DIY Modern trellis

Currently trellis is one of the more boring things you can put in your garden. It’s all perfectly straight of just in a fan – So I thought there must be a better way to make a more modern statement trellis myself. Having looked on Google for modern contemporary trellis the only options I found were for cedar battens or painted slats against your fencing. I’ve now come up with 3 new designs that you can make yourself and funk up your garden.

Modern trellis designs

If you’re reading this currently I’m still building them but here’s what I’m planning to create –

1- Hexagon trellis

This is an idea for a collection of hexagon trellis covering 2 or 3 fence panels like a bee hive. I’m looking at around 30cm hexagons with cedar battens across. I will then build 12-15 of them and build them together against the wall before I start growing plants up them. I’m thinking this will be a real statement on the fence and will really give a super contemporary feel to the garden.

Hexagon trellis idea

I’m just using this photo as an example, really its a shelving unit from Amazon, to give an idea of what I’m thinking. These will be individually covered in battens and these will be a different angles to the others so they will all look unique. Hopefully this will work and look good with a couple of clematis growing up them.

2 – Zigzag trellis

Keeping with the geometric theme I’m going for a zig zag trellis with the next build. This will again be covered in Cedar battens and I’m planning to build two to go on different panels to create a side by side symmetrical look. Here I’ve use (badly) an online designer to get an idea of the design.

Zig Zig Cedar contemporary trellis

This will be built as 3 sections and I may yet angle the battens to give a slightly less formal look. I’m hoping the two of them separated by a panel will give a really smart look to the design.

3 – Large triangle

So this one is going to be slightly closer to the current traditional trellis but the size and lack of being a fan should give it a more modern look.

Triangle modern trellis design

These will be made to go opposite each other on the outside of the zig zag trellis design.


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