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If you’re looking for a nice wooden arch for your garden you may be surprised by the wide choice available. They come in various different shapes and sizes and have other features to consider like gates and trellis for plants. You can get some free standing ones that come with planters each side which are great fro growing roses, clematis or they also look stunning with wisteria hanging from them in the spring. Here’s our guide to the best arches for your garden, broken down into each different type and where you can buy them in the UK.

Best Garden arches guide

After lots of searching for products we bring you our guide the the top rated arches. We have a set criteria for checking products including customer review, delivery times and availability, easy of construction and more.

Trellis garden arch

Arguably one of the best ways to use an arch is to grow plants up and make it feel more integrated in your garden. There’s a couple of options to consider including a round or flat top and a more traditional look versus a Japanese garden style – We’re big fans of these! We start with a Japanese style trellis arch, thats really great value. – You can check UK suppliers here

Wooden Japanese style trellis arch

This is a very well crafted product that has been impregnated to protect against rot. You can how it fits together below, its easy to see why this is our top rated arch!

A well crafted arch

Like most arches this one can be used in a number of ways –

  1. Standard trellis in the garden.
  2. It makes an impressive garden entrance when planted up.
  3. It looks great against a wall or fence with a small seat under – like your own trellis arbour seat.

We’re really impressed with this arch and think its a purchase you’d be really happy with. It has all the right stylings to fit into the garden and looks good over a gate too (size permitting) as a garden entrance.



Canopy style trellis arch

The Trent arch is classified as a canopy wooden arch as it is slightly deeper and runs as a straight trellis over the top. Its size is impressive and its in a nice proportion, as per the above trellis it makes a good garden entrance and looks good to sit under once planted.

Canopy style wooden planter

It’s made from pressure treated timber thats got a 15 year rot guarantee – You just need to make sure you treat it annually to cover this. Here’s the manufactures picture of how it looks as a garden entrance.

Garden entrance arch

If you want to go for a really impressive look add 2 or 3 arches equally spaced out along a path or walkway – This can create a beautiful place to spend some time and its a delight to walk through in the summer. You’ll have a garden all your friends and neighbours will envy and as these arches are such good value then its not too big an expense for an impressive feature.

Specification – W 173CM, D 69CM, H219CM (approximately)

Recommended plants

  • Clematis – A range of coloured flowers are available and they are an hardy easy to grow plant in UK weather. May take some training to get up the arch and over time the flowers and leaves will end up all over the top rater than the sides. You can prune these back to regrow if that is not the desired effect. Here’s an example below from pintrest, not this specific arch but one for inspiration of how these can look.

Clematis archway

  • Wisteria – This is our favourite and a real classic with its hanging purple flowers. It’s not as fast growing as the clematis but will create a beautiful feature when in flower over the arch. Here’s how they can look for an idea of what you can create –

Best wooden archers with trellis for planting

Or for a less covered effect

Wisteria covered arch

To achieve these looks it will take a little time and care but once established you garden arch will look amazing for years to come.


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