Best 11 Folding Hand Saws for your Backyard and Garden Needs

Rexbeti Folding Hand Saw

Folding saws are excellent utility tools if you have a garden or lawn to maintain.¬†They are perfect for a host of outdoor works. Many camping aficionados cannot do without tools like these. A folding saw allows a camper to pack light since it can do the work of other tools like a machete or cutting […]

Best Trimmer/Pruner for Palm Trees

KSEIBI 252606 Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Aluminium Light-weight Handle

That palm tree in your garden is no doubt adding a kind of tropical elegance to your backyard. Palm trees have been cultivated in human dwellings for thousands of years. One reason is that they can thrive in a variety of climates though they are more abundant in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Some species have […]

Best Affordable Pole Saws in 2022

Good pole saws, on average, go for around a hundred dollars. Most of the ones you see going for 5 to 10 bucks are not well made. Although if you only do simple yard works like trimming branches and shrubs, you will still find cheap saws that will meet your backyard needs. But how do […]

Top 12 Long-Reach Pole Saws for Pruning

If you have tall trees in your yard, or some species of palms that grow several feet tall, then you need a longer pole saw that will allow you to trim these effectively. One thing with long pole saws is that as the length increases, the more exertion you need to make a good cut. […]

Top 10 Electric Pole Saws

There are pros and cons to using an electric pole saw vs. a manual pole saw vs. a gas pole saw. The electric pole saw is a great choice due to it being far easier to start than a gas pole saw, easier to operate and easier to maintain with the added benefit of far […]