Wicked Tree Gear Tough Pole Saw

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Wicked Tree Gear Tough Pole Saw offers a wide range of smart and ergonomic features.

It is designed specifically for professionals and newbies. Extensively manufactured for users to work for a long time with minimal effort without getting fatigued.

This telescopic pole saw folds down for easy transport. Both the pole saw and head has a comfortable rubber grip to handle.

The curved arborist style consists of a high-grade premium carbon steel blade that gives a smooth and fast cut through all types of trees and wood. 

Cutting high branches requires a versatile high-quality tool. Picking the right pole saw as per your requirement is not that much easy. Each saw has its own specifications, features, Pros and Cons. So how to find the best Saw as per your needs?

In this buyer’s Guide we are going to reveal the specifications of Wicked Tree Gear Tough Pole Saw. It comes from the famous brand Wicked Tree and is extensively designed for cutting thick branches. 

Wicked Tree Gear Pole Saw

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  • 10-foot version is 41″ long when closed and weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Blade length: 11 inches
  • Rugged “Wicked Ultra-Lock” connection allows for quick and easy removal of pole saw head, allowing it to be used as a hand saw
  • Curved arborist’s style premium high carbon steel blade cuts smooth and fast through all types of trees and wood.
  • Heavy-duty nylon plastic scabbard with lanyard and innovative “blade punch” mechanism to keep scabbard in place during transport.
  • Strong and durable aluminum pole assembly with a telescoping design
  • Comfortable rubber grip on both the pole and saw handle


  • Ergonomically Designed
  • The blade length is 11 inches and is weighing about 10 Pounds
  • Pole Saw Can reach a maximum length of 15 feet and is suitable to cut tall branches without climbing the ladder


  • Not Advertised much in the Market


Wicked Tree Gear Tough Pole Saw has a lot of demand in the market. It can extend up to 15 feet so it can cut or trim the branches like palm trees.

If you are searching for the same sort of requirement then this is a perfect choice for you. Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.


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