Japanese Maple Background & Care

As the name suggests, the Japanese maples originated in East Asia and are often part of traditional Japanese garden design. The Japanese maple trees are commonly used in bonsai as well.

The size of the Japanese maple varies with cultivar and cultivar. It can range from the shrub to a small tree. The shape is usually round or a vase-like. She may also have a crying look.

The Japanese maple tree is famous for its gorgeous leaves. The leaves have five to nine palmar lobes. They may come in the green or red (or both). The leaves will turn a glossy shade of red, orange, yellow, or purple in the fall. There are many different textures of leaves. Some have broad lobes, while others are finely dissected and shaped in appearance. Small inconspicuous flowers are red or purple; This becomes a dry-winged fruit called a samara that is about half an inch long.

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