DIY Modern trellis

Currently trellis is one of the more boring things you can put in your garden. It’s all perfectly straight of just in a fan – So I thought there must be a better way to make a more modern statement trellis myself. Having looked on Google for modern contemporary trellis …

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First Tiny frogs

Making a tadpole home

In the spring some of our lakes are full of tadpoles and the kids love to keep them and watch them turn to frogs. Its a good lesson for them to learn about nature but at the same time we need to make sure the tadpoles have a good place …

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Best Luxury food hamper

Best luxury food hampers

Nothing epitomises luxurious British dining like a food hamper. The classic and traditional way of presenting a glorious array of food stuffs to your family, guests or partner can bring about a sense of nostalgia, unparalleled with anything else of it type. The best luxury food hampers take this idea …

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Best christmas books for Children

Christmas is filled with excitement for the under 5s (and over) and books are a good way of channeling that excitement. There’s loads of books around that are santa and Christmas related and we’ve got our best selection here. We cover both non religious (santa based) and religious books (Story …

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besswax for oak furniture

Treating Oak furniture

Oak is without doubt one of the most beautiful woods to have around the home. Not only does it have a charming and elegant appearance it also well known that this wood is one of the strongest and most durable. Treating and keeping your oak furniture clean should take more …

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forest garden venetian arbour

Best arbour seats

As you’ll see below a arbour is a great use of space and a nice addition to your garden. They can be put in any corner and look good on patios too. They can be treated or painted to your personal taste and will last years if well kept. Its …

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Top rated garden cold frames and wooden plant grow houses

Best Grow house and cold frames

A nice grow house is an excellent addition to the green fingered gardeners garden and a great alternative to a full green house. In this guide we also cover cold frames to help make the right selection for your garden. They are a handy option for small gardens for growing tomatoes …

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Best wooden roller coasters

There are many amazing wooden roller coasters in the world, most of them in the USA and Canada. Today we will be taking a brief look at some of the best. Read on to find some of the most mind-blowing roller-coast rides in the world, and see if you dare …

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Pressure treated wood

What is pressure treated wood

Pressure treated wood is used for all types of garden furniture, and unlike untreated wood will withstand the vagaries of the weather and whatever winter throws at it. Pressure treated wood and the methods they use are largely misunderstood and we’re going to be looking at it here, so we …

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