Kidcraft vs Step 2 Play Kitchens

Today we are going to talk about two companies that you might have heard of if you have children or a member of your family has.

These two companies are KidKraft and Step2. Both of them produce toys and other products created for the younger generations.

You will find out in the following paragraphs what the differences between them are.


KidKraft is a company that has almost 50 years of experience and they began their journey with the idea to inspire play with toys and furniture for children.

They create quite a range of toys from sets for pretend play such as play kitchens to musical instruments, all designed to develop the creativity and imagination of children around the world.

Besides these, since they are a company which relies mostly on products made from wood or wooden composites, they also offer a wide range of children’s furniture such as tables, chairs or lockers for storing all kinds of things that your children might use.


Step2 is a company a little “younger” than KidKraft, with almost 30 years of experience and they strive to bring families around the world in a celebration of childhood with the help of toys and creative play.

Step2 creates vast models of toys and furniture designed especially for kids. They are the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys.

Step2, as opposed to KidKraft, create their products form molded plastic and offer a range of products just as wide as KidKraft’s.

KidKraft versus Step2 play sets

If we were to compare the two companies just for their play kitchen sets we could say that the biggest difference between them is the material they use (plastic vs wood).

Both of these materials offer advantages but some disadvantages, also.

For example, the sets made from plastic are easier to maintain since plastic is easier to clean with just some water, the entire set is easier to move around the house once built.

Plastic, however, might not be as sturdy as wood when it comes to hits or bends. But again, the sets made from wood are not as easy to move around from place to place and might require special cleaning products made especially for pieces of furniture.

To better  understand what type of kitchen sets these two companies produce, let’s take a look below at the two lists we have created with the best three sets from each company.


The best 3 kitchen sets produced by KidKraft:

  1. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set


The KidKraft Ultimate corner is one of the best kitchen sets available and it has all the appliances one could find in a modern kitchen: a freezer, a refrigerator, a dishwasher a microwave and even a washing machine.

Another cool electronic device that it features is a cordless phone with a hands-free clip on the side that can be used in all sorts of imaginative play: orders coming in your toddler’s restaurant or maybe even dinner reservations.

The stove features two burners with realistic light and sound system and the ice maker on the fridge is also able to create the sounds one would hear in the real kitchen.

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Both the knobs on the oven and the taps turn, making  kids feel as close to being a real chef as possible. The set is available in two color schemes: Espresso and White, giving a modern feel to playtime so that your kid could have a sense of a state of the art kitchen.

The price for the play kitchen is around $195 making it the priciest on our list, but it’s worth every penny since it offers a lot of unforgettable moments with your family once it is all set up.

The installation process should take around a couple of hours and once the process is finished you should have one of the sturdiest kitchen sets out there.


  1. KidKraft 53260 Uptown Espresso Wooden

KidKraft 53260 Uptown Espresso Wooden


The second kitchen set from KidKraft is the Exclusive Uptown Espresso and it features almost all the appliances as the previous one, except for the washing machine.

Since you don’t get a washing machine, the price for this set is around $160 making it the best priced set that we recommend from KidKraft’s portfolio.

This time the stove features four burners which make it easier to cook different dishes at the same time so your child could learn multitasking from a young age.

The disadvantage is that this set does not have the built-in lights and sounds systems for the fridge or for the stove, but it shouldn’t come in the way of your kid pretending he cooks a delicious meal.

Another difference that we can see when looking at the features of this set is that it has a chalkboard which can be used for things such as shopping lists or taking down notes for recipes.

The rotating turntable of the microwave complementing the see-through window on its door also adds to the realism factor of playtime and is a plus. Unfortunately, this set is only available in the Espresso finish but that doesn’t mean that this wouldn’t be a nice addition to your kid’s toy collection.

The play kitchen is recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and 7 years old and since it’s quite big it can actually offer the possibility to host a cooking party for all your kids and their friends.

Its installation takes around a couple of hours and as soon as the installation it’s finished you will be ready to spend some quality time with your little one(s).


  1. Kidkraft White Kitchen with Sounds

Large Play Kitchen


The third and last product from KidKraft on our list is the Large Play Kitchen with Light and Sounds. This set is available in two finishes: White and Espresso.

The entire kitchen has a very modern look as it actually features electrical burners on the countertop, and the microwave door features a black window to match the electrical stove. Compared to the previous two sets, this one does not feature a dishwasher among its list of appliances but it has quite a big washing machine under the refrigerator.

This time we get a sound system, but unfortunately only for the icemaker that we can find on the refrigerator door. The phone helps bring a touch of modern to this kitchen set and it’s big enough for your kid to be able to pretend that he might actually be using a tablet. Another interesting feature is that the sink can be removed for easier cleaning in case things get messy after your little one has finished cooking all the delicious dishes that he or she dreamt of during playtime.

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The price of the kitchen is around $190, making it quite expensive, but for this price, you sure get a qualitative product that is worth every penny when taking into consideration the endless hours of fun that it can bring to your family.

The installation for this set takes around two hours to be completed and once you have finished assembling it, be prepared to have it as an important part of the furniture in your future since it’s recommended for kids between 3 and 12 years old.


And now that we have seen some of the best products from KidKraft let’s see how the play kitchens from Step2 look like.

The best 3 kitchen sets produced by Step2:


  1. Step 2 Cozy Kitchen

step2 cozy kitchen


The first kitchen from Step2 is the Cozy Kitchen set. At a price of around $50, it is one of the most affordable on our list.

The kitchen features all the essentials appliances, one could find in everyone’s kitchen.

The stovetop features two burners that have rotating clicking knobs for the dose of realism to your child’s playtime.

The oven and refrigerator, however, do not feature a see-through window, respectively an ice maker, but only a sticker that depicts a baking pizza and the ice-making device.

The set also has 21 pieces of silverware, pots and more accessories which can all be stored inside the kitchen once playtime is over.

Another useful appliance found inside the kitchen is a coffee maker with a modern silvery finish that can be used to teach your kids about the role coffee plays in adults’ lives.

The kitchen, unfortunately, comes in just one color finish. Still, since it’s a neutral beige it’s suited for both boys and girls and can easily go well with every type of furniture one might have in the house.

The set is made mostly from plastic and it’s very easy to put together so you and your kid can have lots of fun as soon as you open the box.



  1. Step2 LifeStyle Play Kitchen

Step2 Life Style Play Kitchen


The second set from Step2 to be featured here is the LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset. For around $100 you could buy this set in one of the three available color schemes: Contemporary, Bright or Modern. If you don’t mind spending double the amount of money compared to the Cozy Kitchen,  this might be one of the best choices out there.

The kitchen set features a microwave, a refrigerator with a built-in ice-maker an oven and a stove with two burners. Another interesting and modern addition to this set is the cordless phone that it features which can be used in all sorts of ways in your kids’ imaginative play.

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The furniture of the kitchen is “accompanied” by 20 other accessories such as plates, bowl, and other kitchen utensils. Moreover, the kitchen has a set of lights and sounds that can be activated to deliver a more authentic experience during play.

In this kitchen, we can also find a recycle bin which can also double as a storage space for all the small parts when it’s time to put all the accessories away.

The set is recommended for children aged 2 to 6. Its installation takes around 60 minutes, after that the entire family can spend endless hours of fun with this set as it is spacious enough to offer unforgettable experiences for everyone.


 3. Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen

Step2 Best Chef Play Kitchen


The last Step2 product on our list is the Best Chefs Kitchen Playset. It is recommended for kids aged 2 to 5. It costs around $72 and it comes in only one available finish.

The kitchen features a large sink with moving faucets, an oven and a stove with two burners that use realistic sounds and lights system for adding authenticity to your kid’s playtime.

The set also comes with a 25 accessory-set such as plates, cups or silverware. It also features a recycle bin that can double as a storage box for all the smaller parts and a big cupboard under the sink. It also features a coffee maker with an elegant and modern look which is a nice add-on.

Also, a nice pretend kitchen hood is placed above the stove so that it can serve as an efficient way of ventilation in case things get “too steamy” in your little kitchen.

A downside to this set is that unfortunately it doesn’t feature a refrigerator, but it compensates with its size, making it a perfect choice for families with more than one child.

The installation process shouldn’t take more than one hour, an hour and a half tops. The set is made of molded plastic so it should be easier to move around the house if needed.


When comparing these two manufacturers KidKraft vs Step2 we couldn’t say that there is a winner as it depends on what your preferences are.

We could mention, though, that KidKraft creates very nice and realistic kitchen sets that imitate the feel of real furniture through their use of wood and composites, which explains their price range.

However, you have to take into account that their sets are heavier and harder to move around the house if needed.

Step2, on the other hand, makes sets from plastic which might be easier to maintain, yet they are not as rigid and are lacking a bit in authenticity when compared to the wooden sets by KidKraft.

In our opinion, if you have a few bucks to spare you should take a look at KidKraft’s portfolio since their sets have a big plus when it comes to authenticity, still, you can find a lot of interesting but budget-friendly sets of the other manufacturer, Step2.

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