How to Clean and Protect a Raining Shower Head

In every beautiful bathroom, there is always this dauntless looking shower head that stands gallantly above you.

They satisfy you with a soothing raining sensation that makes you want to spend even more time under them.

If you find yourself living in areas where hard water runs through the taps, there are high chances that you would have accumulated a considerable amount of limescale in your shower head.

You probably must have read something on how to clean shower head with bleach or how to clean shower head holes.

If the question in your mind is how to clean shower head holes effectively, then you are on the right page.

Getting your Raining Shower Head Cleaned 

The first step is getting your raining shower head off the pole and most shower head can easily be removed by twisting it out of the pole.

After this, you may need to soak the shower head in a simple solution.

What you need is a big freezer bag that you can get in any grocery store.

The bigger the shower head, the bigger the bag required.

You would need to fill the bag halfway with a cup of vinegar and water solution and then add two tablespoons of baking soda or a bicarbonate soda.

With the solution in place, all that is left to do is to submerge the entire shower head in the solution already contained in the freezer bag.

Make sure the entire shower head is dipped completely into the solution to dissolve the limescale.

Leave the shower head to soak in the solution for about twenty-four hours and then rinse off.

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Fix the shower head back on the shower pole, run your shower for a few minutes. Viola! You have a clean shower inside and out.

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