Treating Oak furniture

besswax for oak furniture

Oak is without doubt one of the most beautiful woods to have around the home. Not only does it have a charming and elegant appearance it also well known that this wood is one of the strongest and most durable.

Treating and keeping your oak furniture clean should take more than just a spray of furniture polish, although it is recommended.  Caring and treating oak furniture is something that should be taken seriously, especially if you have invested in a nice item. You will want to make sure it continues to glow and sparkle as well as stand the test of time, be it bumps and knocks or spillages and moves.

treating Oak Furniture

Treating oak furniture – guide

Like many people going over the household chores can be a regular task. Looking after your furniture will keep it looking pristine and there are a few steps to follow.

You will need to lightly dust your oak furniture on a regular basis. Using a light and soft, lint free, dry cloth will lift any residue. If there are more stubborn parts of residue then a damp cloth is recommended before wiping over with a dry cloth.

If there are significant spillages then you need to treat your oak furniture immediately by removing this as soon as possible.

Maybe a couple of times a year you can consider waxing your oak furniture. Check your wax with the supplier first to make sure it can be used on your wood. Beeswax is the perfect product for keeping your oak furniture protected.  This can help against spillages, finger marks and scratches when applied in layers. It can also help nourish the wood.

Oak furniture can be affected by heat and sunlight. Make sure the furniture isn’t too close to heat sources in the home such as radiators and be aware of sunlight affecting on side of the furniture which can change the colouring.

There are also factors to consider when moving and placing your oak furniture. Items such as tabkes can have felt pads fixed to the bottom of the legs, whilst making sure your furniture is lifted into place is always better that dragging it into position.

Treating oak furniture really doesnt require much effort or time. Keeping your item looking its best with some regular up keep, along with its natural durability, your furniture should be used and enjoyed for many years.


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