Wooden charging dock

Charge dock for iphone and iwatch

After a lot of searching we’ve found the best wooden changing station for multiple phones, tablets and now iWatch. The iWatch charger is detachable so if you’ve not got one you can just remove that part. I personally have one of these on my office desk – scroll down to see how I’ve customised it. (It’s the mini option that I have).

Wooden charging dock for 3 to 4 devices

charge multiple devices in one wooden dock


This product comes in different sizes to suit and can be used with or without the iWatch attachment

Multiple charging dock review

Made from Bamboo this docking station hides away the wires and makes multiple charging easy. Theres a couple of different options to consider and I opted for the mini as its was for my work desk just to charge an iPhone, small iPad and my iWatch. If you have a couple of tablets to charge I’d recommend getting one of the bigger models.

My product ratings
  • Quailty
  • Value for money
  • Practical uses

I really like the look and quality of this product, its a nice bit of wood and very well designed inside to hide the wires away easily. The only thing I’m not keen on is all the devices have to be charged in landscape mode which for an iPhone is a little annoying if you’re getting messages. I’ve made a quick upgrade to mine to add an extra hole to charge the iPhone through plus added an F1 lego man to hold the cable (I’m a bit of an F1 fan so “borrowed” one off the kids – if you didn’t know lego mens hands perfectly hold an Apple charger cable!)
Charge dock for iphone and iwatch

And here’s the cable view going into the back

Wooden multiple phone charger

To keep things tidy I’m using a ravpower 4 port charger to run all the cables from. It works well charging multiple phones and keeps it all neat and tidy – Just what I want from a desktop unit. If you live in a household with lots of devices and are always looking for plugs then the rav power uint could help you out. It has 4 USB ports and can charge with all 4 at once if needed.

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