Only professionals can successfully handle the telescopic pole saw.

WRJY Telescopic Pole Saw

WRJY Telescopic Pole Saw is one of the longest pole saw available, reaching 20 feet when fully extended.

The blades are sharp and precise, cutting cleanly through branches and leaves. The telescopic handle has a firm and comfortable grip, making it easy to handle.

The telescopic pole is made with aluminum that is strong and anti-rust so your tool can last for a long time.

The pole is also adjustable, reaching any height you want it to. The blade is made with hard metal; it won’t bend and rust easily, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

PROS: The pole saw is light and flexible, so you don’t feel overburdened while you work.

CONS: The product is more expensive than most long poles.

HYQW Telescopic Pole Saw.

The HYQW Telescopic Pole Saw reaches up to 24 feet when fully extended.

The pole saw is strong and durable, and can be adjusted to different levels; this way, you can cut leaves and branches that need to be cut at different levels.

The blade of the long-handled pole saw is sharp and helps you trim and prune effectively.

It also features a foam grip that increases friction and gives you the utmost comfort while using the tool and thus helps reduce effort and stress.

It is useful for any kind of trimming and pruning you intend to do in your garden, lawn or even forest.

PROS: The PTFE coating of the surface gives the pole saw its non-stick properties and makes it resistant to high temperatures.

CONS: You need to understand how to use it before you purchase it.


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