Best Affordable Pole Saws in 2022

Good pole saws, on average, go for around a hundred dollars. Most of the ones you see going for 5 to 10 bucks are not well made.

Although if you only do simple yard works like trimming branches and shrubs, you will still find cheap saws that will meet your backyard needs.

But how do you find those high-quality affordable pruning saws? With the number of products flooding the markets, how do you choose a good pruning saw that will not leave a dent in your pocket?

We regularly survey the market. This is our list of the best cheap pole saws in 2020:

Horse Secret Pole Pruning Saw

The HORSE SECRET pole pruning saw is a 10 feet pole saw that is made with materials that make the pole saw light and at the same time, durable.

The pole saw features a foam grip; this makes it convenient for you to hold it and use it to work for as long as possible.

The cutting angles of the pole saw are sharp and work efficiently when it is used to cut.

The original length of the pole saw is 1.5 feet, but can be fully extended to 10 feet.

This pole saw has a wide range of applications; it can be used for trimming leaves, branches and leaves. It can also be used for pruning.

PROS: The blade of the pole saw is sharp and efficiently cuts away leaves and branches.

CONS: The handle is not so strong.

Fiskars Pole Saw

Fiskars Pole Saw is just the long-handled pole saw you need for cutting leaves and branches without making use of a ladder.

It features extra-long poles that ensure you can reach branches that are far away. Fully extended, the pole saw is 8 feet and this makes your pruning and trimming work easy.

When it is not fully extended, it is 3 feet and this makes it portable and easy to store away until the next time you need it. The blade is sharp and strong, and you will only need to sharpen after several cutting jobs.

PROS: The pole saw is light-weight and easy to use.

It comes at an affordable price.

CONS: The lock button of the pole saw is flimsy and might develop some faults along the way.

CocoHome Pole Saw

COCOHOME Pole Saw is an extra long pole saw that extends up to 7.5 feet.

The pole saw comes with some of the best features every pole pruning saw should have.

The carbon steel blade is strong and will efficiently cut away any branches or leaves you need to cut.

The pole saw can be separated for a long or short cut, and adjustable length ensures you can adjust the length however you like.

You can make use of the COCOHOME pole saw for trimming and pruning your gardens and lawns.

PROS: The product comes with a 3- year warranty.

It features a foam grip that provides comfort while you’re cutting.

CONS: The pole saw is difficult to assemble


DEWALT is known for making powerful household devices and the pole saw is one of them.

DEWALT 20V MAX Pole Saw is a 15 feet pole saw when fully extended.

The pole saw features a tree hook, chain saw and a bucking strip that makes cutting and pruning easy. It also makes the pole saw durable and long-lasting.

The auto oiling feature makes your work easier and more convenient. This feature also guides against rusting and ensures the pole saw lasts for a long time.

The device is battery operated. It also comes with a chain sheath and bar tool.

PROS: The battery life is great and long-lasting.

The chain saw cuts easily

CONS: The saw is not as light as other pole saws.

HOSKO Pole Saw

Hosko Pole Saw goes up to 10 feet in length and this implies you don’t need a ladder to perform your trimming duties.

The pole saw is adjustable and can be detached into several sections. This way, you can adjust the length according to what you want and need.

HOSKO pole saw can be used to cut trees and fronds and can be used in the forest, garden, yard and other areas.

The handle is soft and easy to handle, so you don’t feel uncomfortable while you’re working.

PROS: The pole saw is easy to assemble and easy to use.

CONS: The materials are flimsy and might not last long.

The blade is thin and makes cutting a little bit difficult.


The Glorya Pole Saw comes with a saw head that is removable and can be used separately, but when attached, it can be extended up to 10 feet.

The long-handled pole saw is made of stainless steel that ensures the blade does not rust and lasts a long time. The blade is sharp and has a three-sided sharpened edge that helps you cut through leaves and branches smoothly and effectively.

Mainly used for cutting and pruning, the pole saw can be used in the garden, lawn, forest and anywhere you need to do some trimming.

PROS: The blade of the saw is extremely sharp and can cut through anything you want it to.

CONS: The product might not come with the correct screws.


The INFLATION Pole Saw is strong and efficient, extending up to 10 feet to smoothly and cleanly cut through leaves and branches.

The 10 feet extendable pole can be detached into separate 1.3 feet sections. These sections are made of carbon steel and are durable and anti-rust.

With these sections, you can cut high or low, depending on your needs.

The soft grip makes for easy grip and handling. Wherever tree pruning is required, this tool is perfect for it.

PROS: The product comes with a 3-year warranty.

The product is affordable and long-lasting.

CONS: It does not carry out its telescoping function well.


JAMESON FG-11K is part of the JAMESON FG- Series Pole Saw. The pole saw comes with a 3-pole system that makes it easy for you to cut and trim at different heights.

The Jameson pole saw comes with other accessories such as the rope and pole adapter, (3) 6-foot extension poles.

With this extra-long pole saw, you can move around your garden or lawn to cut and trim branches and leaves that are out of reach without using a ladder.

PROS: The FK-11k model is well built and light.

The blade is very sharp and will cut through anything you want.

CONS: The product does not have as many functions as the motorized version.


With the Peuning Pole Saw, you can cut leaves and branches that need to be cut at different levels.

The Pole Saw has several sections ranging from 3.9 feet to 6.5 feet. It is easy to assemble and arrange, with a comfortable grip that makes your work easier.

It has a sharp double-sided barb design that cuts through anything.

The stainless steel rod is strong and light, so you don’t feel weighed down while you are working.

PROS: The pole saw is strong but not heavy.

You can cut and trim branches at different levels without using a ladder.

CONS: The pole saw rusts quickly.


Jameson LS-6PKG-6 is part of the Jameson LS- series and is an extra long pole saw that comes with (3) 6-foot poles that extend to 16 feet when attached.

With the 3 poles, you can reach different heights for trimming.

It has a Tri-cut edge that makes your cutting job clean and smooth. The saw head is fixed on a 6-foot pole.

The pole has a hook that pulls down branches that might want to get stuck in the tree while you are trimming.

PROS: It cuts easily and has some of the best features.

It comes at an affordable price.

CONS: When the poles are put together, they are difficult to separate.


WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Telescopic Electric Saw

Remember when you can prune trees without using a single drop of gasoline. Free yourself from environmental guilt with the WEN 6 Amp 8 in. Telescoping the shaft anywhere from 6.8 feet all the way up to 8.75 feet The powerful 6 amp motor spins the blade at a whopping 36 feet per second. An automatic lubrication system keeps your chain properly lubricated while tool-free blade changes make tensioning quick and easy between cuts. Lightweight 7.2 lbs. Compact design with the included shoulder strap relieves stress and reduces fatigue during the operation. The saw also includes a smart built-in safety switch to minimize accidents and a sheath to protect the chain and tape between posts. And because it’s a WEN product, your pole saw comes backed by a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians, and a friendly customer help line to make sure you remember WEN.

The telescope pole adjusts anywhere from 5.3 feet to 7.3 feet for up to 12 feet of top reach. 6 amp motor spins the Oregon chain at 36 feet per second. Weighs only 6.7 pounds to reduce user fatigue during operation. The design allows for tool-free chain tuning and emission-free operation. Includes 8-inch Oregon saw chain, blade cover, shoulder strap, and 2-year warranty.

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