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Whether it is to have control over the dimension of the boards or to make the most out of the working materials, resawing is something that happens to most of us some of the time.

But who needs a hand saw for that when a bandsaw will give us everything we need and more?

Yes, it’s no small reason many people think about bandsaws when it comes to things like this. They offer so much more than any hand tool.

But what if you don’t have an access to one? Or the one available will not give you what you wanted.

Truth be told, resawing with a panel saw can be demanding. But it’s something that can be mastered with little effort.

And the best place to start is to get a tool specifically designed for it.

This post reviews the top hand saw options you have when it comes to resawing.

PREMIUM DOUBLE EDGE; Gyokucho Razorsaw Ryoba Saw 180mm

Looking for a premium Japanese handsaw to complete your DIY toolbox?

This here is one of the finest two-sided-blade saws birthed when Japanese craftsmanship and German smith expertise meet. Gyokucho Razorsaw Ryoba is for all those looking for a mini-resaw that cuts on the pull and not on the push.

At an angle of 45degrees, this 15” size slicer travels a distance of 10-12” through hardwood easily like a hot knife through butter.

It’s reasonably portable enough to fit right into your tool bag and will do a good job whether used for cross-cutting or ripping.

All you have to do is flip to either the fine side for resawing softwood or the coarse side for hardwood. The blade is easy to replace but quite soft so you may need to replace that frequently.

Finally, the integrated tilted handle that allows easy access to awkward spots around your woodwork for accuracy.

PREMIUM SINGLE EDGE; SUIZAN Japanese Handsaw 6 Inch Dozuki

For every DIY beginners who believe they are not good with handsaws, this keep-it-simple-stupid dynamic pull saw might be the revelation you need.

SUIZAN Japanese Dozuki is a light-and-easy rigid short blade that will hone your hand on miters, fit joinery, dovetail, and resawing jobs.

Though the sharp thin blade features a narrow kerf that you’d expect it to bind while cutting, SUIZAN Dozuki is quite a durable blade that will remain sharp after several usages. The blade may look fairly cheap at first but it turns out to be well-balanced and precise in its cutting accuracy. Just twist the flexible adjustment rotary to tweak the blade angle to your demand.

Needless to say, the 6 inches blade is made with high carbon and may rust faster when continuously exposed to moisture. But you can avoid this as long as you remember to always wear the included rubber cover after use.

DYNAMIC PUSH SAW; IRWIN Tools Universal Handsaw 15-inches

If you’d rather opt for the European style with a push saw, this universal handsaw from IRWIN is a better option in speed and comfort.

Compared to a traditional handsaw, this right here is 3 times faster thanks to the universal triple-ground teeth employed that also establishes clean-cut deliveries on hardwoods, bones, and plastic.

For stability and clearance, IRWIN’s choice for a tapered-pitch nose on this one might just be an eye-opener into what the next generation of push handsaw will look like.

Another advanced feature is the ergonomically-shaped comfort grip that has been molded out of high-resing to eliminate the hand-straining downside of all push saws.

In addition to this, the handle is tilted at an angle that converts every bit of the force applied into full blade strokes so you spend less energy working on a Jobsite.

Our overall verdict is this; if you’re looking for a heavy-duty resaw that cuts at the speed of a coarse saw but gives the clean result of a fine saw, you can’t go wrong with this.


Remember having to replace the blades of a pull-saw over and over again? Well, say no more.

TAJIMA has just taken that out of the way with an authentic blade tampered to stellar-quality hardness.

Though coming from the high price point of the market, the strength and legendary cutting edge performance of both blades in this set will make cross-cut/resawing easier, thanks to the integrated SK-95 high carbon steel.

The first blade is rated at 19TPI (19 teeth per inch) for fine cuts as needed for your resaw jobs.

On the flip side, you can effortlessly replace that with the included 16TPI grade blade for your coarse cuts by just engaging the quick-release blade retainer which tightly holds your blade of choice in place while allowing quick and easy replacement.

Finally, to establish stability and non-slip grip comfort, TAJIMA completes this cutting tool with a custom elastomer wrapped handle. Did I mention the included tri-fold canvas carry case that closely keeps your investment safe?

LIGHT-DUTY DOUBLE-EDGE; DUEBEL Japanese Saw Hand Saw Ryoba Flush Cut Saw

Right here is DUEBEL’s big stride into the flush-cut cutters market.

For your light-duty woodworkings, the flexible 12.5inches blade of this flush cut slicer slices materials by the pull.

Also ideal for PVC/ABS pipes, timber, logs, garden pruning, and many other light-duty applications, this double-edge baby here is lighter in weight, demanding less energy from your end to leave cleaner edges behind on your materials.

By impulse-heat-hardening the tri-edge teeth of it, DUEBEL designs this 0.018inch thick saw to make all cuts to be sharp while retaining its sharpness for long so you can save money on what would have otherwise been regular file purchases. Yay!

THE TRAVELER’S CHOICE; DUEBEL; Razorsaw Kataba Saw Fine Tooth CrossCut

Are you looking for an authentic bystander hand saw for resawing as a traveling woodworker?

This is yet another cross-cut model from DUEBEL for edge pull cut, flush cut, trimming, and hardwood razor sawing operations.

This Japanese woodworking/construction Razorcut single edge saw boasts a 7.8” replaceable blade that cuts through plywood panels, laminated lumber, frames, and squared lumber to a T.

Also an easy tool for cutting and trimming adhesion machine-laminated lumbers, the impulse-hardened triple-side teeth of this high-wear-time handy tool leaves insanely smooth, accurate cuts behind.

Though sharpening the blades once blunt is impossible and you would always need a replacement, this baby hardly gets blunt though easy and cheap to replace whenever the need arises.

Finally, handling is quite comfy, with thanks to the choice of a TPR anti-slip handle material for a firm grip.

BEST CURVED MODEL; Samurai DAICHI GKC-330-LH 13” Curved Handsaw

For your curved project or the circular parts of your woodworks,�an adaptive curved model of a saw like this one will be a better investment.

Samurai DAICHI GKC-330-LH is an adaption of DAICHI’s GC series recognized for the raker tooth design of their modified �lades which makes removing sawdust the easiest when operating on wet or sappy wood.

This 13” curved gear is designed for a longer cutting action, maintaining consistency all along the full length of each pull stroke.

Speaking about efficiency and user-friendliness, the permanently filed teeth of this gear has been passed through a precision-controlled electronic impulse hardening to ensure that your razor-sharp cut edges remain clean and smooth after resaw.

The curvature of the blade is smart enough to keep your focus within your cutting zones. This together with the ultimate slip-free pistol grip minimizes errors and injuries, especially for a complete beginner.

BEST HEAVY-DUTY F�LDING HANDSAW; Dashengdiazi Folding Pruning 14.2

Whether you’re a camper-turn-shopper looking for a saw/resaw hand-tool for your camping shelter construction in which case you’ll be cutting not just heavy hardwoods but also plastic and other shelter construction materials as well.

Or you’re looking for a gardening, pruning, and woodworking handy handsaw, this one right here is safe to toss in the pocket with no snagging.

Dashengdiazi Folding hand saw features a triple-cut razor sharp teeth that easily cuts through plastic, woods, and bones.

The 14.2 inches blade will perform a lot of action at full stroke, saving you time and energy. Just hold the ergonomically designed rubber handle, and you’ll be attached to the good feel of it on the spot.

The full 14.2 inches length of the blade can be folded into the handle completely when not in use. And for easy replacement, Dashengzi uses a spring-loading technology that tightly secures the blade in position during operation for accuracy and perfection.

HEAVY-DUTY WITH LEVER TENSION; Knew Concept 5” Mk.IV Heavy-duty Handsaw

If you’re a professional woodworker, chances are you’re already in-love with one of those fret saws out there. Well, this here is a heavy-duty version of the Knew Concept’s standard fretsaw.

The 5’ Mk.IV is a cam lever tension design engineered for fast, repetitive blade changes as needed in a serious woodwork shop.

The skip-tooth blade is rated at 15TPI (teeth per inch) which makes it a great option for all those looking to do a lot of trimming work with it. Also handy for cutting dovetails, the 5” Mk.IV is beautifully crafted to offer you what you pay for.

The only drawback to it, however, is the wooden handle that is not just as comfy as a rubber handle would or more preferably a pistol grip plastic handle. But that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker right?


Coming last on the list is LIFE’s rugged handsaw with its large footprint.

The 9sm 265 is an ideal choice for square cutting and trimming thanks to its ability to leave an incredibly polished surface on both wood and plastic materials.

The plated saw blade is molded out of electroless nickel phosphorous that is water-adaptive, making it safe to use on wetwood or sapwood or other wet materials without being susceptible to rusting.

The 10.5 inches blade falls in the mid-range when it comes to action but the 16.5 inches rubber handle is super-comfy, especially for your extensive duration operations.

What’s great?

Beyond just being thick and possible to file when blunt, this LIFE saw 9sm 265 features a screw locking system style that not only keep the blade static in the handle when in use but also establishes easy replacement of blades at a few twists of your screwdriver.


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