Best Raining Shower Heads

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Everyone wants to feel relaxed after taking a shower.

While it is arguable that all showers can do this, showers are different and some set of showers can do it better.

You enjoy shower more when you have better water coverage and you can rest assured that, right there under the shower, no part of your body struggles to get a decent massage of water.

You enjoy shower more when you do not have to live in an area with high pressure of water but even at areas with low pressure, you still absolutely enjoy a perfect and very relaxing shower experience.

The only shower that can make all of these possibilities is the raining showerhead.

They are not just called raining showerheads for no reason, the satisfying solutions they bring to making your showering experience a thing to look forward to earning them that name.

Rainfall showerheads are such a big deal because they adopt a structure that pushes out water through them by stimulating the same effect as sitting in a spa for a rainfall bath therapy or basically walking in the rain.

The ticklish and tangling feeling of soft droplets of water showering down through their nozzles is what makes it very much different from your regular shower.

Why Choose Raining Showerhead?

In 2019, you do not still want to run the regular bathroom of awkward looking showerheads that cannot basically give you the deserving shower that you need.

You don’t have to always go the spa for raining bath therapy when you can easily just get yourself a very basic rainfall showerhead that can supply you with the same feeling.

If not for anything, a raining showerhead comes in aesthetically appealing designs that are well crafted and perfectly finished that would help you achieve a more modern look in your bathroom.

They are made from very diverse materials that can fit into any budget as well as the kind of look you want to achieve.

You basically would find them in plastic, metal with chrome finish, brass, bronze, and even sterling silver.

They also come in various shapes and sizes that ensure that, no matter how small or wide your bathroom is and no matter how wide the area you really want your water coverage to cover, the raining showerheads really got you covered.

Hence, no matter the state-of-the-art kind of bathroom you intend to create, some of the best rainfall showerheads available in the current market has got you covered.

Rainfall showerhead is just fun to have in the house.

The fact that most of them are multifunctional makes it lovely to have in the bathroom.

On a lighter mood, you can enjoy a soothing drizzling shower or a romantic waterfall themed shower without having to be scared of an act of God such as lightning.

 The most amazing thing is the fact that some of these best raining showerheads reduce the amount of water used up during shower as some of the best rainfall showerheads save as much as forty percent of water for you.

This makes it even more ideal for places with low water pressure.

I was talking about budget earlier and that is because I am certain rainfall showerheads come at very cheap prices.

It all depends on how expensive, multi-functional and durable you want your rainfall showerhead to be.

Different Types of Rainfall Showerhead

Basically, rainfall showerhead comes in three major designs that cater largely for all the traditional installations of a shower in most home.

You will agree with me when you walk into a bathroom, you basically want to either hold your showerhead with your hands or walk straight into your shower which would either stick out from the wall or from the ceiling.

Hence, we have three broad types of rainfall showerhead.

Raining handheld showerhead, wall mount raining showerhead, and ceiling mount raining showerhead.

1. Raining Handheld showerhead

Handheld Rainfall Showerhead

 This is essentially the most comfortable type of showerhead.

It allows you to bring the water coverage nearer to the exact spot where it is needed.

This is made possible because it comes with a hose that is attached to the showerhead.

This hose, in some brands, could be as long as fifty feet all depending on the brand you are buying and how big your bathroom space really is.

Ultimately for this type of rainfall showerhead, it is best you install in a bathroom that has quite a small space.

However, some of the best raining showerheads often offer a set of raining showerheads that may include other types of shower head as well as a raining handheld showerhead.

2. Wall Mount Raining Showerhead

Wall Mount Rainfall Showerhead

Almost everyone prefers to walk into their bathroom, turn a knob and have water run through their body.

If you are part of those who want this then the wall mount raining head is just for you.

The wall mounts raining showerhead is often placed on a shower whose design has been embedded to a wall.

Only the raining showerhead would stick out of the wall and then you can enjoy yourself.

They often come in different shapes and sizes.

The shape, as well as size, would determine the number of nozzles that would be attached to the showerhead.

This is a long run also determines the water coverage.

They can be made from any material from plastic to brass and even bronze.

They are also very aesthetically pleasing than the handheld showerhead.

3. Ceiling Mount Raining Showerhead

Ceiling Mount Rainfall Showerhead

The only difference between this and the wall mount raining showerhead is that it is usually attached to the ceiling rather than on the wall.

While it has been argued that this type of showerhead is old-fashioned and often poses quite serious installation problems, it is no doubt that they are usually very beautiful.

It offers even better water coverage because of the distance it is mounted and because it comes in wider shapes and sizes.

It also comes with several nozzles that contribute to the better enhancement of dazzling rainfall imitation which is the entire idea behind buying a rainfall showerhead.

The best of raining showerhead of this type comes with anti-clogging features and self-cleaning technology that allows you to have your shower with very clean and limescale free water.

Top Five Best Showerheads 2019 ( just our opinion)

In a bid to allow you how to select the best rainfall showerhead that can adequately make your soothing shower experience something to look forward to, I bring you the list of five best raining showerheads that are up-to-date in terms of design, functionality, and technology as far 2019 is concerned.

You definitely cannot make a wrong choice picking any of these five best raining showerheads.

1. Moen S6320 Velocity 8’’


Money often equates the quality of the thing you are getting.

This is to say that most of our top raining showerhead is not entirely something you can buy with a chicken change.

A good look at the Moen S6320 would suggest one thing to you. Class.

You cannot help but look up to your shower every time to head to your bathroom to have a bath.

The beautiful masterpiece is made from solid brass and quoted with a perfect mirror finishing of three different colors.

This color variety isn’t really a common feature as a far as showerhead is concerned.

You can, however, get this product in Brushed Nickel, Antique bronze, chrome and oil rubbed bronze.

All of these colors give you better alternatives to how to match the colors in your bathroom and bring out the class from a place so many people often ignore.

Its water spray technology pushes out water through the nozzles spread about its eight inches design with such velocity that is three times better than your regular raining showerhead.

Flowing from our discussion above of different types of showerheads, it is then worthy of note that this showerhead is typically a wall mount showerhead.

It amazingly delivers about two and a half gallons of water in a minute depending on the regulation you give it through the knob.

It has an adjustable water flow that optimizes your water pressure.

It also makes sure that low water pressures areas do not suffer in terms of the soothing shower as over one hundred nozzles are ready to dazzle you with super water delivery.

At $187.99, I would say it is pricey especially with a limited lifetime warranty that it has.


  • Fantastic color options
  • Ideal water coverage
  • Excellent water pressure


  • Pricey

2. Sun Rise SRSH-F5043


The Sun Rise raining showerhead is an entire class of its own.

They have perfectly garnered all their aesthetic imaginations towards delivering nothing but the sleekest showerhead design you can ever get currently in the market.

The amazing things about this showerhead are the fact that it comes in a set of wall mount raining showerhead and a handheld showerhead.

The combination of these two types of showerhead would no doubt adequately provide you with everything you need as far as having an excellent shower experience is concerned.

The wall mount showerhead is a ten-inch wide raining showerhead that is multifunctional in scope.

It can give the excellent drizzling rain shower when you crave it and you can switch right back to a more intense waterfall mode when you want it. there is never a boring moment and you can never step into your bathroom, right under the same shower, and leave unsatisfied.

The elegant feature of this 10” wide showerhead comes with extremely high-pressure technology that comes with a superior spray even at places with low water flow.

The knobs attached to the product is just the state-of-the-art blessing that makes you wonder if anything else can ever be better than this beautiful piece of raining showerhead.

The water coverage is nothing but fantastic as you wouldn’t expect anything less from a ten-inch wide wonder of a showerhead.

The handheld showerhead attachment isn’t any lesser too. The design of this raining handheld showerhead is basically uniquely crafter to give you a cue into the future how modern technology can influence the beauty of any bathroom.

It has an anti-slip feature that allows you to handle the shower comfortably without slipping off even with the perfect mirror finish it has.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this showerhead, aside from the fact that they have silicon nozzles with self-cleaning and anti-clogging features, is the pressure balance it has.

This pressure balance does not allow for a sudden change in the temperature.

The pressure balance valve helps in protecting you from being scalded in the situation of a sudden change in water temperature.

Although, it is selling for $199.90 all the features it has makes the price really worth it.

The only reason why this amazing raining showerhead is rating as second is the fact that installations aren’t so easy and it is best handled by a professional so as not to run the risk of leakages.


  • Dual Functions
  • Sleek modern design that is unrivaled
  • Excellent water pressure


  • Prone to leakages after few years

3. Artbath Shower Faucet


This showerhead seems to have it all. If you want to break loose from the regular and traditional look of a showerhead, then you may explore this option. This beautiful black themed faucet set comes also with a handheld showerhead.

The wall mounts raining shower head a magnificently rounded twelve-inch wide showerhead that gives you a water coverage that is wide enough to have another dear one share a shower with you. This amazing coverage is made possible with close to two hundred silicon nozzles that deliver up to two and a half gallons of water per minutes.

This showerhead is a perfect rainfall imitation that leaves you longing for spending more time in your bathroom.

The color is unique and not something you would find in the everyday showerhead market.

It is made from 394 stainless steel materials which attest to the durability of the set.

The handheld shower is also amazingly sturdy with a non-slippery hold and a long hose that cannot rust.

With its four-inch wide shower head, the water delivery of the handheld showerhead stands at two gallons per minutes.

If this isn’t amazing, I really do not know what else is.

It also comes with a pressure balance valve control that prevents you to be scalded by a sudden change in water temperature and it has five years warranty.


  • Unique design with a luxurious finish
  • Perfect air pressurization
  • Has a lightweight component and part are very flexible


  • Quite pricey
  • Requires professional installation

4. Clarita Home


This product is for lovers of rainfall showerhead that are tight on a budget.

What defines best raining showerheads sometimes isn’t just the price.

I am particularly surprised that you can get most of the features of pricey showerheads in a Clarita home showerhead and still get to pay less than $45.

This beautiful Showerhead is in Matte color and designed to fit for both wall mount showers as well as ceiling mount showers.

It delivers perfect water coverage from its twelve-inch wide surface.

It is made from 304 stainless steel material with a perfect chrome finish that makes it the just perfect especially for the price it is going for.

It also works excellently in low water pressure areas as it is a high-pressure showerhead that delivers up to two and a half gallons of water per minute.

It is a simple product and it doesn’t really come with its own knobs, control and pressure valves which is just fine for the price it is going for.

Amazingly, you also can get to do the installation yourself as it is crafted to ease self-installation.


  • Inexpensive
  • Amazing water pressure and design


  • Lacks major features of more modern showerhead such as temperature valve.

5. American Standard 1660.683.295


This is an amazing raining showerhead and the only reason it is coming last is that I am bringing to you the best of the best and in the rank of the one percent of the best raining showerhead, it is probably not doing enough.

It has excellent water pressure level for a ten-inch wide showerhead and it has an excellent flow rate of two and a half gallons per minute.

The material used in crafting this little beauty is also brass which means it is obviously durable.

You shouldn’t worry yourself about corrosion as it is corrosion resistant as well as scratch resistant.

It is typically for ceiling mount showers but my problem with it is the fact that it is too simple and too basic to cost $246.


  • Sturdy brass construction
  • Imitates rainfall well with its all-direction swivel system


  • It is too expensive
  • It doesn’t come with basic installation materials


In summary, the best rainfall showerheads will not only give you the soothing power of natural rain, but they also give you the perfect rest of mind that comes with purchasing durable, high quality and aesthetically pleasing products.

Making a choice out of the best five showerheads I have listed above will be the best decision you have made this year as far as buying best raining showerhead is concerned.

All in all, how to choose a raining showerhead isn’t all difficult if you know what you are looking at.

Also what is best raining showerhead is subjective but you really cannot get the best for a cheap price as you definitely would only get the best of a product if you are ready to invest.

You can select any of the already mentioned top best brands of showerhead already mentioned and enjoy the comfort and luxury of a blissful rainfall shower.


How to Choose a Raining Showerhead?

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