What To Do If An Aquarium Bursts at Home

If you’re a large aquarium owner in Asheville, you may at some point have to face the problem of a large spill. The glass might get broken, it could get knocked over, or you may spill a large amount of water while cleaning the tank. Either way, you may be having to deal with cleaning a large amount of water up in the room that houses the aquarium.

If the spill is bad enough, or enough water flooded out, you may also see damage inside the floor between levels and even down in the room below. If you asked for the advice of a non-biased third party that sees the effects of water damage all the time, like an Asheville plumber, they’ll also tell you certain things to do.

A plumber will tell you that the best way to approach dealing with a large water spill is to call in a water damage restoration company. If there is immediate visible damage, meaning heavily impacted flooring, soaked carpet or soggy ceiling drywall in the room below, you need to do take action right away.

If you’re dealing with a water spill from an aquarium that did not create damage outside of the room, then you might be able to clean up the water leak on your own, without having to worry about mold in the future.

Removing all excess water, all soaked carpet, rugs, clothes or furniture, and cutting out any soaked drywall goes a long way toward stopping the damage from an aquarium breakage. You’ll want to remove all soaked debris, open up any windows you can, turn on ceiling fans, and set up portable fans moving air across the room and spill zone.

Moving air from the fans will create more of a fast drying effect than you would expect. You want to keep at it until all signs of moisture are gone.

Again, if you run into more water damage than you expected, or start finding soggy floorboards, you need to call in professionals and expect to be doing more repair work of various types!

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