Best Luxury bird table

On a sunny spring day as the trees fill with luscious green leaves and the flowers start to bloom nothing can compare to the sound of birds singing and chirping.

These are all a sign that summer will arrive soon and who doesn’t love enjoying their garden alongside nature.

Bird lovers will love our collection of  best luxury wooden bird table solutions.

These will transform any garden space and allow you to enjoy any number and variety of flying visitors.

Best Luxury Wooden Bird Table & Dovecote – Guide

The old adage buy cheap – pay twice certainly applies to wooden bird tables.

Cheaper options will often succumb to the weather, be it wind and rain.

Choosing a luxury wooden bird table can instantly create a wonderful feature to your garden space.

Watching the different types of birds visit your garden can add enjoyment and fun. Choose from our best luxury wooden bird table & Dovecotes list below:

Fordwich Bird Table

best luxury wooden bird table


The Fordwich is made in the UK from Scandinavian FSC timber.

This beautiful wooden bird table has been created with log lap profiled timber.

The cleverly designed Fordwich has been made in such a way to discourage bigger birds from commanding the food.

Although this wooden bird table is quite low to the ground, bird table stabiliser kits can be purchased to fix in place.

This is a quality and very attractive table and will look lovely in any outdoor space.

Triple Bird table

best bird table


Bird lovers will no doubt be impressed with this wooden bird table.  What is most striking about this table is the thick, chunky and sturdy cross base.

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An ideal feature for gardens that succumb to high winds.

The triple is handmade from a beautiful rose wood and users have found space to hang more feeders from the top housing section as well as the two shelves being big enough to each hold water trays.

Many birds will love the spacious housing. If you’ve suffered from cheap and flimsy alternatives this wooden bird table has been made and built with durability in mind.

This well deserves its place as one of the best luxury wooden bird table products.

Dimensions just under 6ft high & 3 inch post

Delivered in 2 parts – assembly required

Rosewood timber

Elgin Bird Table

best wooden bird tables


The Elgin is a simple looking bird table that is made from sustainable Scandinavian timber.

This luxury wooden bird table is available in a number of different and contrasting paint options; willow green & black, grey & black and finally Forget me not blue & black.

The Elgin has a feather edge roof for added decoration and the housing is small enough to deter larger birds.

It is recommended to further treat this bird table as well as fixing it securely tot he ground with stabilisers.

Tom Chamber Ripley Dovecote

best luxury dovecote


This luxury wooden dovecote is nothing other than superb. Firstly in appearance.

The delicate decorative scalloped edging has been designed to create an air of sophistication for your outdoor living space.

This Dovecote has heritage cream painted wood and wonderfully designed contrasting perches.

This luxury wooden dovecote has a solid and heavy duty cross base, although some kind of stabiliser kit is recommended.

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Our feathered friends will love this addition to your garden.

Six Nest Dovecote

best wooden dovecote


If money is no object then the ultimate in luxury wooden dovecote bird houses is the Six Nest.

This 6 nest post mounted dovecote has been manufactured using sustainable fsc grade timber.

The dominating dovecote will adorn any garden and will transform your outside space with a wow factor truly deserved.

The Six nest stands at an impressive 3.5 m high and is painted beautifully in a white non toxic, water based acrylic. this certainly is one of the best luxury wooden bird table and dovecote houses available.

Six Nest Dovecote

Dimensions H 3.5m, Nest section H 150cm, W 74cm

Delivered with full installation instructions

Scandinavian FSC grade timber

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