Best christmas books for Children


Christmas is filled with excitement for the under 5s (and over) and books are a good way of channeling that excitement. There’s loads of books around that are santa and Christmas related and we’ve got our best selection here. We cover both non religious (santa based) and religious books (Story of Jesus/ nativity)  so there is something for everyone.

*Please note these are books about Christmas, if you’re looking for books as a present to read all year round why not check out our best Julia Donaldson books guide.

Best Children’s Christmas book guide

No 1 – Stick Man (Santa based)

Stick man was born out of the Gruffalo’s child book also by Julia Donaldson where she carries a small stick man around with her in the book. It was first released in 2008 and has won awards and been made into a short film (watched by 9.7 million people on Christmas day 2015). It’s a imaginative story of a stick man who gets taken away from home whilst out for a run. It charts what happens to this poor stick before he finds Santa and makes it home. Similar to other books I review I can recite this one word for word and we read it all year round not just Christmas.




If you check the TV guide I’d expect Stick Man to be on over Christmas again. It’s a lovely heart warming story for all the family to enjoy.

Other Stick Man add on’s you can get.

  1. Stick man toyStick man plush toy (Get the official one here)
  2. Stick man activity book
  3. Stick man sticker book
  4. Board book box for toddlers
  5. Sound book

Plus its really easy to roll up some brown paper or cardboard to make your own Stick Man costume.

No 2 – The Christmas adventure of… (Santa based)

This is slightly more than the stick man book as it’s a personalised story – BUT this one is unique to your child’s name. The story cleverly spells out the name to help santa out. You can even get your address added to the story to make it even more personal. As well as being a glossy Christmas story it’s a perfect keepsake for little ones.

The age range is described by the publisher as 2-8 but ca be bought for a baby and grow up with them. Once ordered you’ll need to add the following details to make sure the book is produced for you.



Here’s how the book looks



This specific book can be ordered on Amazon here- Just make sure you get your order in early!

No 3 – The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas

You may not know that the Dinosaur that pooped series was written by Tom & Dougie from the boy band McFly – But don’t let that put you off ;). These are a small series of books about a boy (Danny – who’s the other member of McFly) and his dinosaur who eats stuff and then poops it out. This is a special Christmas edition that is just as silly as the rest – in a very fun good way! Your children will love this book, it’s hilarious, along with the others in the series (my favourite is the dinosaur that pooped a planet).




There’s currently 8 books in the series.

No 4 – Usbourne Nativity sticker book

Whilst this is a sticker book it still takes you through the nativity story in a fun interactive way. I’ve found some of the Christmas story books to lack the fun of the books I’ve covered above. This one covers the story so that its easily understandable but engages them with creating the sticker scenes.




The book contains over 250 stickers and will take you around an hour to complete depending on how quickly you stick them in. We found this is a fun one for Christmas eve 🙂

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